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westcorphotels > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 123

Chapter 123

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The tide of the battle completely changed again. With Imor’s entry into the battlefield, Hans’ feet were completely tied, and it wasn’t just him.

“Senior, be careful!”


Snoc shot out stones that could explode people’s bodies. But after an invisible force passed through Imor a couple of times, the stones lost strength and fell to the ground.

“What is that!”


Snoc was stunned to see his opponent show no movement—not even a twist of an arm—but manage to destroy all of his attacks.


Imor stretched out his hand towards Snoc, and in surprise, Snoc raised a dirt wall in front of him.


Something pierced through the dirt barrier. Although Snoc had hardened the barrier by mixing in rock minerals, it was helpless against the invisible force.


In the end, Snoc fled from the spot he was standing at.


The dirt barrier exploded into pieces, and Snoc felt something chase after him. He felt a force that could slice his bone even if it lightly grazed his leg.

“Damn it!” Snoc quickly raised the earth and wrapped his feet with it. Because he had made it in a hurry, it wasn’t powerful; but it was made from Snoc’s authority over the earth and contained considerable defense abilities.


But the mysterious force penetrated the earth armor. Snoc felt as if the invisible force would blow his feet away when he heard the sound of his earth armor cracking.


Light flew past his side. The invisible force was pulled back a bit, and Snoc quickly took off the armor and escaped.


His remaining armor cracked into pieces.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes. My feet are still attached to my legs.”


Snoc touched the smooth skin of his feet in relief. But Imor didn’t give Snoc much time to enjoy this moment.


The invisible force pounced on him again, and Snoc stood up in surprise. Hans ran in front of Snoc and blocked the attack.


Estellade flashed its light and collided against the invisible force with a huge impact. Snoc was pushed back several steps.

“Senior! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! I think I know what his weapon is now.”

Estellade’s shining, bright light reflected something on its surface; a few, thin threads were wrapped around its blade.

“…Threads?” Snoc blurted out from the unexpected weapon on Estellade’s blade.

With a smug tone, Imor explained, “It’s not a normal thread. It’s called a string sword, which is made from pulling out metal alloys of mithril, orichalcum, and many others. Not only is it soft and stringy, but it’s sharp enough to grip Estellade without breaking.”


An irritating sound rang out as Estellade and the string sword rubbed against each other and caused friction.


The string sword possessed incredible strength. Hans endured the string sword’s pulling for a bit, but he soon twisted and pulled Estellade out. Fortunately, he managed to p

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