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Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Author: Nalanxian

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Updated: 2021-10-13 11:27:36

Latest chapter: Chapter 728 - Could Not Explain Scientifically

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《Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss》Latest chapter
Chapter 728 - Could Not Explain Scientifically
Chapter 727 - Huo Yulin In Low Spirits
Chapter 726 - : When Did Huo Yulin’s ReaChapter Grow So Long?
Chapter 725 - Stupid Countryside
Chapter 724 - Poverty Aids Improvement
Chapter 723 - How Could You Make Fun Of Me?
Chapter 722 - The Kidnapping Case
Chapter 721 - Bold Little Darling’s Package
Chapter 720 - A High Technology Medicine Maker
Chapter 719 - A Strange Stove
Chapter 718 - Ancient Text
Chapter 717 - A Scheming Man!
《Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss》' main text
Chapter 728 - Could Not Explain Scientifically
Chapter 727 - Huo Yulin In Low Spirits
Chapter 726 - : When Did Huo Yulin’s ReaChapter Grow So Long?
Chapter 725 - Stupid Countryside
Chapter 724 - Poverty Aids Improvement
Chapter 723 - How Could You Make Fun Of Me?
Chapter 722 - The Kidnapping Case
Chapter 721 - Bold Little Darling’s Package
Chapter 720 - A High Technology Medicine Maker
Chapter 719 - A Strange Stove
Chapter 718 - Ancient Text
Chapter 717 - A Scheming Man!
Chapter 716 - Hard To Take Off With Miss Huo
Chapter 715 - Rented A Car In Advance
Chapter 714 - Brother Yulin’s Plans
Chapter 713 - Would Old Madam Yang Want You There?
Chapter 712 - What Had Huo Tingrui Done To Them?
Chapter 711 - We Can’t Afford To Offend The Min Family
Chapter 710 - She Learned Her Lesson Too Late
Chapter 709 - Do You Dare Say You Had Nothing To Do With It?
Chapter 708 - Have Mercy On Us
Chapter 707 - Someone From The Shen Family
Chapter 706 - SuChapter A Pretty Young Woman
Chapter 705 - What Does Our Eldest Uncle Do?
Chapter 704 - Huo Family’s Heir
Chapter 703 - Her Useless Older Brothers
Chapter 702 - Encountering Huo Changfeng
Chapter 701 - What If Huo Yao Got Scared By Huo Changfeng’s Appearance
Chapter 700 - Huo Changfeng Visits The Hospital
Chapter 699 - Don’t Offend Huo Xiang From Now On
Chapter 698 - TeaChapter Xiang Nan And Xiang Yang A Lesson
Chapter 697 - A Race With Death
Chapter 696 - TeaChapter Him A Lesson
Chapter 695 - Refused To Admit
Chapter 694 - Squeeze Out The Truth
Chapter 693 - Settle This Civilly
Chapter 692 - True Audacity
Chapter 691 - A Returned Legal Letter
Chapter 690 - Call The Cops
Chapter 689 - She Doesn’t Have WeChat
Chapter 688 - Know Who The Culprit Is
Chapter 687 - Do You Know Him?
Chapter 686 - Footage Was Recovered
Chapter 685 - Remote Access
Chapter 684 - Perhaps I Can Recover The Footage
Chapter 683 - Dashcam Footage Was Erased
Chapter 682 - Should We Do Something?
Chapter 681 - What Have You Learned?
Chapter 680 - Bad News
Chapter 679 - Planned This All Along
Chapter 678 - Telling People Min Yu Was Her Tuition Teacher For Too Long
Chapter 677 - For Once, She Spoke Candidly
Chapter 676 - Not Seriously Injured
Chapter 675 - Flawlessly Avoided An Accident
Chapter 674 - Someone Damaged The Brake
Chapter 673 - Huo Yao Helped Avoid A Traffic Accident
Chapter 672 - Had A Nightmare
Chapter 671 - A Harmonious Scene
Chapter 670 - Healing Music
Chapter 669 - Hopeless
Chapter 668 - No Idea What Kind Of Mess Her Family Was In
Chapter 667 - He Didn’t Have To Be So Ruthless
Chapter 666 - Regret!
Chapter 665 - Beg The Huo Family To Let Us Off
Chapter 664 - Sell Out Her Older Brother
Chapter 663 - People Really Hate Me
Chapter 662 - Sometimes, We Don’t Have To Play Nice
Chapter 661 - She Is Doomed
Chapter 660 - Singled Out
Chapter 659 - Should Have Investigated The Huo Family More Deeply
Chapter 658 - Take Care Of Lu Corporation
Chapter 657 - Eat Their Words
Chapter 656 - Classified Documents
Chapter 655 - Their Parents Would Go Insane If They Learned Of It
Chapter 654: Huo Tingrui Took Care Of It
Chapter 653 - They Were Not Allowed To Talk Bad About His Little Sister!
