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Volume N/A - CH 3

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The huge confinement facility was in the form of a prison. I couldn’t help but be speechless at the disgusting stench and horrifying sight in front of me.

If what I’d seen up until now were the corpses of demons that got attacked by the heroes that infiltrated the castle, then what was found here were….

All corpses of humans.


There were no guards, but it looked like they had just killed all the prisoners before they went to the battlefield. I felt vomit coming up, but I held it in.

Most of them were horribly torn to shreds. They were disastrous corpses. I couldn’t even tell what they were subjected to.

I didn’t have any time to hesitate, but my hands and feet just couldn’t stop trembling.

There was, of course, a difference between writing something and seeing something in person. The unrecognizable, torn corpses were very hard to look at.

There was a mixture of blood and feces everywhere.

Someone died right outside an open cell door, perhaps they tried to escape.

It looked so bad that I didn’t even want to look at it.

I was on the verge of cussing myself out.

This was what I was looking for.

“God fucking damn it…. damn it.….”

Were the sins I committed in my previous life so great?

To the point that I had to strip off the clothes of corpses whose shapes were unrecognizable just to survive?

I put down my fancy clothes to pick up rags and wear them. I stripped the rags from a corpse that should be called pieces of flesh rather than a corpse. I couldn’t afford any unnecessary pride so I took off my underwear as well and rolled around on the dirty floor with the rags on.

The feeling of having sticky blood on my face was terrible.

I had no opportunity to look in a mirror, but I must have looked terrible. In the end, I couldn’t take it anymore and kneeled over.


I gagged, but nothing came out. I could hear shouts coming from outside that seemed like distant echoes.

With this my preparations were completed.

I could either go into a prison cell in a corner and lock myself in or I could pretend that I managed to escape.

From now on, all I could do was pray that no one could look through my camouflage magic.

By the way, who the hell was I supposed to pray to?


I wandered around the prison cell in a miserable mood. The prison cell, which was previously filled with so many people to the point of bursting, now housed nothing but corpses.

Did they have to kill them all?

Is that what demons are like?


-Sob. Sob, sob….

I could hear someone crying somewhere.

There were survivors.

I didn’t know who, but someone was still alive here. I instinctively moved towards that place. Fear rose, but I couldn’t help, but go look. My body moved faster than I thought.

Before anything else, I thought I should help whoever was alive in this horrifying place. These sentiments also gave me a sense of relief as it was pr

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