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Their Love Stories

Author: Hilda

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Updated: 2021-09-23 12:01:52

Latest chapter: Chapter 327: Reclaiming Power in The Dark Night

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《Their Love Stories》Latest chapter
Chapter 327: Reclaiming Power in The Dark Night
Chapter 326: Things Will Get Better
Chapter 325: Because I’m Kind
Chapter 324: Not a Sin to Like Someone
Chapter 323: Ambushed at Night
Chapter 322: Romance of Three Individuals
Chapter 321: A Weird Style
Chapter 320: An Innocent Invitation
Chapter 319: Are You Calling a Dog Over
Chapter 318: Walking in Darkness
Chapter 317: Yue Wuxin’s Self-injury Ruse
Chapter 316: Seeing the Fake Sanya
《Their Love Stories》' main text
Chapter 327: Reclaiming Power in The Dark Night
Chapter 326: Things Will Get Better
Chapter 325: Because I’m Kind
Chapter 324: Not a Sin to Like Someone
Chapter 323: Ambushed at Night
Chapter 322: Romance of Three Individuals
Chapter 321: A Weird Style
Chapter 320: An Innocent Invitation
Chapter 319: Are You Calling a Dog Over
Chapter 318: Walking in Darkness
Chapter 317: Yue Wuxin’s Self-injury Ruse
Chapter 316: Seeing the Fake Sanya
Chapter 315: Bravery
Chapter 314: Giving Up One’s Body
Chapter 313: On Standby
Chapter 312: Acting Drunk
Chapter 311: Su Jincheng, The Stranger
Chapter 310: In Between Dreams and Reality
Chapter 309: Gu Yi’an’s Death
Chapter 308: Everything was an Act
Chapter 307: One After Another
Chapter 306: You’re Into Men
Chapter 305: With Photographic Evidence
Chapter 304: Letting Emotions Get the Best of You
Chapter 303: Growing Affection
Chapter 302: In The Flesh
Chapter 301: I Hope You Can Understand
Chapter 300: Get My Morals Back
Chapter 299: An Opportunity
Chapter 298: A Familiar Figure
Chapter 297: Kneel and Call Me Grandfather
Chapter 296: Finding the Right Words to Say
Chapter 295: Turning into a Housewife
Chapter 294: Do You Have a Conscience
Chapter 293: Coming Clean About the Past
Chapter 292: Like an Alien
Chapter 291: You Don’t Have to Carry Me
Chapter 290: No Idea What You’re Saying
Chapter 289: A Dangerous Accident
Chapter 288: My Pingan
Chapter 287: An Embarrassment to All Males
Chapter 286: Is This a Dream or Is This Reality
Chapter 285: Picking up a Drunkard
Chapter 284: I’m Not That Thirsty
Chapter 283: The Devil’s Incarnate
Chapter 282: Kissed by a Man
Chapter 281: The Unrivalled Poisonous Prince
Chapter 280: What Confidence
Chapter 279: Guan Zijue and Gu Yi’an at Odds With Each Other
Chapter 278: Time to Change the Form of Address
Chapter 277: The Underground Wrestling Rings in America
Chapter 276: You Can’t Beat Me
Chapter 275: What a Small World
Chapter 274: A’zi’s Accessory
Chapter 273: Call me Brother-in-law
Chapter 272: Being a Monk
Chapter 271: The Joy of Revival
Chapter 270: Xia Xinsheng’s Death
Chapter 269: Having A Lot to Learn
Chapter 268: Needless Compensation
Chapter 267: I Love You More Than I Love Myself
Chapter 266: A Hardy White Rose
Chapter 265: You’re Unreliable
Chapter 264: Xia Xinsheng’s Identity
Chapter 263: Guan Zixuan’s Situation
Chapter 262: Mo Suqing Arrives in Emperor City
Chapter 261: Murder at the Gala Dinner
Chapter 260: Emperor City’s Lu Ming from the Lu Family
Chapter 259: Big Brother to the Rescue
Chapter 258: A’zi is No Meek Kitten
Chapter 257: Acting High and Mighty
Chapter 256: Karma
Chapter 255: Mental Su Xiaoran
Chapter 254: Don’t Mess Around
Chapter 253: What has that got to do with me?
Chapter 252: I Saw Everything
Chapter 251: Wise Are Those Who Can Adapt
Chapter 250: Is She Insane?