Chapter 652: His Greatest Fear Seemed To Have Finally Happened
Chapter 651: Send The Report To Fang Chen
Chapter 650: Deleted The Post First
Chapter 649: Premeditated Slander
Chapter 648: Add Fuel To Fire
Chapter 647: The Hottest Scandal Online
Chapter 646: Why Create Trouble For Yourself?
Chapter 645: Reported
Chapter 644: Close To Fang Chen
Chapter 643: Mislead Her
Chapter 642: I Detest Huo Yao
Chapter 641: Here To Compete For Huo Yao’s Attention
Chapter 640: Failed To Recognize Her Even When She Was Standing Right in Front of Her
Chapter 639: Huo Tingrui Could Not Embarrass His Little Sister
Chapter 638: She Is Certainly Smart
Chapter 637: A Miser Yet Again
Chapter 636: Pill Refining Apparatus
Chapter 635: I Am Absolutely Certain!
Chapter 634: Unless She Wants To Embarrass Herself!
Chapter 633: Unspeakable Relationship
Chapter 632: Psychological Therapy
Chapter 631: Curiosity Killed The Cat
Chapter 630: Land Huo Tingrui In Trouble
Chapter 629: Lying To Her Mother
Chapter 628: Your Daughter Treated Him!
Chapter 627: A Prelude To Revealing Her Medical Skills
Chapter 626: Fang Chen’s Doctor Happens To Live Here
Chapter 625: I Am A Huo
Chapter 624: Shocked To Learn The Truth
Chapter 623: On Account Of Huo Yao
Chapter 622: Deep Regret For Her Actions
Chapter 621: A Chance Encounter At School
Chapter 620: Did You Sabotage Us?
Chapter 619: Someone Is Looking For You
Chapter 618: Huo Yao Takes Advantage Of Him Yet Again
Chapter 617: Consider It A Gift
Chapter 616: Early Warning: Her Cover Was About to Get Blown
Chapter 615: Fang Ting, Fang Chen
Chapter 614: She Suddenly Wanted To Disown Huo Tingrui
Chapter 613: Three Demons From Hell At Home
Chapter 612: Your Knees Are Going To Suffer
Chapter 611: He Was Once Kidnapped
Chapter 610: Guests Are Coming Over
Chapter 609: Two Big Bosses In The Family
Chapter 608: Acupuncture Treatment For Huo Yulin
Chapter 607: Learned Acupuncture
Chapter 606: Huo Yulin Gave Her A High Spec Laptop
Chapter 605: Who Was Her Eldest Uncle?
Chapter 604: Huo Yao Knows Some Medicine
Chapter 603: The Capital’s Research Institute Would Be Happy To Have You
Chapter 602: Blew His Cover Unexpectedly
Chapter 601: Are You Still Leaving?
Chapter 600: Brother Yulin’s Return
Chapter 599: Look To The Left
Chapter 598: Getting Cocky, My Friend
Chapter 597: Don’t You Want To Come First In The College Entrance Exam?
Chapter 596: Isn’t My fourth Older brother Pretty?
Chapter 595: White-Collar Parents
Chapter 594: The Huos
Chapter 593: Forcing Huo Yao
Chapter 592: The Plant Almost Exposed Her
Chapter 591: The Huo Family Seems Rather Well-Off
Chapter 590: Sadly, It Was Too Late for Her To Regret
Chapter 589: Turtle For Bastards
Chapter 588: Are They Going To Starve Their Young Mistress?
Chapter 587: Learn From Them
Chapter 586: Was His Little Sister Looking Down On Him?
Chapter 585: The Production Team Was Evil
Chapter 584: Huo Xiang And Huo Yao Were Simply Rude
Chapter 583: The Show Can’t Do Without Huo Yao
Chapter 582: No Celebrities That Went By The Surname Huo
Chapter 581: Could Not Take It
Chapter 580: She Is Such A Hypocrite For Acting Lofty
Chapter 579: She Is My Little Sister
Chapter 578: Little Princess H’s Alias
Chapter 577: Her Brother Could Not Compare To A Cheque
Chapter 576: Zhuo Yun Has A New Assignment
Chapter 575: Tough To Handle
Chapter 574: An Illegitimate Son
Chapter 573: Well-Concealed
Chapter 572: Biding His Time And Waiting For The Best Opportunity To Strike
Chapter 571: Might Be Some Misunderstanding
Chapter 570: Her Foster Mother? She Did Not Know Her At All
Chapter 569: You Can’t Afford To Offend The Huo Family
Chapter 568: Ask For Leniency
Chapter 567: You Might Not Know This, But She’s An Apothecary
Chapter 566: Stealing Prescription
Chapter 565: Pei Rong’s Pills
Chapter 564: Mark His Territory
Chapter 563: Was There Some Mistake In The Investigation?
Chapter 562: This Meeting Was Ruined
Chapter 561: A Little Something From The Lu Family
Chapter 560: All Problems Could Be Solved With Money
Chapter 559: A Huge Entourage Of Staff
Chapter 558: No Interest In The Apothecaries’ Association
Chapter 557: There’s No Need To Trouble Miss Huo!
