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Volume N/A - CH 17

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There was a good reason behind why we chose this place to meet up.

Count Pontheus had servants who had no idea that he was a demon, there were also influential people coming to his mansion, as he was a noble. Eleris’ shop and it’s second story were a little too small for the four of us.

The base of Irene’s wild dog was a place avoided by all and swarming with beggars. I was told there were also quite the number of secret spaces. Eleris passed through the mess of beggars affected by hallucination magic. Even while we were passing right by the beggars they didn’t notice our presence.

There was a dark tunnel right under the bridge. This place seemed to be their real base.

I was told that it originally served as a type of drainage channel that would lead the city’s rain water to Irene when it rained. As this place wasn’t really visited by people, it also served as Irene’s Wild Dog’s hide out when they turn into a Lycanthrope.

There were beggars lying around and sleeping inside. There were blankets, mops and roughly built shacks.

It really was a beggar colony.

As we went even deeper inside, eventually even the shacks disappeared from our sight. As we entered the endless sewers, we saw a small light in the distance.

Someone was sitting in front of a lit bonfire. Even though they were just the leader of some beggars, they still were a king in a way, however, they didn’t seem like they had anything special around him.

They were just like a dog basking in the fire’s warmth.

There was a person wearing a ripped shirt and tattered trousers, with thick gray hair on their head tied in random ways.

Irene’s Wild Dog.

“You’re here, my lord.”

Come to think of it, I was never told that the dog was a man..

* * *

The King of Beggars.

Irene’s Wild Dog.

The Leader of a Gang.

“Loyar greets His Highness the Prince.”

She knelt down in front of me as soon as she saw me. That Wild Dog’s real name was Loyar and as far as I knew she was a wolf-type Lycanthrope.

“…Yes, nice to see you. Although it’s in a place like this.”

We were inside Gardium, but here we were meeting up in the sewers.

“Is Sarkegaar still over there?”

Loyar nodded at Eleris’ words.

“All the nobles must be busy. There’s going to be a victory celebration and stuff. He’ll be here soon, though. This is a lot more important to us.”

Eleris was a pacifist, however she was still surprised that I was still alive, Loyar on the other hand didn’t really have any big reaction. How should I put it, it felt like she didn’t really care much about all this?

“Loyar, I’m telling you in advance, but he lost all his memories. Except for who he was… He doesn’t remember almost anything.”

At those words, Loyar stared at me.

“……For real?”

“Well, yeah……It somehow turned out like that.”


Her gaze was a bit uncomfortable.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“..…You’re happy about that?”

“Yeah, because yo

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