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Volume N/A - CH 1

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There was a saying that if you’ve committed a crime, you’d absolutely get punished. It’s a saying that almost never came to fruition.

There was another saying.

If you were to go to hell you’d have to pay for all your wrongdoings, no matter how small. Of course, I didn’t agree with that one either.

This wasn’t really a saying and more of something I experienced myself.

If a situation was just too incomprehensible, a person’s thought process would turn rather simple.

In a certain office, I was forced to make a certain choice by some sour-faced woman wearing a suit.

It was rather complicated, so let’s put it simple.

Simply put.

This thing called Hell existed and I think I died.

The cause of my death was also rather simple.

It was ‘Acute myocardial infarction due to high blood pressure, which caused a cardiac arrest’.

My blood pressure suddenly went up like this, because of a malicious comment I was reading. That’s what I’ve been told.

My blood pressure went up because of some bad comment? Just for that reason? Really?

My eyes grew a bit distant.

That’s supposed to be my last memory?

“Please sign this quickly.”

She threw a form in front of me. There was some stuff written on it, with a blank space presumably for my signature below.

“……So, I’m dead? I, I just saw some malicious comments which made my blood pressure rise and then I just died? People can die like this?”

“Do people always have to die for great reasons? There are a lot of people who die just by slipping on an icy road. Alright, hurry up and make your choice now.”

Even if I didn’t want to believe it, I didn’t have a choice in that matter.

………Anyway, I was in hell now.

It was up to myself if I took the deal or just went right down.

I just had to sign.

I was forced to make a choice that I never thought I’d ever have to make.

There were some lines written on this form that I was more than familiar with.

[The City of the Dead]

[Surviving in the Ruined World]

[The Hunter became a Manager]

[The Trash returned]

[Somehow, the Game became Reality, but I’m just a Janitor]

[The Demon King is Dead]

These were all titles of novels I wrote.

My charges were ‘Being a repeat offender’ and ‘Having no prospects at all’.

For that I was to be sent into the world of one of the novels I wrote.

“So, I’ll get sent into one my novels?”

“Yes. As to which character or novel you’ll inhabit is up to chance.”


I should have written more peaceful novels.

* * *

This was the explanation I got from this person I presumed to be a Grim Reaper or a Hell’s Employee.

Every single person sinned.

Except for very rare cases, no one immediately got sent to heaven. That’s why everyone goes through the process of atoning for the petty sins one had accumulated through their life.

Additionally, since there were a multitude of different sins, the method for atonemen

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