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Volume N/A - CH 14

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The Demons I saw at the Demon King’s Castle ran rampant to save me. They seemed to recognize me even though I cast Camouflage on myself.

However, Eleris, who was also a demon, didn’t recognize me, before my real appearance was revealed.

What was the reason for that? I pondered while Eleris was away, but I didn’t come to an answer.

My ability to control demons was incomplete. That was the only guess I could make.

What Eleris bought were sandwiches and milk. She apologized to me for not having much to offer.

“I don’t have that much leeway…. I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

As I ate gratefully, I tilted my head at the sudden thought I had.

“…Didn’t you just buy a Fireball Scroll for 4 gold?”

“Oh. Tha, that was….”

She told me that it was too dangerous for a kid like me to walk around carrying something like that and just threw a huge chunk of money at me.

“I just thought it would be dangerous for a child to carry something like this… I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

For a spy she was pretty sympathetic and compassionate. Was it fine to be so good-natured as a vampire? Was that how you spent all your money?

I took out the 4 gold coins I had stored and put them on the table.

“I don’t think I could spend so much anyway, so I’ll return it to you.”

“Oh, that, that’s…. Thanks.”

Anyway, I got a guardian who happened to be a high-ranking vampire now, so having all that money would seem pretty meaningless.

She was watching me eat with a sad expression on her face. What’s good is good. Because of her good natured personality, I gained a vampire protector. She could help me out in emergencies.


That awkward mood still lingered.

There were some unknown emotions swiping over Eleris face when I told her that the Demon King was dead.

It clearly wasn’t anger at the loss of her master. It felt like relief.

Although I continued to eat casually, I didn’t stop thinking.

Eleris seemed happy that the Demon King died and about the fact that the Demon World War ended in the human’s victory.

So was this vampire a pacifist or something while still being a spy?

Or maybe she was influenced by the humans because she lived in Gardium for too long. Either way, this vampire was the kind of person who couldn’t even overlook a young boy like me carrying around a fireball scroll, even though she didn’t even know who I was.

And the emotions she showed while I was talking about the princess also felt like genuine sympathy and compassion.

She said, that she must have gone through so much hardship while still being so young.

This vampire hated war and felt joyous about its end.

I still didn’t know if she was happy about the war’s end or the human’s victory though.

She’s taking care of me for now, but her loyalty towards the Demon King had disappeared a long time ago.

So what was the surviving Demon Prince to those who hate war?

Wouldn’t he just be like the embers of a new

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