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Volume N/A - CH 10

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Then it occured to me that I should probably think more about these occasional message windows appearing in front of me. I never mentioned those in my novel.

I wasn’t all that sure about this subject, but what I had to think about the most right now were probably these achievement points.

So, the way I understood it was, that the novel I wrote now suddenly had a game system implanted in it, making it some strange chimera..

Who the hell would read this shit? Even though I prayed so much on every holiday for some kind of cheat, this just wasn’t right.

Anyway, I might have been given some type of cheat skill. Even if this turned into some dog-shit novel, if I could live a comfortable life I’d prefer that over anything else.

I kind of understood now why the ‘isekai’ genre got so popular. I’d have been living comfortably if I had just written more novels of that genre.

No, I wouldn’t have necessarily been reincarnated as the main character, so I might have ended up in an even more unfortunate situation. Maybe as just a normal high schooler or something. Moreover, I would have to watch some nerdy high school kid, who was also heir to his family’s secret art of swordsmanship, holding a japanese sword, talking up a big game, wouldn’t I? Aah, if I had to follow that kind of brain dead main character I might die of high blood pressure again.


I really hope I can become some godsend cheater in this dog-shit I wrote.

Hoping that I was the owner of such a cheat, I tried to look through the system. Just by thinking about it, a message appeared before my eyes.

[Congratulations, you have been granted the power to interfere with the world of ‘The Demon King is Dead’, your undisputed masterpiece, which was rated as ‘Neither this nor that and a typographical crime’ by the office of Atonement, Judgement and Evaluation]

Why are you insulting me all of a sudden?

I’ve been calling this novel dog shit all this time, but hearing those things from someone else made me feel kind of depressed.

[You will have to go through events from time to time. There are various types, from minor to major events. Most of the rewards will be in the form of achievement points.]

I couldn’t find anything as convenient as a settings window. I didn’t need something like volume control, but couldn’t you at least give me some kind of interface?

It didn’t seem like there was anything like that.

[You can change the main story by preventing things that should happen or making things happen that shouldn’t. In case you do such things you might get more achievement points than for normal events.]

[Additionally, you can also earn some through ‘Challenges’. If you succeed in overcoming a challenge, you will get achievement points.]

What did they mean with Challenges?

[Challenges are challenges. If you would like to take on a challenge, please check the ‘List of currently available Challenges’. The entries are updated pe

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