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Volume N/A - CH 15

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So they were selling gum to people taking a walk by the Han River, or rather the Irene river. I had never seen a nickname so accurate before.

Eleris‘ lips were trembling, seeming like she also found this quite ridiculous just thinking about it.

“They’re a Lycanthrope.”

“……If my memory serves me right, isn’t that the one who peridocally turned into a wolf monster?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

To be honest, not even Eleris, who was a high-ranking vampire, didn’t seem to be in the right condition to be a spy. Although she’s able to walk under the sun, I could definitely see that she was having a hard time.

But even so, Eleris was able to withstand sunlight.

A Lycanthrope, who would lose their mind and become a monster as soon as the full moon hung in the sky, should act as a spy in the middle of Gardium? How come they hadn’t been caught so far?

Sarkegaar was the only one who was cut out to be a spy!

“…Isn’t that a bit disadvantageous for a spy?”

“Yes…. However, we only had few resources…. It seemed like a dangerous mission so there were not many who volunteered, and….. We were in a hurry, so…… Yeah.”

Were they the type of person who were pretty slow but fiercely loyal?

It was infiltrating into the heart of enemy territory after all, so it was no wonder none of the demons stepped forward. However, that Lycanthrope volunteered.

“So on the night of the full moon, it seems like they hide themselves in the sewers beside the Bronzegate Bridge.”

The Bronzegate Bridge.


I did say that this place was practically the same as Seoul.

If I remembered correctly, then the Brozegate Bridge should be theBanpo Bridge.

When the day of their transformation neared, they’d go into the sewers under the Banpo Bridge to hide.

“Living close to the Bronzegate Bridge was rather convenient, so they’d rather not go too far from it…. As a result, thier appearance also became quite … unkept… There were quite a few passersby who mistook them for a beggar and gave them money….”

“So that wasn’t their original goal?”

“Yes. So, thinking what they were doing was right, they just sat there and kept begging.”


Didn’t they have any dignity? Maybe it’s because of the Emperor but the people here were pretty generous.

They were a weirdo who I couldn’t decide if they were living thier life comfortably or recklessly. Eleris hesitated and continued her explanation.

“As a result, there were a lot of fights for that position, but as they were born a Lycanthrope while they themselves were a strong person with good fighting skills, it seems like there was no one who could match their fists…. However, there were a lot of beggars there… so they would always have a drink with the person they fought against yesterday, and then… They just been hanging out with them and they go closer… There were just too many, so….”


They were begging near Banpo Bridge and got into a fight over the posi

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