Chapter 556: I Think I Just Saw Miss Huo
Chapter 555: Single All His Life
Chapter 554: It Was Time For Huo Yulin To Come Home
Chapter 553: Her Adorable Image Was Just An Illusion
Chapter 552: Such A Poser!
Chapter 551: Couple Slippers
Chapter 550: End Up Getting Played
Chapter 549: Did Not Want His Little Sister To Get Cheated
Chapter 548: Miss Huo, Help!
Chapter 547: Is The Guy Living Next-Door Your Tuition Teacher?
Chapter 546: The Lu Family’s Short-sightedness
Chapter 545: We Must Win The Bid
Chapter 544: A High Chance Of Winning The Bid
Chapter 543: Her Biological Daughter Couldn’t Compare To Her Foster One
Chapter 542: Foster Mother
Chapter 541: Incessant Reminder Of His Mistake
Chapter 540: How Long Did It Take For Her To Come Up With This
Chapter 539: Her Proud Moment Had Finally Come
Chapter 538: Everyone Else Was Probably Trash
Chapter 537: Maybe She Didn’t Need To Check Her Results
Chapter 536: Played By His Little Sister
Chapter 535: A Sheer Mystery
Chapter 534: Lin Shuwen’s Deep Regret
Chapter 533: You Shouldn’t Have Called Me To Examine Him
Chapter 532: Fang Chen’s Identity
Chapter 531: The Lu Family Was Investigating Them
Chapter 530: Who Was He?
Chapter 529: Meng Ying Felt As Though She Was Walking On Air
Chapter 528: I Just Need To Show My Face
Chapter 527: Second Part Of the Competition Was A Blow To Their Pride
Chapter 526: Spotted Half The Questions
Chapter 525: Math League
Chapter 524: Can You Stop It?
Chapter 523: Pei Rong Steals the Glory
Chapter 522: Huo Jinyan Blows His Cover
Chapter 521: Just A Powerless Girl
Chapter 520: Getting In My Way of Finding You A Granddaughter-in-Law
Chapter 519: They Were Followed
Chapter 518: Jealous Sparks
Chapter 517: You Have Blown Your Cover
Chapter 516: Do You Know This Girl?
Chapter 515: Just Pretend I Was Never Here
Chapter 514: Pei Rong’s Shock!
Chapter 513: Pei Rong Refines Pills
Chapter 512: Investigate Huo Yao
Chapter 511: It Was No Fluke
Chapter 510: Who Would Be Held Responsible If Something Went Wrong?
Chapter 509: Look Down On The Apothecaries’ Association
Chapter 508: A Rare Genetic Disease
Chapter 507: Can Huo Yao Give It A Shot?
Chapter 506: Try For Advanced Apothecary
Chapter 505: B Grade Medication
Chapter 504: Everything Was Normal
Chapter 503: What Is Chairman Wang’s Full Name?
Chapter 502: Pei Rong From The Pei Family
Chapter 501: Was The Young Lady Well-Versed In Medicine?
Chapter 500: Miss Huo Is No Ordinary Person
Chapter 499: Always Full Of Secrets
Chapter 498: They Had To Support Their Idol
Chapter 497: Miserly Little Sister
Chapter 496: Were The Roles Reversed?
Chapter 495: The Most Popular Little Sister
Chapter 494: A Group Photo
Chapter 493: Don’t Get Your Sister Involved
Chapter 492: Advertisement Shoot
Chapter 491: Miss Huo Is Pretty, Kind, And Has A Good Temper
Chapter 490: Which Huo Family?
Chapter 489: Looks Familiar
Chapter 488: Was She Not Just A Regular Middle School Student?
Chapter 487: Most Bizarre Thing Of The Year
Chapter 486: Shockingly Huo Yao Gets Blacklisted!
Chapter 485: What Had Yi Lianfan Done?
Chapter 484: No Disciples And No Masters For Me
Chapter 483: Why Did You Call Huo Yao Little Master Huo?
Chapter 482: Another Pushy Old Man
Chapter 481: A Special Technique Of A Special Family
Chapter 480: Such A Poser!
Chapter 479: Little Master Huo!
Chapter 478: Anything Was Possible With Money
Chapter 477: My Heart Flutters Because Of You
Chapter 476: Can’t Reach Huo Yao’s Level
Chapter 475: Lei Xiao Felt A Little Hurt
Chapter 474: Giving A Gift Feels Old-Fashioned
Chapter 473: I Will Prepare A Gift For You
Chapter 472: Any Packages Today?
Chapter 471: I Want Huo Yao To Be My Disciple
Chapter 470: Hands Tremble At The Sight Of Test Papers
Chapter 469: Another Fellow-Victim
Chapter 468: I Don’t Know What You Wrote
Chapter 467: Followed
Chapter 466: Encrypted File
Chapter 465: I Don’t like That Woman
Chapter 464: Maybe They Were Sent To Diss Her?
Chapter 463: Surprised That Huo Yao Was On This Stupid Show
Chapter 462: No One Can Compare To My Baby Sister
Chapter 461: A Swift Slap On The Face
Chapter 460: We Must Be Civilized And Classy, No Cursing!