Chapter 249: The White Rose, Xia Zi
Chapter 248: A Storm in Emperor City
Chapter 247: Getting Married to Love
Chapter 246: Blood and Ties
Chapter 245: Destroying What You Cannot Obtain
Chapter 244: Qiqi is the Real Yaya
Chapter 243: Luo Qiqi is Missing
Chapter 242: Unraveling the Events of the Past
Chapter 241: Unexpected Results
Chapter 240: Two DNA Reports
Chapter 239: Losing a Kidney, Missing a Heart
Chapter 238: Clues to Finding Luo Qiqi
Chapter 237: The Farmer and The Snake
Chapter 236: Want One of Her Kidneys
Chapter 235: Bloody Retarded
Chapter 234: Luo, Su, Ming, Feng At the Table
Chapter 233: A Wave of Emotion
Chapter 232: The Only One That I Want
Chapter 231: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Chapter 230: The Truth from Eight Years Ago
Chapter 229: I’m Their Father
Chapter 228: The Plot Behind the Accident
Chapter 227: Fighting For Custody
Chapter 226: The Sisters Reunite
Chapter 225: President Ye Stutters
Chapter 224: It’s Not Ye Zhongjue At All
Chapter 223: Is this Real?
Chapter 222: Tianyue’s Vice President, Annly
Chapter 221: Mo Suqing’s Flashy Return
Chapter 220: Weird Aunt, So Scary
Chapter 219: Dainty Little Lady
Chapter 218: You’ll Never Escape
Chapter 217: Collateral Damage
Chapter 216: Born of the Same Root
Chapter 215: Luo Qiqi Comes Online
Chapter 214: Ye Zhongjue Carefully Exposing a Lie
Chapter 213: Xia Zi Posing as Mo Suqing
Chapter 212: Not Listening to Your Older Brother
Chapter 211: Wanting to Murder Someone
Chapter 210: Are You Acting Pitiful
Chapter 209: A Very Huge Blow
Chapter 208: Finally Found You
Chapter 207: Hurting from a Trivial Love
Chapter 206: The Past He Didn’t Know About
Chapter 205: Too Full of Yourself
Chapter 204: Selina Leaving Resolutely
Chapter 203: Is it Love or Guilt
Chapter 202: Sacrificing Oneself for Love
Chapter 201: More Worrying than My Son
Chapter 200: This is Fate
Chapter 199: You’ll Always Get Hurt in Love
Chapter 198: Your Focus is All Wrong
Chapter 197: A Family of Three Having a Meal
Chapter 196: Contending in Business or Love
Chapter 195: Meeting Five Years Later
Chapter 194: A Clarion Call for War
Chapter 193: Father and Son Meet
Chapter 192: Anne is Alive
Chapter 191: Time Flies
Chapter 190: The Birth of Twins
Chapter 189: The Final Shot
Chapter 188: Jian Dear, Slut Dear
Chapter 187: Been Through So Much
Chapter 186: Most Fortunate Person in the Entire World
Chapter 185: Brilliant Representation of a Prince Charming
Chapter 184: A Second Mo Suqing Appeared
Chapter 183: Please Forgive this Horrid Laziness
Chapter 182: Mo Suqing, I’m Not Sick!
