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God of Illusions

Author: ALy

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Updated: 2021-10-13 15:33:24

Latest chapter: Chapter 942: Ye Xi’s Scheme

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《God of Illusions》Latest chapter
Chapter 942: Ye Xi’s Scheme
Chapter 941: Sealing Ability!
Chapter 940: Relentless Pursuit!
Chapter 939: Vision!
Chapter 938: A Beating will Do the Job!
Chapter 937: Even as a Servant, I Want to be the Strongest One!
Chapter 936: Border Conflict!
Chapter 935: Restoring a Man’s Dignity!
Chapter 934: Lil’ Bai
Chapter 933: Pathetic? Respectable!
Chapter 932: In The End
Chapter 931: Final War! (7)
《God of Illusions》' main text
Chapter 942: Ye Xi’s Scheme
Chapter 941: Sealing Ability!
Chapter 940: Relentless Pursuit!
Chapter 939: Vision!
Chapter 938: A Beating will Do the Job!
Chapter 937: Even as a Servant, I Want to be the Strongest One!
Chapter 936: Border Conflict!
Chapter 935: Restoring a Man’s Dignity!
Chapter 934: Lil’ Bai
Chapter 933: Pathetic? Respectable!
Chapter 932: In The End
Chapter 931: Final War! (7)
Chapter 930: Final War! (6)
Chapter 929: Final War! (5)
Chapter 928: Final War! (4)
Chapter 927: Final War! (3)
Chapter 926: Final War! (2)
Chapter 925: Final War! (1)
Chapter 924: The Final Arrangement!
Chapter 923: He Is Still Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 922: I Will Find You!
Chapter 921: Devastating!
Chapter 920: Branching Out!
Chapter 919: This Is Ethereal!
Chapter 918: The People!
Chapter 917: Ling Yue’s Resolution!
Chapter 916: Chaos Arises!
Chapter 915: Openly and Righteously Cheat!
Chapter 914: Auction; Profiteer Bai!
Chapter 913: Tan Xin’s ‘Growth’
Chapter 912: Shadow Death’s Real Purpose!
Chapter 911: Nine-Layer Illusion, Glorified!
Chapter 910: End of Arc!
Chapter 909: Show End; Ethereal’s Legacy!
Chapter 908: Unexpected?!
Chapter 907: Begin!
Chapter 906: Everything under Control!
Chapter 905: Preparation!
Chapter 904: Bai Xiaofei Has Changed?
Chapter 903: Schemed!
Chapter 902: Who Is It?
Chapter 901: Always Brothers!
Chapter 900: What Do You Want?
Chapter 899: Excited Brothers!
Chapter 898: Domineering, Not Just Talk!
Chapter 897: In-depth Communication!
Chapter 896: First Prince!
Chapter 895: Avoiding Me?!
Chapter 894: Imperial Guard Overseer!
Chapter 893: Familiarizing or Probing?
Chapter 892: Summoned!
Chapter 891: Devious Emperor; Candidates!
Chapter 890: Seeing Lan He Again!
Chapter 889: I Want Him to Have the Best of Best of Both Worlds!
Chapter 888: Locking On
Chapter 887: Another Deal!
Chapter 886: Shocking!
Chapter 885: At Your Beck and Call!
Chapter 884: General Bai!
Chapter 883: General Feng, Please!
Chapter 882: Yun Lan!
Chapter 881: Pressing Yun Tianhe!
Chapter 880: The Little Ancestor is Back!
Chapter 879: Ambush!
Chapter 878: Leave It To Me!
Chapter 877: Princess Ling Ge!
Chapter 876: Become Sworn Brothers!
Chapter 875: Opportunity?!
Chapter 874: Continual Shocks!
Chapter 873: Sunder Everything!
Chapter 872: Thoroughly Prepared!
Chapter 871: The Fifth Puppet!
Chapter 870: A Brand New Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 869: Wrong Judgment!
Chapter 868: It’s All Good
Chapter 867: Golden Corpse’s Weakness!
Chapter 866: Pinocchio!
Chapter 865: I Need Some Quiet Time!
Chapter 864: Shi Kui!
Chapter 863: Puppetsmith Holy Mountain; Excited Golden Feather!
Chapter 862: What Can You Do?
Chapter 861: Bai Xing, Bai Yue!
Chapter 860: Moon Beck Pavilion!