Chapter 459: Whose Rich Fans Are They?
Chapter 458: Multi Talented Little Sister
Chapter 457: Send Some Men To Follow Huo Yao
Chapter 456: A Task For You
Chapter 455: Kids These Days Sure Played A Lot Of Video Games
Chapter 454: The Pampered Little Princess Xiang
Chapter 453: Young Mistress, Good Luck!
Chapter 452: Huo Yao Had A Frighteningly Keen Sense Of Observation.
Chapter 451: Doesn’t Our Family Have Debts?
Chapter 450: Huo Xiang, It’s Important To Make Lots Of Money.
Chapter 449: No Ordinary Signal Jammer
Chapter 448: Did Not Want To Hurt Your Pride
Chapter 447: Is My Grandson Very Good-Looking? Are You Interested In Him?”
Chapter 446: I Like Huo Yao
Chapter 445: Runaway Grandfather
Chapter 444: You Seem Awfully Familiar With Security Systems
Chapter 443: Save Himself By Working Overtime
Chapter 442: The Boss’ Daughter And Son
Chapter 441: Pardon Me. Your Membership Was Revoked!
Chapter 440: Did Your Family Force You To Become A Waitress?
Chapter 439: If Your Little Sister Finds Out How Rich We Are, You Are Dead Meat!
Chapter 438: She Was The Restaurant Owners’ Daughter
Chapter 437: A Delivery Man Was Promoted To Become A Restaurant Manager
Chapter 436: It Sounded Embarrassing To Be A Womanizer’s Little Sister
Chapter 435: Was Huo Tingrui A Womanizer?
Chapter 434: The Same Mask
Chapter 433: Have You Seen Elderly Men Hanging Around Here?
Chapter 432: Is That… Miss Huo?
Chapter 431: Why Would Such A Good Looking Chap Need Matchmaking?
Chapter 430: The Matchmaking Was Going To Fail
Chapter 429: Does Huo Yao Need Matchmaking?
Chapter 428: Send The Matchmaking Location To Min Yu
Chapter 427: Poor Second Older Brother
Chapter 426: Did Him A Favor
Chapter 425: His Grandson Was Blind!
Chapter 424: Proud Old Man
Chapter 423: What Was The Old Geezer Up To?
Chapter 422: The Evil Huo Yao
Chapter 421: No Pressure
Chapter 420: He Liked Good-Looking Kids
Chapter 419: Unable To Pinpoint His GPS Location
Chapter 418: He Was Furious!
Chapter 417: This Tea Looked Just like His!
Chapter 416: He’s A Liar, I Don’t Know Him At All
Chapter 415: Why Are You Here?
Chapter 414: Grandfather? The Blackmailer?
Chapter 413: A Guest
Chapter 412: Did She Look Like An Easy Target?
Chapter 411: Other Than Her Grandmother, Other Old Geezers Were Nothing But Trouble
Chapter 410: Awful Parents
Chapter 409: What Old Man?
Chapter 408: A Call From The Scammer
Chapter 407: Curious About Her Medical Skills
Chapter 406: Don’t Mess With Her
Chapter 405: Haven’t Met Someone As Shameless As You
Chapter 404: A Con Man
Chapter 403: Random Threats
Chapter 402: Your Hacking Skills Seem To Be Average
Chapter 401: Aren’t You Visiting Our Next-Door Neighbor?
Chapter 400: Did Your Computer Die?
Chapter 399: Was He Ever Shy?
Chapter 398: Genuinely Invite You To Dinner
Chapter 397: Left Something Behind
Chapter 396: A Reminder
Chapter 395: Conspiracy Theories
Chapter 394: Someone Invited Your Little Sister To Appear In An Ad
Chapter 393: Did They Have To Ruin Her?
Chapter 392: Utterly Cold
Chapter 391: Are You Happy Now?
Chapter 390: He Had Never Seen Anyone As Self-Righteous As Her
Chapter 389: Remember To Transfer The Money To Her
Chapter 388: What’s There To Fear With Huo Yao Around?
Chapter 387: Normal Methods Are Of No Use
Chapter 386: Maybe Huo Yao Could Alleviate His Pain A Little
Chapter 385: I’m Going Next Door
Chapter 384: Didn’t Your Foster Parents Tell You They Moved?
Chapter 383: He Must Be Having A Bad Year Now That She Was Boycotted After Enjoying A Few Months of Popularity
Chapter 382: My Older Brother Is Completely Cold-Hearted
Chapter 381: How Could Those Paupers Afford To Drive A Luxury Car?
Chapter 380: If She Isn’t Coming To School, She Should Apply For Suspension
Chapter 379: It Seems You Want To Do It The Hard Way!
Chapter 378: Huo Yao, Do You Have Two Mothers?
Chapter 377: It’s Her Nature
Chapter 376: Suddenly Gave Him The Creeps
Chapter 375: What Has It Got To Do With Me Since You Were The One Who Did It?
