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Volume N/A - CH 6

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Perhaps because of the credibility that came with these clothes I wore or my urgent look, the unknown officer immediately put me on a horse without saying anything.

Initially, this was a garrison, so it was far from the Demon King’s Castle.

How did it come to this? I had worked so hard to get out of there not too long ago and now I was already rushing back to the castle.

I’ve never sat on a horse before, however the officer sitting behind me held my body tightly, so I was able to endure the shaking somehow.

“Can’t you tell me the details? The castle has already been captured, so why is a knight’s life in danger!?”

I didn’t know if this person was one of Bertus’ minions or not, but this guy was pretty young.

Did Bertus reach out his grubby fingers even down to the level of junior officers?

I thought about that for a little while, but this guy was helping me for now.

“I’ll tell you when we find Sir Francis!”


I didn’t need to persuade him any more, as he was still helping me right now. Maybe because this was my first time riding on a horse, my hip felt like it was about to break, but this wasn’t the time to care about something like that.

The Demon King’s Castle was a mess as a result of this war and on the surrounding plains, demons who seemed to have been taken captive were being dragged along looking likedried corvinas.

Not all of them were dead. Some of the Demons surrendered and became prisoners.

I felt relieved that not all of them died, however, at the same time I felt guilty for betraying them in the end despite being their prince.

“What will happen to those Demons?”

Despite the urgency of the situation, I posed such a random question.

“If it were a war between humans, we’d take a ransom for them, but they’re demons.”

He talked as if I asked something strange.

“We’ve taken them prisoner for now, but what else would we do other than kill them?”

Negotiations were meaningless as their races were different. This was inevitable, because this was originally a war of annihilation. It was only natural that they were trying to destroy all seeds before they grow.

It made my heart heavy. Even though I was an ordinary man who just suddenly entered the body of the demon prince, I couldn’t easily shake off this dirty feeling.

The officer and I dashed past the endless procession of prisoners.

* * *

The wide, open walls were destroyed everywhere and filled with numerous bodies. It felt terrible just seeing the sight of demon and human corpses being lined up next to each other.

“It’s not something a kid should see.”

He showed my kindness by covering my eyes while he rode the horse as he considered me as a child.

I couldn’t tell just how many humans and demons had died. We passed through the destroyed gates. Numerous carriages were lined up before it.

They continued to load them with materials they found in the Demon King’s Castle.


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