Chapter 859: What Just Happened?
Chapter 858: The Ethereal Capital!
Chapter 857: Declaration of War?!
Chapter 856: Omnipresent Old Enemy!
Chapter 855: Conversation with Yun Tianhe!
Chapter 854: Ethereal’s Four Great Clans!
Chapter 853: Huskie and Blackie’s new abilities!
Chapter 852: People are Divided by Status!
Chapter 851: Ethereal!
Chapter 850: Taboo!
Chapter 849: Fishing Village? Ghost Town?
Chapter 848: Little Surprise!
Chapter 847: Perverse Tan Xin!
Chapter 846: Tan Xin’s Ability; Bai Xiaofei’s Plan!
Chapter 845: Beating the Dogs?!
Chapter 844: Overbearing? It’s Only Just Starting!
Chapter 843: You’re Dead!
Chapter 842: Have Affinity but no Fate, Ordinary People’s Sorrow!
Chapter 841: Busybody!
Chapter 840: Watch Me Chase!
Chapter 839: Sin!
Chapter 838: Ride a Donkey to Find a Donkey!
Chapter 837: A Way!
Chapter 836: Get Out!
Chapter 835: Seeing Revelation!
Chapter 834: Following Rules!
Chapter 833: Outside the Pavilion!
Chapter 832: Un-get-ridable Tail!
Chapter 831: Lin Li’s Significant Other; Graduation!
Chapter 830: Class Still?
Chapter 829: Luo Xi’s Advice!
Chapter 828: Return!
Chapter 827: Question and Answer!
Chapter 826: Finish!
Chapter 825: Wu Chi and Goldie!
Chapter 824: Fiend of Pain; Blood Cocoon!
Chapter 823: Invisible Game!
Chapter 822: Battle on the Surface!
Chapter 821: Clashing with an Old Enemy, Savage Class Awakens!
Chapter 820: Situation!
Chapter 819: Horrifying Sikong Ming!
Chapter 818: Zhao Ji!!!
Chapter 817: Warehouse and Production Base!
Chapter 816: Dead!
Chapter 815: Changing Formation!
Chapter 814: Common Goal!
Chapter 813: Burning Vitality vs Divine Beast Transformation!
Chapter 812: Scum!!!
Chapter 811: The Tricker’s Online!
Chapter 810: Mirror’s Division, Bai Xiaofei's Despair?
Chapter 809: Ulterior Motives!
Chapter 808: Faith!
Chapter 807: A Storm Coming!
Chapter 806: Long Time No See!
Chapter 805: Six Days, False News!
Chapter 804: Conditions, Tan Xin’s Determination!
Chapter 803: Letting the Wolf into One’s House!
Chapter 802: Windlove City Lord!
Chapter 801: Unexpected Guest!
Chapter 800: Slave Market!
Chapter 799: Gu Lingyue!
Chapter 798: Wang Chuan!
Chapter 797: Is That Important?
Chapter 796: Continue!
Chapter 795: New Goals!
Chapter 794: Women Who Cannot be Provoked!
Chapter 793: Demonized!
Chapter 792: Nine-Dragon Reincarnation!
Chapter 791: Battling Dragon King!
Chapter 790: Hu Xian’er vs Zhu Wuxin!
Chapter 789: Kill Who?!
Chapter 788: Counter Whatever!
Chapter 787: The Show Begins!
Chapter 786: Rebirth!
Chapter 785: Half-Human, Half-Beast!
Chapter 784: Final Preparation!
Chapter 783: Strange Boy!
Chapter 782: Counter-Snipe!
Chapter 781: I Have My Rules!
Chapter 780: I Dare You to Stay!
Chapter 779: Luo and Xia!
Chapter 778: Tri-Form Stone!
Chapter 777: Very Sorry!
Chapter 776: Pissing You Off!
Chapter 775: Devil Forest!
Chapter 774: Nine-Turn Rebirth Pill!
Chapter 773: Pure Interest!
Chapter 772: Money is to be Spent!
Chapter 771: Watch How I Buy Everything!
Chapter 770: Taking a Walk!
Chapter 769: Is He Really Just Grandmaster Rank?!
Chapter 768: Repeated Restraint!
Chapter 767: Real Boss!
Chapter 766: Rich is Me!
Chapter 765: Corrupt Young Master!
