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Volume N/A - CH 9

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This was called teleportation.

It was really unbelievable, experiencing this first-hand.

As the flash of light subsided, the scenery was completely different. Unlike the Demon Realm, which was covered by a gray sky, a blue sky and a bustling city spread out before my eyes.

The very place where the main story of my novel [The Demon King is Dead] unfolded.

The Imperial Capital Gardium.

It gave me a strange feeling seeing the place I had only described with words before…Like shit.

Where are we?

I don’t know this place.

No, well, to be fair, I didn’t describe every single corner of the Capital. I mean, if I did I would have been cussed out for making the chapters longer by adding useless descriptions.

Perhaps we were in a plaza somewhere in the in the capital. People were looking at me and the princess who suddenly appeared out of nowhere through teleportation with puzzled expressions. Teleportation was a super high-level spell, so it was definitely not commonly seen.

So, in the end, I arrived in the Capital Gardium, a city I wrote about, but had no clue about.

“Haah…. Wha, what happened? Thi, this is…The Capital?”

And next to me, Princess Charlotte de Gardias, who had teleported with me, held a puzzled expression on her face as well.

I was supposed to bring her an escort, but I ended up kidnapping her using teleportation magic, so it was natural that she was surprised.

“Sir Francis has already been killed. So I went back into the Demon King’s Castle to find some teleportation scrolls. I thought that the Imperial Capital would be the safest place for the princess.”

After hearing my explanation, the princess widened her eyes. She was shocked to hear that Sir Francis had already been killed and seemed surprised that I was able to come up with an alternative method so quickly and saved her from a situation like that.

Yeah, it’s not like a normal 17-year-old would have that wit.

But even considering my original age, this was hard to come by!

I almost died again a few times


“Yes, well done…. You did a really, really good job.”

Charlotte plopped down on a nearby bench, apparently because she felt relieved.

She had almost breathed her last.

It was pretty scary thinking like that.

– Flash!

Dyrus arrived in front of me with a flash of light.

“Gasp…. Gasp….”

Dyrus, who seemed to have been escaping from a rather desperate situation, arrived in front of us while breathing heavily.

“You’re safe, Lieutenant!”

“Yeah…. A little later and they would have blown away an arm or a leg.”

Dyrus took a deep breath and fell straight to his knees. Not before me, but before Charlotte.

“Lieutenant Dyrus, commander of the 3rd Platoon, 11th Company, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Imperial Corps. I give my sincerest greetings, Your Imperial Highness the First Princess.”

Charlotte didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

* * *

We had two te

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