Chapter 374: Getting Blacklisted And Boycotted Online
Chapter 373: An Apology Post And Pushing The Blame On Lu Xia
Chapter 372: Weibo Exploded
Chapter 371: The Truth You’ve Been Waiting For
Chapter 370: The Top Student Ended Up Being A Chef?
Chapter 369: Why Did This Guy Seem So Close To His Little Sister?
Chapter 368: He Was Swiftly Losing His Status As The Older Sibling
Chapter 367: Old Mr. Yi’s Discount Card
Chapter 366: Maybe There Would Be A Surprise Waiting For Him Tomorrow
Chapter 365: Where Did The Audio File Come From?
Chapter 364: Could He See The Future Or Was This Some Odd Twist of Fate?
Chapter 363: Security Risks Exist In Your Account
Chapter 362: The Same Song
Chapter 361: Clearly Huo Xiang’s Style
Chapter 360: A Copycat Will Always Be A Copycat
Chapter 359: Plagiarism
Chapter 358: Do You Want To Show Your Face?
Chapter 357: She Is about To Slap Her Own Face
Chapter 356: Can You Solve A Freshman’s Physics Question?
Chapter 355: Lucky Charm Is Only Capable Of Riding On Her Success
Chapter 354: Did She Have To Embarrass Her Brother?
Chapter 353: You Are So Annoying
Chapter 352: Caught By Huo Tingrui
Chapter 351: Just An Insignificant Girl
Chapter 350: An Ancient Prescription
Chapter 349: How Could She Surpass An Intermediate Apothecary?
Chapter 348: Learn From Huo Yao
Chapter 347: I Heard You Wanted To Buy Our Place
Chapter 346: We Became Neighbors Again
Chapter 345: Don’t Be Fooled By Our Next Door Neighbor
Chapter 344: Did They Live In The Same Estate?
Chapter 343: Huo Yao Was The One Who Made The Incense
Chapter 342: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Chapter 341: His Little Sister’s Incense Worked
Chapter 340: Huo Yulin’s Psychiatrist
Chapter 339: An Authentic Brush Painting!
Chapter 338: The Surprise
Chapter 337: Their Daughter Had Unusual Friends
Chapter 336: Security System From An Unknown Company
Chapter 335: Failed To Hack
Chapter 334: An Unknown Caller? An Online Friend?
Chapter 333: Did He Look Like He Was Broke??
Chapter 332: Aren’t We Poor?
Chapter 331: We Should Keep A Low Profile
Chapter 330: Hurry Up And Take Off Your Mask
Chapter 329: A Sumptuous Lunch
Chapter 328: A Killer Question
Chapter 327: Sorry For Getting Blood All Over You
Chapter 326: Don’t Let Her Use Your Older Brother For Hype
Chapter 325: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 324: Was The Chicken Fit To Touch Miss Huo’s Priceless Hands?
Chapter 323: Ended Up Taking Responsibility For Everything
Chapter 322: Are They Creating Hype By Not Showing Their Faces?
Chapter 321: No, Huo Yao Needed The Money
Chapter 320: You’ll Certainly Be A Hit With A Face Like Yours
Chapter 319: The Bill Has Been Settled
Chapter 318: Give Me Your Hand
Chapter 317: Incomplete Prescriptions
Chapter 316: Huo Yao Scared Even Herself When She Got Serious
Chapter 315: Huo Yao Was The Pride Of The Nation
Chapter 314: She Was Everyone’s Hope
Chapter 313: Automatically Keep A One Meter Distance
Chapter 312: Do You Know How To Operate Robots, Yao?
Chapter 311: Min Yu’s Heart Felt Stifled
Chapter 310: A Slap On The Face
Chapter 309: Huo Yao, Do You Think You Can Make It Into the Finals?
Chapter 308: Huo Tingrui’s Little Sister Wasn’t Cute At All!
Chapter 307: Huo Yao Was A Pretty And Gentle Little Sister
Chapter 306: Her Third Older Brother
Chapter 305: Boss Should Offer Himself To Miss Huo
Chapter 304: Couldn’t Min Yu Compare To A Box of Pills?
Chapter 303: The Little Monster Was A Consummate Apothecary
Chapter 302: Sounding Her Out
Chapter 301: A Slap On The Face
Chapter 300: Is Your Little Sister’s High IQ Contagious?
Chapter 299: Where On Earth Was Miss Huo From?
Chapter 298: Apologize Sincerely
Chapter 297: Huo Yao Is More Skilled in Medicine Than Old Mr. Pei
Chapter 296: I Trust Miss Huo
Chapter 295: Is The Genius Doctor Here To Cure His Relapse?
Chapter 294: How Was His Daughter So Fluent In English?