Chapter 764: Assigning Tasks!
Chapter 763: Windlove’s Situation!
Chapter 762: Windlove City!
Chapter 761: Windless Zone!
Chapter 760: Pushing the Boat with the Current!
Chapter 759: A Long Journey!
Chapter 758: The Big Fish Takes the Bait!
Chapter 757: Half a Year; Rui Mengqi’s Change!
Chapter 756: Sharp Test!
Chapter 755: Caught in One’s Own Trap!
Chapter 754: Reeling in the Fish!
Chapter 753: A Chain of Schemes! (3)
Chapter 752: A Chain of Schemes! (2)
Chapter 751: A Chain of Schemes! (1)
Chapter 750: Sneaking in!
Chapter 749: Cooperation!
Chapter 748: Official Contact!
Chapter 747: The Bai Xiaofei You Know Is Back!
Chapter 746: Preparation!
Chapter 745: A Game Begins!
Chapter 744: Savage Class Deployed!
Chapter 743: Persuading!
Chapter 742: No Need!
Chapter 741: Peace Breaker!
Chapter 740: Promise!
Chapter 739: Hot Topic of the Academy!
Chapter 738: My Bedroom!
Chapter 737: Forgotten Person!
Chapter 736: Stepping Down!
Chapter 735: Unprincipled Lei Shan!
Chapter 734: Dialogue with Hu Xian’er!
Chapter 733: As Long As You’re Back!
Chapter 732: Enough
Chapter 731: Graduation Time, Return to Starnet!
Chapter 730: Fated to Meet and Part!
Chapter 729: I Won’t Let You Down!
Chapter 728: A Walk in the Park; Facing Leng Hen!
Chapter 727: Teaching A Lesson!
Chapter 726: Worn-out Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 725: Shameful Oriole!
Chapter 724: Ordeal Passed!
Chapter 723: Arrogant or Powerful?!
Chapter 722: Onlookers!
Chapter 721: Demonization, the Real Demon King!
Chapter 720: Cang Lan vs the Demon King!
Chapter 719: Cang Lan Arrives!
Chapter 718: Army Might!
Chapter 717: Infinite Demonic Disintegration Great Art!
Chapter 716: Aid from all Parties!
Chapter 715: Tacit Understanding!
Chapter 714: There Is Nothing That Cannot Be Fooled!
Chapter 713: Is It Over?
Chapter 712: Seeing the Demon King at Last!
Chapter 711: Jie!
Chapter 710: Act!
Chapter 709: Triple Angering Jackdaw!
Chapter 708: Seeing Jackdaw!
Chapter 707: More Help!
Chapter 706: Hellfire Brigade!
Chapter 0705: Recruitment!
Chapter 704: Love-Hate Couple!
Chapter 703: Demon King!
Chapter 702: The Lurkers Surface!
Chapter 701: Resurrection of the Dead!
Chapter 700: Animate Puppet Contract!
Chapter 699: I’ll Remember You!
Chapter 698: Lycoris!
Chapter 697: Ruins or Graveyards?
Chapter 696: Underground Ruins!
Chapter 695: Director Bai Makes An Appearance!
Chapter 694: Sacred Beast from a Different World!
Chapter 693: Meeting an Acquaintance!
Chapter 692: Into the Holy Snow Mountain Again!
Chapter 691: Classic!
Chapter 690: Doubts Cleared!
Chapter 689: Jackdaw’s Determination!
Chapter 688: Jackdaw’s Pain!
Chapter 687: Tactical Retreat
Chapter 686: A Different Holy Snow Mountain!
Chapter 685: Magical Beast?
Chapter 684: The Impeccable Man!
Chapter 683: Holy Snow Mountain!
Chapter 682: Portable Mobile Formation Base!
Chapter 681: Originated from The Ruins, Quality Promised!
Chapter 680: Meeting Jackdaw Again!
Chapter 679: Poor Bandits
Chapter 678: Real Bandits!
Chapter 677: Lively Holy Snow Mountain!
Chapter 676: Bai-Style God Control!
Chapter 675: Success?
Chapter 674: Tough Choice!
Chapter 673: Opportunities and Continental Order!
Chapter 672: Are You Kidding Me?!
Chapter 671: It’s Time!
Chapter 670: An Eye for an Eye
Chapter 669: The Terror Called Rangers!
