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westcorphotels > Phoenix's Requiem > Chapter 381: Breaking the Bracelet’s Seal

Chapter 381: Breaking the Bracelet’s Seal

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Yun Ruoyan was trying to forcibly break Qiuqiu’s seal on the silver bracelet. She was a ninth-rank blademaster, and the bracelet would allow her to step into the realm of a sword saint—at a cost.

Qiuqiu watched the seal break apart, powerless to stop it. “Mistress, you won’t be able to handle the backlash!” With that last chirp, the seal broke in its entirety, and Yun Ruoyan was once again able to draw from the power of the bracelet.

Her spiritual energy, greatly augmented by the bracelet, exploded out of her body and began pushing Pi Yan back. Pi Yan, who was still constricting Yun Ruoyan with his oppressive aura, felt a sudden pulse of spiritual energy emanating from Yun Ruoyan, far stronger than anything she had previously displayed.

What’s going on?Pi Yan had never encountered such a situation. Yun Ruoyan was clearly only a ninth-rank blademaster, but she was somehow exhibiting the spiritual energy of a sword saint. The sudden burst of energy grew stronger and stronger; Pi Yan, caught by surprise, spat out a mouthful of blood, the backlash from his repelled attack.

He instantly released more of his aura to combat Yun Ruoyan’s rising strength. As the two cultivators’ spiritual energy crashed into each other, Yun Ruoyan was finally unable to bear the burden of the rampant energy through her body and was knocked up into the air.

Li Mo arrived just in time to see Yun Ruoyan’s body falling toward the ground like a drifting feather.

“Yan’er!” With a pained, half-crazed shout, Li Mo flew faster than ever before to catch Yun Ruoyan in his lap.

“Li Mo…” Yun Ruoyan’s face was sheet-white, but her smile was gentle and unforced. Against the blaze of the burning inn, it was so dazzling that Li Mo couldn’t help holding his breath. “You’ve come for me.”

“We’re leaving, Yan’er.” Li Mo turned to leave.

“Since you’re already here, I won’t let you escape again!” Pi Yan flew in front of Li Mo.

“Screw off!” Li Mo shouted back, not even looking at him.

Pi Yan wiped at the blood trickling down his lips. “Make me.” His cultivation was far more advanced than Li Mo’s. Even if Li Mo weren’t saddled with Yun Ruoyan, he would have been no match for Pi Yan. Given that he had to bring Yun Ruoyna with him, it would be nearly impossible for him to escape unscathed.

Just as Li Mo prepared himself for a fight to the death, a black shadow suddenly appeared from the horizon. “Young Master Li, quick, bring Miss Yun away.” The voice was deliberately artificial; immediately after speaking, the shadow began attacking Pi Yan fiercely.

A huge icicle shot toward Pi Yan, who summoned a glowing greatsword. With both hands, he swung the sword down against the icicle’s onslaught, causing shards of ice to scatter everywhere through the air like a miniature snowstorm.

By the time his vision cleared, the black-robed man, Li Mo, and Yun Ruoyan had disappeared without a trace.

Pi Yan bellowed so fiercely that the entirety of Peak Dar

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