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westcorphotels > The Demon Prince goes to the Academy > Volume N/A - CH 12
As I found out later, the Al Ligar district’s shopping district was notorious among adventurers. It was a place filled with unscrupulous merchants who nearly forced people to buy things, never refunded and charged them several tens of times of the market price.

Nevertheless, it was the largest shopping district in the Imperial Capital and most items necessary for adventurers could only be purchased there, so it was a notorious place that, alas, couldn’t be avoided.

Well, it was the same as the old Yongsan Electronics Market. Just a fantasy version of it.

It was a place novice adventurers were more scared of than dungeons. A place where it was common for people who wanted to start out as adventurers to give up on these thoughts.

The victims were mostly just teenaged novice adventurers who came here with their saved up pocket money.

Was it PTSD? I felt my whole body shaking.

That bastard who sold me MP3s. Are you doing well, I wonder?

You have to live a good life. If you just continue to live such a bad life, wouldn’t that be sad, huh? Wouldn’t it?

Let’s calm down.

Among these many gangsters, I had to find a proper magic tool shop to sell these scrolls to. No, well, at first that felt easy enough, but it seemed like the difficulty just rose absurdly high suddenly.

Somehow it felt impossible to do.

Just by knowing the fact that this was Yongsan.

There were many shops such as weapon shops, armor shops, tool shops, etc. however, I was looking for a magic tool shop. A magic tool shop was basically a place where a lot of money changed their owners pretty quickly, different from these other shops.

“What do you want? Don’t touch anything and get out.”

I couldn’t even enter most of the shops because the owners were afraid I might touch a scroll and activate it. I also didn’t look like an adventurer.

The first store owner was actually rather kind as he let me in.

Even though there were some who strangely let me come in, their reactions weren’t that good.

The merchant looked at the scroll that I said I was going to sell and frowned.

“……What’s this? Were you gonna sell these for money? Look at that brat. Don’t make a fuss and get out. Well, I can give ya two bronze coins for these.”


Did all the gangsters collude or something? How could they slap me in the face like this? I wasn’t sure about 2 gold coins, but you wouldn’t even give me 1? Didn’t that guy have at least that much conscience left in him?

I didn’t say anything, grabbed my scrolls and left. They were just a bunch of crooks not worth talking to.

However, the response from the next shop was also poor.

“Haha, what’s this? It’s my first time seeing someone trying to scam me like this. Ah, what bad luck. Get out of here, bastard!”

There were some who kicked me out as soon as they saw the scrolls.

After getting turned down like this three times in a row, I realized that something was odd.

What d

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