Chapter 668: Sneaking in; Mission Impossible!
Chapter 667: The Second Task, Artificial Restricted Area!
Chapter 666: A Day of Lil’ White
Chapter 665: Snow Mole!
Chapter 664: True Discrimination!
Chapter 663: Control God Technique, Formidable!
Chapter 662: World View Overturned!
Chapter 661: Approval; Information on the Falling Flower Formation!
Chapter 660: Dueling Cang Lan! The Might of God Control!
Chapter 659: Vegetable Farmer and Pig
Chapter 658: First Meeting with Cang Lan!
Chapter 657: Falling Flower Formation!
Chapter 656: You Arse!
Chapter 655: A Blessing or a Curse?
Chapter 654: Illusion vs Virtual Reality!
Chapter 653: Despair?!
Chapter 652: Caught Deep in the Illusion; Cang Lan!
Chapter 651: Peach Blossom Forest, Natural Formation!
Chapter 650: Hook, Line!
Chapter 649: Perking Ears for The Ruins!
Chapter 648: Intel always has to be Tricked out!
Chapter 647: Blood-Eye Fox!
Chapter 646: Long Time No Cooperate!
Chapter 645: Jackdaw Mercenary Group!
Chapter 644: The Far North, the Kingdom of Snow!
Chapter 643: Never See You Again, My Master
Chapter 642: What a Grand Scheme! What a Great Play!
Chapter 641: All Cards Revealed!
Chapter 640: Over?
Chapter 639: The People, The Root Also!
Chapter 638: Spectacular Debut!
Chapter 637: Martial Competition!
Chapter 636: The Ceremony!
Chapter 635: Killing using Someone Else’s Hand!
Chapter 634: A Prince? Kill Him All the Same!
Chapter 633: Investigate to the End!
Chapter 632: Those Who Don’t Seek Death wouldn’t Have to Die!
Chapter 631: Soul Stealing Incense!
Chapter 630: The Truth?
Chapter 629: Struck at A Glimpse!
Chapter 628: Beat Him to a Pulp!
Chapter 627: Fog Once Again!
Chapter 626: Illusory City!
Chapter 625: Bai Xiaofei vs Xiao Yao!
Chapter 624: Raising a Dog for One Thousand Days, just for this Moment!
Chapter 623: Fraud?! Thief?!
Chapter 622: Violet Heartbarrier-Breaker Pill!
Chapter 621: Adventurer Union!
Chapter 620: An Bang Ting’s Determination!
Chapter 619: Teacher and Students
Chapter 618: An Bang Ting’s Remorse!
Chapter 617: Confronting An Bang Ting!
Chapter 616: Doubts Arise Once Again!
Chapter 615: Teacher Mode On!
Chapter 614: The People’s Grievances!
Chapter 613: A’Tao!
Chapter 612: Duel; Choosing Disciples!
Chapter 611: Just Decide it with a Fight!
Chapter 610: I’ll Help!
Chapter 609: The Tree Wants Peace but the Wind won’t Stop!
Chapter 608: The Puppet Master Alliance!
Chapter 607: Leaving Starnet Again!
Chapter 606: News of Cang Lan!
Chapter 605: Thunderstorm Again!
Chapter 604: Discussing the Road Ahead!
Chapter 603: Expected and Unexpected!
Chapter 602: Seeing Feng and Lu Again!
Chapter 601: Heartseer, a Genius?!
Chapter 600: Fat Meat, Chu Qingtian’s Vision!
Chapter 599: Businesses Re-entry!
Chapter 598: Persuade Them with Reason, Move Them with
Chapter 597: Trouble Finally Arrives!
Chapter 596: The Limitation of Spiritualization!
Chapter 595: Visiting Gu Xing!
Chapter 594: Parting
Chapter 593: Born a Starnet, Die a Starnet!
Chapter 592: I Will!
Chapter 591: Depressurize
Chapter 590: Another Promise!
Chapter 589: Lei Shan’s Promise!
Chapter 588: Play a Waiting Game!
Chapter 587: Conference; Confess?
Chapter 586: Waking up, as if from a Dream
Chapter 585: The Fisherman!
Chapter 584: Ill-Fated!
Chapter 583: Origin Core at Full Force, Battling Dark Wolf!
Chapter 582: Farewell
Chapter 581: Thunder Emperor; Chu Liuyun’s Whereabouts!
