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Volume N/A - CH 29

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He was a teacher. Most students had specific aptitudes and talents, so one didn’t have to tell them what they had to study. It was his job to just look over the list of courses the students chose and give a few words.

However, from his point of view, it would be the first time having a student like me. A weird student who could do everything but wasn’t specifically good at anything.

“You can do anything within the curriculum supported by Temple. However if you try to do everything, you would gain nothing.”

So, Epinhauser brought me to the teacher’s office in case I would get overly greedy and tried to do something absurd. To prevent a situation like me trying to learn everything but ending up with nothing.

What a good teacher.

“Aptitude and talent did not always determine if it was suitable for one or not. I’ve seen people who had a talent in magic but absolutely hated magic, and there were people who had great talent in swordsmanship, but would immediately faint as soon as a sword got pointed at them.”

A talent for swordsmanship didn’t automatically give one fighting spirit, and a talent for magic didn’t automatically give one the desire to research and explore magic.

That’s what one might call the blind spot of talent.

Mr. Epinhauser was already telling me a problem that would only occur after the beginning part.

In the end, what was important was one’s own mentality, one’s interest in it and if one could apply it in practice. If one were forced to train in a certain field because one found a talent in you early on, one might come to loath that talent itself and one might just end up collapsing in a situation where one’s life is at stake.

What good would being talented in swordsmanship do, if you were afraid of violence itself?

That’s what he meant.

“So, you are better off than those guys at least. You don’t have to force yourself to do anything because you don’t have a talent that’s restricting you. You can do whatever you want.”

Eventually, he asked me what I wanted to do. I decided on that yesterday.

“I want to learn about supernatural powers.”


For the first time today, his face showed some emotions.

He was clearly pitying me.

He looked at my profile and remained silent for a while.

“I heard that you have so many aptitudes that it just got shortened to a single line.”

They weren’t able to write all my aptitudes down on paper. That was why they just summed it up in a single line: ‘Has aptitudes in all fields’. If they actually tried to document all of them, they’d waste a huge amount of paper.

“Do you also have aptitude for supernatural abilities?”


Maybe I had it or maybe I didn’t, I couldn’t really explain it to him.

“So, let’s just say you do, how do you plan on awakening such supernatural powers?”

“…By trying my best?”

I couldn’t exactly tell him that I could use achievement points to awaken them, so I said that, but tha

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