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westcorphotels > Red Packet Server > Chapter 1496 - The power of pay-to-win

Chapter 1496 - The power of pay-to-win

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Illusory staves cut through the skies accompanied by ear-splitting winds.

As the staves hurtled past, they seemed to open up a rift, like a primordial demon tearing open the skies.

Bright red eyes stared through the whole. Anyone who looked at it felt their hair unwittingly stand on end.

Beneath this primordial demon’s gaze, Gu Li felt a chill from the depths of his heart. Then, he narrowed his eyes, letting out a puff of white breath.

“Petty tricks!” In the face of the Great Sage’s staff shadows, Gu Li dared not hold back in the slightest.

He knew that this monkey was an imperial-level expert, and his staff was eerie and strange.

A streak of starlight descended down to earth, gathering between Gu Li’s hands. Based on his expression, he seemed prepared to meet the Great Sage’s attacks head-on and bare-handed.

“Holy Lord, wake up!” Just as Gu Li focused, he heard a furious roar from above. Suddenly, everything went clear, and both the Great Sage and his countless staves disappeared. Those demonic red eyes were gone too, and there was no longer any trace of fluctuating energy.

“You seem rather distracted, brother!” A brick flew through the air, crashing into the back of Gu Li’s head. It was just a brick, but don’t dismiss it.

Ye Zichen had obtained it after opening the third layer of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. It was a divine artifact-level cold weapon, capable of dazing opponents.

As for the Great Sage overhead, that was just yet another divine artifact’s effect.

The Spirit Illusion Pearl.

It could see through someone’s heart and create whatever they least wanted to face.

Ye Zichen was sure that Gu Li had reservations about fighting the Great Sage, which was why he’d chosen this particular combination of divine artifacts to break out of his predicament.

Gu Li had been completely focused on taking out the Great Sage, which was why he hadn’t even noticed Ye Zichen sneaking up behind him. He took the full force of the brick right at the base of his skull, putting him into an instant daze.

“Don’t you know? This is the power of pay-to-win.” Ye Zichen’s lips curled, and the surrounding demons gathered around him. Ye Zichen took out a few modified smoke bombs he’d prepared specifically for the occasion, then flung them to the ground.

Everything in a hundred mile radius filled with dense clouds of smoke. Not even divine sense could penetrate more than a hundred meters.

“If I weren’t in such a hurry, I’d just love to take my sword and gut you.” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. He could sense that demons experts had already come within range of the smoke, so he didn’t dare delay in the slightest. He pressed off the ground with his toes and stepped into the sky, then charged right through the clouds.

As for the demons there….

“Taste my staff!” The Great Sage, who’d already scared Gu Li off twice, finally showed up for real. He raised his Ruyi Jingu Bang, like a heavenly god among mortals. T

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