Chapter 293: Huo Yao’s Brother Complex
Chapter 292: Beat Him At His Own Game
Chapter 291: We Aren’t Related By Blood
Chapter 290: An Encounter
Chapter 289: Your Brother Is Hurt
Chapter 288: Blacklist Lu Xia
Chapter 287: My Little Sister Is A Lucky Mascot
Chapter 286: Get Another Checkup (2)
Chapter 285: Get Another Checkup (1)
Chapter 284: Huo Xiang Takes The Antidote
Chapter 283: Hated The Gods For This Injustice
Chapter 282: The Huo Family’s Straight-A Student
Chapter 281: Don’t Piss Off Huo Tingrui
Chapter 280: Papa Will Teach You How To Be An Upright Person One Day
Chapter 279: Two Influential Professors Scrambling For Her
Chapter 278: Huo Yao Wasn’t A No.1 Middle School Student Last Year
Chapter 277: The Principal Looking For Her Urgently
Chapter 276: Leaving Successfully
Chapter 275: Find Out Who This Is
Chapter 274: Complete Chaos
Chapter 273: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 272: The World’s Top Seventh Hacker
Chapter 271: The Cultural Relic Exhibition
Chapter 270: The Forgotten Professor Zhao
Chapter 269: Oh, It’s Huo Yao
Chapter 268: Most Influential Professors
Chapter 267: What Are You Going To Major In?
Chapter 266: A Mistake
Chapter 265: National Quiz Contest Finals
Chapter 264: The CCTV Was Hacked
Chapter 263: How Well Do You Know Huo Yao?
Chapter 262: Someone Wiped The CCTV Footage Clean
Chapter 261: An Accident
Chapter 260: Miss, Is He Your Boyfriend?
Chapter 259: Might Scare Huo Yao
Chapter 258: How Can Boss Go To Such A Place?
Chapter 257: Glory Belonged To The Strong
Chapter 256: Giving The Data Sheet As A Favor
Chapter 255: Lei Xiao Felt Like A Smart Robot
Chapter 254: Are You Interested In Accepting Disciples?
Chapter 253: She Was Only A Teenager Three Years Ago
Chapter 252: No One Could Be An All-Rounded Talent Like Her
Chapter 251: Submitting The Script In Early
Chapter 250: Phenomenal Speed
Chapter 249: The National Quiz Contest Begins
Chapter 248: Level A Mission
Chapter 247: Cloud Realm Online Trading
Chapter 246: Are You Still A Student?
Chapter 245: Who Was Miss Huo?
Chapter 244: Unusual Cars!
Chapter 243: Want To Say Hi To Miss Huo?
Chapter 242: This Was Not The Outcome He Had Imagined!
Chapter 241: The Collapse Of His Cool Image
Chapter 240: A Medical Miracle
Chapter 239: He Wanted To Let His Little Sister Listen To His Music
Chapter 238: Huo Yao Makes A Move
Chapter 237: Don’t Disappoint Our Sister
Chapter 236: Huo Tingrui Feels Fine
Chapter 235: Saw A Dog And Comforted It
Chapter 234: Tell Me When It’s Time To Shoot
Chapter 233: His Little Sister Saw Through Him
Chapter 232: Did You Get Into A Fight?
Chapter 231: An Awkward Encounter
Chapter 230: All Kinds Of Strange Dudes With Peculiar Dressing Sense
Chapter 229: Appear On A Variety Show With His Little Sister
Chapter 228: An Unknown Singer Who Only Sang Covers
Chapter 227: Why Say No To Money?
Chapter 226: Does He Want To Attract The Enemy?
Chapter 225: Was Huo Yao Acquainted With The Min Family?
Chapter 224: She Would Accomplish Nothing If She Couldn’t Keep Her Cool
Chapter 223: Are These Grades Considered Lousy?
Chapter 222: My Foster Daughter Is A Bad Student
Chapter 221: Lu Xia Apologizes
Chapter 220: Courting Disaster!
Chapter 219: What The Principal Had To Say
Chapter 218: Don’t Be Biased
Chapter 217: Guarantee Full Recovery
Chapter 216: Old Mr. Pei Would Like To Have Your Number
Chapter 215: Sometimes, You Shouldn’t Know Too Much
Chapter 214: She Wasn’t Interested In Selling Medicine Or Cooking
Chapter 213: She Had Passed Up The Perfect Opportunity
Chapter 212: Made Plans
Chapter 211: I Posted Anonymously
Chapter 210: Was She Unaware Or Acting Dumb?
Chapter 209: Counterattack
Chapter 208: Were These The Notes You Were Talking About?
Chapter 207: Anyone Could Have Done It But Not Huo Yao
Chapter 206: Cheating During The National Quiz Contest
Chapter 205: She Took Only One Night To Solve The Question
Chapter 204: She Couldn’t Even Compare To Huo Yao
Chapter 203: A Genius Doctor?
Chapter 202: Not For Sale
Chapter 201: S Grade Medicine
Chapter 200: Does This Medicine Have Any Side Effects?
Chapter 199: Are You A Girl? How Can You Keep Picking Fights?
Chapter 198: Battle Of The Gods
Chapter 197: Get Your Older Brother To Help You Join the Show
Chapter 196: She Got Full Marks Again
Chapter 195: Surprisingly Afraid Of His Little Sister
Chapter 194: Are You Really A Delivery Man?
