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westcorphotels > Red Packet Server > Chapter 1496 - The power of pay-to-win

Chapter 1496 - The power of pay-to-win

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The demons were all scared out of their wits.

Ye Zichen watched, vision blurred by clouds, as the Great Sage beat a demon diviner to death, then waved to him. “This way, Ye-zi.”

Of Gu Li’s subordinates, only the two who stuck to his side like glue worried the Great Sage. Ye Zichen had just smacked Gu Li into a daze, so his two guards must be frantic. They’d undoubtedly already entered the range of his modified smoke bomb. As for the demons outside, to the Great Sage, they were nothing but small fry. He’d fall over if he so much as breathed on them too hard.

This was a competition of wealth, and based on the results, Ye Zichen held an absolute advantage.

“On my way!” Ye Zichen shouted, then rushed to the Great Sage’s side. By this point, it was hard to find even a single demon still capable of fighting in the skies over Jadewave City.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” The Great Sage was already wearing his Monkey King Armor. Combined with his staff, he truly resembled the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven, the legendary figure.

It was really rather strange if you thought about it. This armor was a gift from the Heavenly Court, but its defensive prowess far exceeded the vast majority of divine artifacts.

Then there was his Ruyi Jingu Bang, the former Stabilizer of the Four Seas. It was stronger than most divine artifaces by an enormous margin.

It wasn’t just the Great Sage’s artifacts; Yang Jian’s Erlang Lance was comparably impressive.

“Hee, I’m doing great.” Ye Zichen peered through the smoke and down at the demons. He flipped his hand, revealing his brick. “My special-effect artifacts are enough to pack a punch.”

“You saved all the Zi clansmen, right?”

“Of course! They’re all in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.”

“Then let’s hurry up and get out of here.”

“Have you cleaned up the demons outside the city?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask; he still recalled what Gu Li had said earlier.

The Great Sage knit his brows, then looked outside the city. “Are there demons outside too? I circled the place, but sensed no trances of demonic energy.”

No traces of demonic energy?

Given the Great Sage’s cultivation, not even a demon on roughly the same level, a Demon God, should have been able to hide their presence from him. Furthermore, this was the Great Sage! He had the Fiery Eyes of Truth, which were capable of penetrating any yao or demon’s disguise.

The reason the Great Sage hadn’t come right away was that Ye Zichen was worried about an ambush. As such, he’d asked the Great Sage to wait for him outside and clean up their escape route.

“Forget it. Let’s retreat.” Ye Zichen narrowed his eyes, then chose to flee.

They couldn’t possibly stay long; the brick and smoke bombs’ effects wouldn’t last forever, and once the clouds dispersed and Gu Li recovered, they’d find themselves in a passive state.

And yet, there was still something that bothered him.

Gu Li didn’t seem like the type to act without

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