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Volume N/A - CH 11

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Go to the Magic Tool Shop.

It was an intuitive and clear message and I could immediately understand what this advice was about.

One of the biggest problems I was facing was:


When I saw the word Magic Tool Shop, I couldn’t help but get this idea right away. I didn’t have anything other than the clothes on my body and my labour to offer.

And the scrolls remaining in the Scroll book.

If I were to sell the scrolls to a magic tool shop, I’d, of course, make lots of money. Scrolls were expensive after all.

The intentions I read out of this were to first put out the big fire by selling these to get money.

However, I wasn’t that reassured. The Writer’s Advice would have good but also bad effects simultaneously in most cases.

It advised me to sell the scrolls to raise money.

A bad outcome I could think of would be the possibility of getting ripped off, of course. I didn’t know the market price, so the store owner would probably try to rip me off. I didn’t know the exact value of magic scrolls.

But I clearly remember Dyrus saying something like:

‘The Demon King’s Castle sure is amazing, even lower level scrolls are often more expensive than my salary.’

A lower level scroll was worth more or less the salary of a Lieutenant of the Imperial Army’s Cavalry.

So how much did a Cavalry Lieutenant earn?

As a (Self-proclaimed) Medieval Fantasy Specialist, I knew a thing or two about this.

There were always descriptions of how many gold coins one needed to feed a family of four, as well as, how much a regular person with an ordinary job would earn in a month.

Of course, I also wrote about those things.

In the case of this novel here, I had written that a gold coin was equivalent to a month’s food expenses for a family of four. And a regular person with an ordinary job earned about 2 gold coins a month.


I thought 1 gold coin = 1 million won. (T/N: ca 730 Euro)

It was easier to work with if I converted it like that.

How could a family of four live on just a million won a month? Wouldn’t they want to eat out at some point? Our house spends about 400 on food, you know?

I got these kinds of comments, but they’ll get by somehow.

These weren’t living expenses, they were just food expenses. There were no such things as comprehensive insurance, health insurance or telecommunication costs in this world after all!

I, as a (self-proclaimed) Medieval Fantasy Expert say:

One who seriously researches about the historical background is but a rookie!

There are just some things one wouldn’t be able to see if one didn’t empty their minds.

I felt sorry for those who weren’t able to enjoy this beautiful medieval fantasy world of magic, knights and social infrastructure that has virtually no science.

I have lived by the following ideals:

The focus of Medieval Fantasy isn’t on the Medieval part, but on the Fantasy part!

It’s not a ‘Medieval’ Fantasy, but

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