Chapter 580: Overlooked!
Chapter 579: Revelation, Revelation!
Chapter 578: Defeated; Lin Li’s Death?
Chapter 577: Meeting again; Conversation with Ling Tianxia!
Chapter 576: Breaking the Matrix, Racing against Time!
Chapter 575: The Play Unfolds, Ling Tianxia’s Strength!
Chapter 574: Calculating; Bai Xiaofei’s struggle!
Chapter 573: Root!
Chapter 572: A Turn of Events; Bai Xiaofei’s Condition!
Chapter 571: End of Prologue!
Chapter 570: Yan Tri-State Transformation!
Chapter 569: Do or Die!
Chapter 568: Pull the Curtains!
Chapter 567: Life Thrives in Death!
Chapter 566: Bai Xiaofei’s Trouble!
Chapter 565: Growing Team!
Chapter 564: Vigilant Eye Sima Ye!
Chapter 563: Pinning down the Mole!
Chapter 562: Is Starnet Finished?
Chapter 561: The True Face of Ling Tianxia!
Chapter 560: Sima Ye’s Crisis!
Chapter 559: Where to?
Chapter 558: Invincible Kuang Ta, Tal Khan’s Sacrifice!
Chapter 557: Reinforcements, Newcomer Kings!
Chapter 556: Despair?!
Chapter 555: Bai Xiaofei vs Luo!
Chapter 554: Grave Crisis!
Chapter 553: Belated Rescue!
Chapter 552: Climax of Battle, a New Wu Chi!
Chapter 551: A Sudden Retreat!
Chapter 550: The Plight of the Triplets!
Chapter 549: Shadow Death and Distress Signals!
Chapter 548: The Ultimate Version of Devouring the Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 547: Tackling You Feng!
Chapter 546: Turning the Tables!
Chapter 545: Acting Mighty to Deceive!
Chapter 544: Heavenly Troops!
Chapter 543: Great Formation Sealing God!
Chapter 542: The Wind is Blowing!
Chapter 541: Demon Star Makes Appearance, Turbulence Arises Among Dragons!
Chapter 540: Pretending to be a Pig?!
Chapter 539: The Mysterious Figure’s Instigation!
Chapter 538: Chaos in the Infinite Mountain Range!
Chapter 537: Take Three Hits from Me!
Chapter 536: Domineering Xiong Shou!
Chapter 535: Berserk Bear!
Chapter 534: Simply Formidable!
Chapter 533: Activity Begins; Domineering Xiong Shou!
Chapter 532: The Grand Opening!
Chapter 531: Revelation’s Divination!
Chapter 530: Great Great Great Granduncle!
Chapter 529: Completely Breaking off
Chapter 528: Initial Probe Produces no Result
Chapter 527: Three Schools of Thought in the Globe Merchant Group!
Chapter 526: Explaining and Probing!
Chapter 525: Honest Ling Tianxia!
Chapter 524: Welcoming the Bosses, Meeting Ling Tianxia!
Chapter 523: Discussing Xue Ying!
Chapter 522: I Will Wait For You!
Chapter 521: The Same Place
Chapter 520: Unintentionally and Intentionally
Chapter 519: Hope Falls Through, Resolute Luo Xi!
Chapter 518: Turnaround, Han Xing!
Chapter 517: Hu Xian’er’s Confidence!
Chapter 516: Be Yourself!
Chapter 515: Xue Ying’s Reminder!
Chapter 514: Dying Right Off The Bat?
Chapter 513: Luo Xi’s Request!
Chapter 512: The Son has to Pay the Father’s Debt?!
Chapter 511: Facing Luo Xi!
Chapter 510: Smelly Boy, This Old Man Is So Sorry
Chapter 509: Reputation that Lasts for Eternity!
Chapter 508: Xue Ying’s Doubt!
Chapter 507 (2): Extinction; Relaxed!
Chapter 507 (1): Extinction; Relaxed!
Chapter 506 (2): Fight!
Chapter 506 (1): Fight!
Chapter 505: All Because The Food Is Too Good!
Chapter 504: Wife Group Forges Ahead!
Chapter 503: Heheh, Scared Silly Aren’t You?
Chapter 502: Lei Shan’s Trick!
Chapter 501: Feng Wuhen’s Warning!
Chapter 500: Feng Wuhen Returns!
