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westcorphotels > My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World > Chapter 203. Aquarius (1)

Chapter 203. Aquarius (1)

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I looked calmly at the door in front of Duke Asteria's room. Based on the presences I sensed, the duke seemed to be alone in the room. The only sound from the wiretapping magic was loud white noise, and no human voice was heard. I took a deep breath, knocked, and went inside.

"You're here. You came back later than I thought.”

Luckily there was no one in the room but Duke Asteria.

I smiled slightly at the duke and showed him the wine and snacks. "The head chef was more resistant than I thought."

"Oh, did you get it? Honestly, I didn't think you could really get it." The duke looked at the wine in my hand and admired it.

"How could a head chef dare to refuse the duke when he wants something? Would you like a glass?"

There was no way the head chef could win an argument with me. It also helped that I asked for it when he was busy preparing for the banquet.

The duke shook his head lightly at my proposal. "No, I'll have the wine after the banquet. You have to drink precious wine with a precious person to enjoy the taste properly.”

I nodded at the duke. "Then I'll put the wine in the fridge. Since it is red wine, I'll set the temperature at around 17 degrees."

"Yes, do that.”

As expected of the palace, it was even equipped with a specialized refrigerator for wine. The wine refrigerator was full of high-end wines, so it would be good to take a few bottles later.

I tactfully asked, putting the wine in the wine fridge, "Did you have an enjoyable time with the honored guest?"

The duke nodded gently with a warm smile. "Yes, it's been a while since I had fun."

What did my third sister find Duke Asteria for?The most likely topic she came to discuss with the duke was currency reform. The duke was in charge of the big axis of currency reform, so this wouldn’t be strange.

However, one thing that bothers me is that my sister came "in person." It would have been fine to send the foreign minister ahjussi for something of this level. And yet, the fact that Hestia noon came in person meant there was something that I was missing.

Then, did it have something to do with the Asteria Market?No, then she would have visited the market staff rather than the duke. To go straight to the duke meant that the matter was directly related to him.

No matter how hard I think about it, I can’t figure out what the connection between my third sister and Duke Asteria is. If I had eavesdropped, I would have discovered the connection, but I missed it because of the Butterfly Tribe’s great elder.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" The duke called me when I was lost in thought.

"Oh, it's not anything important. I was just wondering if I have to attend the banquet or not."

Originally, the civil servants attached to the nobles all belonged to the central ceremony department. Therefore, after the conference, the civil servants gathered without attending the banquet and exchanged information.

However, I didn't h

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