Chapter 181: On Behalf of Someone Else
Chapter 180: The World Number One Narcissist
Chapter 179: A Pregnant Lady Who is Bloodthirsty and Violent
Chapter 178: Where Did His Brains Go
Chapter 177: Jumping Into the Fire
Chapter 176: Leng Xiyao had Died
Chapter 175: A Bloody Wedding
Chapter 174: It’s Best to Dress in White for a Funeral
Chapter 173: All that Pride, Fed to the Dogs
Chapter 172: I’ll Go Even If It’s a Trap
Chapter 171: We Are Not Blood Related
Chapter 170: On Very Different Wavelengths
Chapter 169: Abbess Miejue’s Plot
Chapter 168: Stumbling Upon an Ingenious Idea
Chapter 167: No Turning Back
Chapter 166: Charming and Handsome Driver
Chapter 165: Shall I Sleep With You on a Spring Day
Chapter 164: Demented Fans Who are Out of Their Minds
Chapter 163: Petite, Feeble Girl
Chapter 162: Come On, Let’s Drink Ourselves to Death
Chapter 161: A Hopeless Expression
Chapter 160: Outdoing Myself
Chapter 159: Anne’s Fiance
Chapter 158: Forever Alone and Totally Useless
Chapter 157: Rise from the Grave as a Living Corpse
Chapter 156: My Manners are Very Valuable
Chapter 155: If Your Mum and I Fell Into the Water at the Same Time
Chapter 154: Don’t Mind Being Cannon Fodder At All
Chapter 153: A Secret that Could Never be Known
Chapter 152: No Different from Being a Mistress
Chapter 151: They say that Obedient Dogs do not Stand in the Way
Chapter 150: Boyfriend from Nowhere
Chapter 149: An Incurable Disease
Chapter 148: Lies are a Taboo in Relationships
Chapter 147: The Car Accident Three Years Ago
Chapter 146: Love was Water That had been Spilled
Chapter 145: A Husband Who is Like an Onion
Chapter 144: Survival Guide to the Underworld
Chapter 143: Red Kill Mercenaries are All over the World
Chapter 142: How Many Guns Will be Pointing at You
Chapter 141: If Only There was a Way to Amend His Mistakes
Chapter 140: Luring the Tiger out of His Den and Getting to the Cubs
Chapter 139: How She Feels about You
Chapter 138: It’s Like Stitching Clothes
Chapter 137: The Mysterious Jade Pendant
Chapter 136: Drinking to Death
Chapter 135: Anne Has Always Been Right There
Chapter 134: Red Rose and White Rose
Chapter 133: Love Between the Same Sex is True Love
Chapter 132: Bad Influence
Chapter 131: What a Brazenly Dirty Man
Chapter 130: Going to the Extreme of Shamelessness
Chapter 129: A Bitch is Still a Bitch and Can’t Prevail
Chapter 128: Once Removed, Countless Times Remote
Chapter 127: I’ll Be Getting Engaged with An Huilin
Chapter 126: They will Probably Commit Mass Suicide
Chapter 125: The Order of Feeling Love and Being Moved
Chapter 124: I Might Want to Do Things to You
Chapter 123: Skip the Flirtation and Get down to Business
Chapter 122: Love at First Sight
Chapter 121: Even If the World is Against Us
Chapter 120: No Good Will Come out of Comparisons
Chapter 119: A Divorce Settlement Agreement
Chapter 118: Playing the Role of a Hard Case
Chapter 117: The Pathetic Gu Jiannan
Chapter 116: How His Confidence Has Come from
Chapter 115: Who doesn’t Have Someone They Grow up with?
Chapter 114: There Are No Men One Could Not Steal
Chapter 113: Who Are You?
Chapter 112: Protect Her and Make Sure She Never Gets Hurt
Chapter 111: A Childish Man
Chapter 110: She Had Been His Only One
Chapter 109: You Should Both Go to See an Eye Doctor
Chapter 108: Do you have dignity?
Chapter 107: A Shameless Mo Sulian
Chapter 106: Song Pingting Ate Her Own Bitter Fruit
Chapter 105: The Scheming Mind of Ye Zhongjue
Chapter 104: I am a Dynamite
Chapter 103: Choose Between the Woman and Your Father
Chapter 102: It Means I Like Men, Not Women
Chapter 101: And You Love to Be Pretty
Chapter 100: A Resonating Press Conference
Chapter 99: Life-saving “Panda” Blood
Chapter 98: Leng Xiyao Had a Car Accident
Chapter 97: My Cell Phone is Innocent
Chapter 96: A Devastating Slap
Chapter 95: You Have Eaten Her Conscience
Chapter 94: You Haven’t Had Enough of It
Chapter 93: A Cuckold Who Can Tolerate Being Humiliated
Chapter 92: Stabbing Someone Tactfully without Showing Any Blood
Chapter 91: Handsome to the Point of Being Sinful
Chapter 90: What about Miss Mo
Chapter 89: Don’t Make Me Hate You
Chapter 88: You are Made of Cement
Chapter 87: I Always Guess Correctly about Everything
Chapter 86: Saucy Headlines
Chapter 85: First Getting Married, Then Falling in Love
Chapter 84: Games for the Wealthy
Chapter 83: The Unforeseen Truth
Chapter 82: Here Comes the Boss
Chapter 81: An Huilin’s Secret
Chapter 80: The Latest Armani Suit
Chapter 79: Ye Zhongjue’s Little Sister
Chapter 78: Ye Zhongjue’s First Love
Chapter 77: An Endless Curse
Chapter 76: What They Called a Hacker
Chapter 75: Some Slut with Horribly Heavy Makeup
Chapter 74 Some Slut is just Pretentious
Chapter 73: You Don’t Flirt with Your Friend’s Wife
Chapter 72: Casting His Friend Aside for a Woman
Chapter 71: That’s My Wife
Chapter 70: Disastrous Possessiveness
Chapter 69: Is This Revenge?
