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Volume N/A - CH 19

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The plan of my admission to Temple had been decided.

Yes, obviously, I absolutely wouldn’t get caught with that ring on. This wasn’t on the level of illusion magic, this completely reconstructed my body.

I wondered since Polymorph could reconstruct one’s physical body, woudn’t it be possible to improve one’s physical specs as well?

If I were to change my body to look like someone who’d have 99 points in strength, wouldn’t I get stronger as well?

When I asked this, Loyar told me, strangely seriously:

“….…Polymorph of that level would only be possible for someone with the same amount of mana a dragon would have.”

“Aren’t Arcdemons kind of like dragons?”

“Dragons are illusory monsters. Could there ever be a being in this world which could use magic without even properly casting?”

What a sad excuse of a legend.

I didn’t believe in legends, they were on the same level as lies.

“What you’re using isn’t actually Polymorph. This is just the version our clan makes use of, so you must get stronger yourself. Strength obtained through transformation, wouldn’t be your own strength. You should not rely on such cheap tricks.”

I’m oh so glad that you confirmed that I wouldn’t be able to use such a cheat ever. Anyway, because I gained the ability of the Dreadfiend clan, I was able to completely transform, not only disguise myself.

“By the way, I have a question.”

Of course, I knew that making myself look muscular by using polymorph wouldn’t really make me muscular.

“For example, is there a limit to how dense I could make my hair?”

“Yes? What do you mean?”

Sarkegaar didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about.

However, I was serious.

“Let’s say I’ve got hair loss, could I just transform myself into a from with a full head of hair? Well, that’s what I was talking about.”

“Isn’t that a matter of course? That’s not such a big deal.”


“Sarkegaar! You’re history’s greatest loyalist. Of course! Of course!”

You’re such a nice guy.

I couldn’t hold in my passion and hugged him.

I held the Eternal Anti Hair Loss Ring in my hands!

“If you wish I shall even give you my liiiiiife!”

Loyar and Eleris stared bankly as Sarkegaar and I hugged fiercely.

* * *

Gardias Temple.

The main stage of the original story.

Frankly, there was no reason not to go there. As Sarkegaar helped me concealing my identity, I’d be fine. Even if I didn’t intervene, the story would just proceed on its own, going straight for the set ending.

In other words, the less involved I was, the better.

However, just by intervening slightly, variables would appear. The story already changed a lot because Charlotte de Gardias survived.

I didn’t want to get too involved in a story that already had a predetermined ending.


There really was no need for me to go to school with all these kids. So why did I have to do it?

However, once Sarkegaar would find out that

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