Chapter 499: This is Real Bullying!
Chapter 498: Dimwitted New Student!
Chapter 497: The Dust Has Not Settled
Chapter 496: You Doubt Me?
Chapter 495: Qin Lingyan’s Coming-Of-Age!
Chapter 494: Three-Rule Agreement!
Chapter 493: New Students; Examiner Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 492: All Hail, Unifying Starnet!
Chapter 491: How Lonely Being Invincible Is!
Chapter 490: 1 vs 16!
Chapter 489: Issuing a Challenge!
Chapter 488: Three Conditions!
Chapter 487: The Third Puppet!
Chapter 486: Endless State!
Chapter 485: The Third Ability of Devouring the Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 484: Qin Lingyan’s Invitation!
Chapter 483: Insider Information!
Chapter 482: My Territory, My Call!
Chapter 481: Who Else? Come Forward!
Chapter 480: Conflict Arises!
Chapter 479: Seeing Xue Ying!
Chapter 478: I Don’t Mind!
Chapter 477: Aggrieved Lin Li
Chapter 476: One Short Step to
Chapter 475: Reward from the Triplets!
Chapter 474: Unexpected Benefit!
Chapter 473: Discussion; Hunting Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 472: Be Honest for Leniency, and also Preferential Treatment
Chapter 471: Chu Liuyun’s Background!
Chapter 470: Huskie is not a Husky?
Chapter 469: Testing the Spiritualization Art!
Chapter 468: Teaching Demonstration!
Chapter 467: The Spiritualization Method!
Chapter 466: Three Ways!
Chapter 465: Bai Xiaofei’s Changes!
Chapter 464: Bicentennial Anniversary!
Chapter 463: Seeing the Two Old Men again!
Chapter 462: The Illusion Demon Officially Kicks off; New Students are Coming!
Chapter 461: Line Up, Coming Step By Step!
Chapter 460: A Super Awkward Situation!
Chapter 459: Returning to Starnet!
Chapter 458: Six Days; Don’t Tell Him
Chapter 457: I’ll Just Change, Alright?!
Chapter 456: If There is a Next Life
Chapter 455: Mutual Destruction?
Chapter 454: You Don’t Know Me?
Chapter 453: Until We Meet Again!
Chapter 452: Leaving and Fulfilling!
Chapter 451: Plans and Unexpected Gain!
Chapter 450: Self-Cannibalism; Finally Awake!
Chapter 449: Has The Dust Settled?
Chapter 448: Bai Xiaofei’s Fury!
Chapter 447: You Think This Is Over?
Chapter 446: He Tian’s Resolution!
Chapter 445: Crisis, Forceful Ending!
Chapter 444: The Thunderstorm Bandits Appear; Sudden Turn of the Tide!
Chapter 443: Fight!
Chapter 442: An Agreement is Impossible!
Chapter 441: Confrontation, Breaking Through!
Chapter 440: Crowning Ceremony!
Chapter 439: Reaching a Consensus!
Chapter 438: Meeting Fang Lei Again; the Purpose of the Thunderstorm Bandits!
Chapter 437: Tang Bing’s New Identity!
Chapter 436: Night Raid and Calm
Chapter 435: Gaining the Answer to Everything!
Chapter 434: It’s Not The Time To Die Yet!
Chapter 433: Bai Xiaofei Emerges!
Chapter 432: Pointing To A Deer And Calling It A Horse; the Death of the Second Prince!
Chapter 431: The Focus of Tang Bing!
Chapter 430: Tactful Empress
Chapter 429: Tragic Third Prince
Chapter 428: Meeting the Empress; Mighty General!
Chapter 427: Birth Brothers
Chapter 426: The Queen the Fisherman?!
Chapter 425: A Series of Schemes!
Chapter 424: The Beginning of Chaos; Assassin Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 423: Advice
Chapter 422: Do Not Forget Who You Are!
Chapter 421: Sudden Situation!
Chapter 420: Getting One-Sidedly Beaten!
Chapter 419: Last Chance!
Chapter 418: Clearing Up!
Chapter 417: Talk about Thunderstorms!
Chapter 416: Meeting the Crown Prince again; the Imperial Struggle for Power!
Chapter 415: Seeking Help?
Chapter 414: Mission Failed? Stubborn Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 413: Next Time We Meet, We Will Be Enemies!
