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Volume N/A - CH 13

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There was magic.

That’s as far as my set up went, so of course I didn’t know ‘How’ it worked. It wasn’t my role to know how magic worked or how it manifested.

How did magic work, what were the magic formula and what was mana…?

Who the hell would want to read up on that bullshit in a fantasy novel?

To begin with, what’s even the difference between explaining how magic worked or how there was a black flame dragon sleeping in ones right arm? It was just a setup.

If one got that, than one could also just move on. Even if you don’t mention all the details of some old, dusty martial technique vault in martial arts novels, the reader would understand what was going on just by reading the line. In other words, that was what one called shared common sense.

However, there was a principle and way that overthrew said common sense.

The magic system of demons and humans were different. They used the same kind of magic, but in different ways. They were like how steam locomotives and modern trains ran on the same kind of track.

Therefore, a scroll inscribed with demonic magic was capable of ultra-long distance teleportation, while a scroll containing human magic wasn’t.

It was impossible for me to distinguish between human and demonic magic just by looking at the formula. It was a mistake that stemmed from my ignorance and lack of understanding of just what I was trying to do here.

The other merchants couldn’t recognize the magic formulas of demons, probably because they weren’t wizards, so they thought the scrolls were fake. However, this woman who was both the magic tool shop owner and probably a wizard recognized that my scrolls were working with a different systems.

“Won’t you tell me? Please?”

I didn’t know what that woman would do to me.

Could I somehow get through this situation using my achievement points?

I had to make this woman think that my scrolls were insignificant.

[To trigger this event 3000 achievement points are required.]

Again, I needed more points than I actually had. I mean, it was highly unlikely to find demonic scrolls in the middle of the Imperial Capital after all, so that would seriously undermine probability.

In the end, I had no other choice but to open my mouth.

“Tha, that…. Erm…. A, at the… At the Demon King’s… Castle….”


I had no other choice but to tell her the truth.

“I bought them from the Demon King’s Castle…….”

The woman frowned after hearing my words.

“What do you mean? You brought these scrolls from the Demon King’s Castle?”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows as if she couldn’t make sense of my words. However, these demonic scrolls made what I said believable apparently.

I recounted the whole story to her. The long story of how I ended up being imprisoned together with the princess in the Demon King’s Castle and how we used teleportation scrolls to escape from there. Then I told her that, after arriving at the Capital

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