Chapter 68: Hero Comes to the Rescue
Chapter 67: Suqing and Xiyao vs. Ruffians
Chapter 66: The Lipstick Smudge on His Shirt
Chapter 65: The Sin Eliminators and The Dark Night
Chapter 64: The Heartless Cruelty and the Heartfelt Tenderness
Chapter 63: WeChat Catches up with President Ye
Chapter 62: Acute Gastroenteritis
Chapter 61: A Really Gorgeous Person with a Pig
Chapter 60: I Love Her like I Love My Own Life
Chapter 59: PDA Early in the Morning
Chapter 58: The Force is with Me
Chapter 57: A Close Call
Chapter 56: You can’t just Drag Me into This
Chapter 55: A Wickedly Beautiful Man
Chapter 54: Cursing All the Lovers in the World
Chapter 53: The Truth Came to Light
Chapter 52: I’ll Never Ask Anyone a Favor in Exchange for My Body
Chapter 51: Invincibly Thick-skinned
Chapter 50: The Validation of Our Marriage
Chapter 49: I am Mo Suqing’s Husband
Chapter 48: A Fool Who Has Too Much Money
Chapter 47: Silence Means Tacit Agreement
Chapter 46: Which was Truer
Chapter 45: Ye Zhongjue was Jealous
Chapter 44: Guan Zixuan Almost Got Blacklisted
Chapter 43: Got Kicked by a Donkey on the Head
Chapter 42: Come Bite Me if You Can
Chapter 41: Superstar in Love with Gossip Journalist
Chapter 40: A Proud One
Chapter 39: She Will Probably Do Better Being Hurt by Another Man
Chapter 38: Man, Isn’t He Handsome
Chapter 37: The True Identity of Leng Xiyao
Chapter 36: I am Fine with Being Poisoned by You
Chapter 35: Out of Luck
Chapter 34: I Won’t Mind Even If You’ve Been Married Before
Chapter 33: A Collision of Two Souls
Chapter 32: Dinner Turned Matchmaking Occasion
Chapter 31: Underwear, Nightdress and Sanitary Pads
Chapter 30: Gu Jiannan Appeared in Mighty Empire
Chapter 29: Guan Zixuan Got out of a Crisis
Chapter 28: Mo Suqing Got out of a Predicament
Chapter 27: What a Dictatorial Boss
Chapter 26: A Good Man Who Cooks
Chapter 25: Do Not Reject Me Again
Chapter 24: The Tender Side of Ye Zhongjue
Chapter 23: Menstrual Cramps Hurt Like Hell
Chapter 22: Enter Guan Zixuan
Chapter 21: Abbess Miejue Gave Leng Xiyao a Hard Time
Chapter 20: It Seems that She Got Married
Chapter 19: President Ye Drove a Volkswagen to Work
Chapter 18: You are Entitled to Swipe my Card
Chapter 17: Women Go Nuts When They Go Shopping
Chapter 16: He is the Light She Can Never Touch
Chapter 15: Gu Jiannan the Scumbag Paid a Visit
Chapter 14: Bitches are at the Risk of God’s Wrath
Chapter 13: Have You Forgotten Your Manners?
Chapter 12: An Unfortunate Meeting with Bai Tingnan
Chapter 11: What does Your Man Look Like?
Chapter 10: I’ll Sleep in the Guestroom Tonight
Chapter 9: I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Spoil Your Sleep
Chapter 8: How Can I Get the Upper Hand with You Two Ganging up?
Chapter 7: Talk about Speed-marriage!
Chapter 6: And the Lies Began
Chapter 5: Securing the Household Register
Chapter 4: Okay! Let’s Get Married!
Chapter 3: I will Take Responsibility for You
Chapter 2: An Impetuous One-night Stand
Chapter 1: May All the Assholes and Bitches Go to Hell