Chapter 193: Tell Your Fourth Older Brother To Make Himself Scarce!
Chapter 192: Pitifully Abandoned Fourth Older Brother
Chapter 191: Check If The Medicine Is Safe For Consumption
Chapter 190: A Gift From My Little Sister
Chapter 189: It Will Destroy Your Prospects
Chapter 188: Major Change In The Plotline
Chapter 187: Would You Like To Change Classes?
Chapter 186: Would You Do It for 100,000?
Chapter 185: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 184: This Car Really Isn’t Worth Much!
Chapter 183: His Daughter Sounded Like A Charlatan
Chapter 182: The Right Diagnosis
Chapter 181: Never Seen Such An Advanced Poison
Chapter 180: Heartless Younger Siblings
Chapter 179: You Don’t Look Well. Are You Sick?
Chapter 178: The Worst Failure
Chapter 177: Foiling Huo Tingrui’s Plans
Chapter 176: Trust Me, A Miracle Will Happen
Chapter 175: His Injury Isn’t That Serious
Chapter 174: Revision Notes By Courier
Chapter 173: Suspicious Of The Tuition Teacher’s Motives
Chapter 172: A Chance Meeting!
Chapter 171: A Token Of His Identity
Chapter 170: Will You Be My Disciple?
Chapter 169: Apologize To Her
Chapter 168: What Would A Little Girl Like You Know About Medicinal Dishes?
Chapter 167: Food Therapy
Chapter 166: Only A True Connoisseur Would Know
Chapter 165: Let’s See If You Can
Chapter 164: Did You Get Bullied?
Chapter 163: A Worthy Opponent
Chapter 162: An Ignorant Couple
Chapter 161: Act Graceful
Chapter 160: I’ll Never Disgrace Myself!
Chapter 159: Missing Notes
Chapter 158: A World With High Technology
Chapter 157: Feels Fake
Chapter 156: Have You Ever Seen Such A Young Physician?
Chapter 155: Feels Like You’re Hiding Something From Me
Chapter 154: Your Package
Chapter 153: A World-Class Little Brother!
Chapter 152: Did Huo Yao Bully You?
Chapter 151: Is There A Misunderstanding?
Chapter 150: Can’t Be Easily Instigated
Chapter 149: Become Number One Foe
Chapter 148: Topping The Monthly Test
Chapter 147: How Can Master’s Tea Compare To Miss Huo’s Incense Box?
Chapter 146: Priceless
Chapter 145:
Chapter 144: He Must Help
Chapter 143: Do You Know How To Make Incense?
Chapter 142: Did He Fly Into A Drunken Rage?
Chapter 141: Third Older Brother’s Certificates Of Honor
Chapter 140: Is The Apartment Too Small?
Chapter 139: The Legendary Shangguan Clan
Chapter 138: A Very Special Prescription
Chapter 137: Fantastic Memory
Chapter 136: He Sounded Harsh, But Probably Felt Bad
Chapter 135: You’re Retarded
Chapter 134: Beat You Up Each Time I See You
Chapter 133: I Don’t Know Her Well, So This Has Nothing To Do With Me
Chapter 132: Sort Out Huo Yao’s Language Grades
Chapter 131: Do You Have A Problem With Me?
Chapter 130: How Could She Cheat?
Chapter 129: No One Is As Two-Faced As You
Chapter 128: Probably Overthinking It
Chapter 127: I Apologized To Her
Chapter 126: Are You Teaching Me How To Conduct Myself?
Chapter 125: Min Yu Is A Good Guy
Chapter 124: Futile To Explain
Chapter 123: Figure Out Who Your Real Family Is
Chapter 122: Check It If You Don’t Believe Me
Chapter 121: A Pure Misunderstanding
Chapter 120: Grandma’s Letter
Chapter 119: A Thief Shouting “Thief”
Chapter 118: Didn’t Come Home
Chapter 117: Granny Went Missing
Chapter 116: Stressed Over Her Language Test
Chapter 115: Clear Differential Treatment
Chapter 114: Must Outshine Huo Yao In Every Aspect
Chapter 113: Incapable Of Seeing Through Her Second Older Brother
Chapter 112: The Best Granddaughter
Chapter 111: Anyone With Conscience Wouldn’t Be Able To Do It
Chapter 110: Are You Feeling Proud Now?
Chapter 109: I Didn’t Want To Say It, But There’s A Problem With The Meds
Chapter 108: Where Did The Medicine Come From?
Chapter 107: An Encounter!
Chapter 106: Her? Join The International Quiz Contest?
Chapter 105: Self-sabotage
Chapter 104: She Was Here To Irritate Them
Chapter 103: It’s Not A Question Of Ranking
Chapter 102: Results For The City Level Heats
Chapter 101: A Little Sister With A Lot Of Unknown Talent
Chapter 100: These Meds Are Amazing!
Chapter 99: Huo Yao Must Have Said Something!
Chapter 98: An Incredible Baby Sister!
Chapter 97: Second Older Brother Now Online!
