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Volume N/A - CH 4

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The girl I spoke with was none other than Charlotte de Gardias, the first princess of the Gardias Empire, the largest Empire on the continent.

Let’s say this was like these common situations.

Let’s say I was really a prisoner in the Demon King’s Castle and I really suffered from amnesia.

I then proceeded to try to get a crying girl out of her cell without knowing what happened, comforted her and even got her something to eat because I pitied her for starving like that. However, she turned out to actually be the imperial princess who was captured by the demon king army!

Then let’s say I was to be rescued together with the princess.

So let’s just say that the princess was to tell them to treat me with their utmost respect.

The best expression that would fit this was “what a cliche”.


I was a demon who changed his appearance with low-level camouflage magic.

What, wasn’t I kind of screwed if things developed like that?

I was led out of the Demon King’s Castle like a cow being led to the slaughterhouse, and arrived at a place close to the barracks of the commander-in-chief of the Demon Conquest Army garrison far away from the battlefield.

Countless wizards and priests got close to the princess and immediately jumped into action. They also took some measures on me.

To my relief, I didn’t have any undead attributes so the healing magic the priests cast on me didn’t cause damage or something. It sure was fortunate that I didn’t have a constitution that rejected sacred power.

Of course, I already knew that that wouldn’t be a problem. If it were, I wouldn’t even have tried to get rescued by the human’s side.

Not long after I became a dirty bastard, a lot of people clung to me to wash, wipe and clean me. It was a hot day, but the fear that I might die if I made a mistake made me overcome everything.

If a wizard cast a spell to, for example, dispel curses on me, everything would be over. Fortunately, a large number of troops were put into searching the Demon King’s Castle, and it seemed difficult for them to just take care of the Princess as there were a lot of bleeding and injured people among the wizard forces.

However, the question was, was Charlotte naturally good-natured or did she somehow take a liking to me?

“Please look after this person. He’s my benefactor after all.”

In the end, the problem was that she cared too much about me.

Despite her own lack of energy, she was constantly instructing them to take care of me first. I bowed to the girl I put my arm around not too long ago.

“N, no. It’s alright, Your Highness. I’m fine. I’m really healthy. Yes.”

Actually, I didn’t even do anything special.

“You said you lost your memory. You must have had a severe curse put on you.”

“N, no, that’s not it! I don’t need to remember. Yeah, it’s not such a big deal. Yes.”


No, I know you’re a nice girl, but won’t you leave me some space?


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