Chapter 96: No Intention Of Telling Their Daughter The Truth About Their Family
Chapter 95: Hate Being Compared To Huo Yao!
Chapter 94: It’s Almost Like Watching The Birth Of A Genius
Chapter 93: Huo Yao, Is Pretty Good Now
Chapter 92: If You Get Headhunted By The Major Associations In The Capital
Chapter 91: I Feel Optimistic About You!
Chapter 90: Huo Yanxi Got His Face Slapped
Chapter 89: Truly A Straight-A Student And The Goddess Of Studying
Chapter 88: Definitely Be a Hit
Chapter 87: Genius Doctor Lin
Chapter 86: Seriously Damaged
Chapter 85: Do You Know How Much My Pills Are Worth?
Chapter 84: Isn’t Min Yu Your Tutor?
Chapter 83: Acting Like The Loving Sister
Chapter 82: Genuinely Hated Huo Yao
Chapter 81: Are You Hoping Huo Yao Will Come?
Chapter 80: She Can’t Be Agitated Anymore
Chapter 79: Grandmother’s Hospitalization
Chapter 78: Everyone Had Secrets Of Their Own
Chapter 77: Wasn’t Huo Xiang Famous?
Chapter 76: I Am Useless
Chapter 75: Wasn’t That Your Fourth Elder Brother?
Chapter 74: So You Are His Baby Sister
Chapter 73: Did She Get It Right By Coincidence?
Chapter 72: The Only One With Full Marks
Chapter 71: Did She Cheat?
Chapter 70: Huo Yao, You Are Quite The Character
Chapter 69: Coming First In The Preliminary Test With Full Marks
Chapter 68: She Had Such An Attitude!
Chapter 67: Remove Your Daughter From School!
Chapter 66: Slander?
Chapter 65: Was She Secretly A Genius?
Chapter 64: The Preliminary Test
Chapter 63: A Stupid Quiz Without Any Prize
Chapter 62: Was Miss Big Shot A Student?
Chapter 61: Is The Education Association That Mind Blowing?
Chapter 60: Why Sign Up For The Contest?
Chapter 59: Troublesome Baby Sister
Chapter 58: Did Sister Big Shot Come From A Mountain Village?
Chapter 57: Strive For A Prize At The Provincial Level
Chapter 56: Sister Big Shot, Have You Offended Anyone?
Chapter 55: Huo Yao’s Name Must Go!
Chapter 54: Quiz Contest And Recommendation
Chapter 53: Pulling Strings
Chapter 52: The Icy Eye Candy, Huo Yao
Chapter 51: Nerve Soothing Incense Sticks
Chapter 50: Huo Yao’s Extraordinary Ability?
Chapter 49: Do You Trust Me?
Chapter 48: Two Large Transfers Of Money
Chapter 47: Be Careful Not To Scare Her
Chapter 46: Debt
Chapter 45: Unidentified People?
Chapter 44: Is Three Hundred Thousand Enough?
Chapter 43: Grandma Thrashing People
Chapter 42: Scared Of Her
Chapter 41: Dispirited Grandma
Chapter 40: Bring Lu Xia And Huo Yao Closer
Chapter 39: Are You A Bodyguard?
Chapter 38: What Is With The Good-Girl Act?
Chapter 37: Huo Yao Is Not Like That
Chapter 36: The Beautiful And Chic New Classmate!
Chapter 35: Anything Wrong With The Transfer Student?
Chapter 34: Don’t Regret Your Decision!
Chapter 33: Welcome To No.1 Middle School
Chapter 32: Hates People Pulling Strings
Chapter 31: Proud And Arrogant
Chapter 30: Do I Not Look Good?
Chapter 29: Missing Acceptance Letter
Chapter 28: Spend All You Want!
Chapter 27: Careless Brother
Chapter 26: Is The Lu Family The Wealthiest Family In The World?
Chapter 25: Keeping The Promise
Chapter 24: I Heard It Wrong
Chapter 23: I Shouldn’t Have Come Back
Chapter 22: Is She Hercules?
Chapter 21: Any Experience In Transmigrating?
Chapter 20: Ask Xiaxia To Take Care Of You
Chapter 19: Fake Acceptance Letter?
Chapter 18: Her Brothers’ Duty To Keep Up The Appearance Of The Family
Chapter 17: The Invigorator
Chapter 16: What Kind Of Medicine?
Chapter 15: Rich Family?
Chapter 14: Just A Trophy Girl!
Chapter 13: What Are Your Interests?
Chapter 12: Unfair
Chapter 11: She Enrolled In No.1 Municipal Middle School?
Chapter 10: Frustrated
Chapter 9: Flaunting Her Fame
Chapter 8: Village Girl Huo Yao?
Chapter 7: Something Unexpected About Her
Chapter 6: Departure
Chapter 5: A Chance For You To Return The Favor
Chapter 4: Falling
Chapter 3: She Is Not My Daughter
Chapter 2: The Real And The Fake Daughter
Chapter 1: Are You In Trouble?