Chapter 412: Intense Battle with Yun Mo!
Chapter 411: The Gate of Good and Evil!
Chapter 410: The Fragile Mu and the Unethical Alchemist!
Chapter 409: Mysterious Figures!
Chapter 408: Nemesis of the Illusion Stream, the Eye of Truth!
Chapter 407: The Emperor’s Reaction!
Chapter 406: Ranking up again, Huskie’s Changes!
Chapter 405: Abducting the Emperor’s Consort!
Chapter 404: The Second Drop of Blood
Chapter 403: Unexpected Incident
Chapter 402: Caught in the Act?!
Chapter 401: Third-Party, the Globe Merchant Group!
Chapter 400: Meeting Imperial Concubine Qing!
Chapter 399: Shang Youdao Discloses Everything!
Chapter 398: Grade-Nine Pill!
Chapter 397: Investigation!
Chapter 396: Chaos!
Chapter 395: Conversation with the Crown Prince!
Chapter 394: Banquet, The Royal Family Arrives!
Chapter 393: A Capital City in Crisis from All Sides!
Chapter 392: Advice!
Chapter 391: Cut-off Clue and the Mystery Man’s Visit!
Chapter 390: Unexpected Ambush!
Chapter 389: First Clash, the Big Fish Takes the Bait!
Chapter 388: Monster Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 387: Conversation with the President of the Bright Road Merchant House!
Chapter 386: Thunderstorm!
Chapter 385: The Red Sleeve Building’s Backer!
Chapter 384: A Sudden Turn!
Chapter 383: Massacre!
Chapter 382: Red Sleeve Building, Fragrant Red Sleeve!
Chapter 381: The Ancient Yue Kingdom, Bright Road Merchant House!
Chapter 380: Leaving Soon
Chapter 379: The New Leader Wants to Cry!
Chapter 378: The Illusion Demon Getting on Track!
Chapter 377: Forming Teams and Relaxed Competition!
Chapter 376: Fill the Pit You Dug Even If You Cry Doing It!
Chapter 375: Problem of the Century!
Chapter 374: Yun Jingshuang Repays a Debt of Gratitude!
Chapter 373: Victim of One’s Own Cleverness!
Chapter 372: I am More Suitable for Her!
Chapter 371: The Provoker!
Chapter 370: The Pitiful Yun Sheng
Chapter 369: Hu Xian’er’s Little Selfish Idea
Chapter 368: The Triplets’ Longing!
Chapter 367: The Unexpected Chu Liuyun!
Chapter 366: Lei Shan’s Decision, Lei Min’s Interrogation!
Chapter 365: Falling from the Pedestal, the Doom of the Student Union?
Chapter 364: Towards the Pedestal, Shocking Starnet!
Chapter 363: Domineering Hu Xian’er!
Chapter 362: Victory! Bai Xiaofei, Who Saw Through Everything!
Chapter 361: The Last Play!
Chapter 360: Countering Whatever!
Chapter 359: Night Raid!
Chapter 358: You Can Only Watch Me Dig!
Chapter 357: Sweeping through the Command Ranking!
Chapter 356: A Big Bet!
Chapter 355: Make the Time for Something Big!
Chapter 354: Not Letting Down Others, Not Letting Down Your Own Heart!
Chapter 353: Please Remember Them!
Chapter 352: O’ Mountain Has a Waiting Fox
Chapter 351: The Ultimate of Ability Control, Genesis!
Chapter 350: The ‘Huang Pursues the Feng’ in Feng Seeks Huang
Chapter 349: Illusion Mirror, Iceberg Snow Lotuses!
Chapter 348: The Silent Play, A Thousand Images!
Chapter 347: The Third Batch of Performances; the Song of Fire and Ice!
Chapter 346: Everything is in the Unspoken Words!
Chapter 345: The Focus of All Attention!
Chapter 344: There isn’t Enough Time
Chapter 343: Ah, How Lonely Being Invincible Is!
Chapter 342: Blackie’s New Ability; Intense Battle with the Tree Demon!
Chapter 341: Far From Over!
Chapter 340: Ambush the Reinforcements!
Chapter 339: Can’t Stop Moving Forth!
Chapter 338: Let’s Do It Big!
Chapter 337: Uncle Feng’s Shock!
Chapter 336: An Intent Gaze from Yelu!
Chapter 335: I’m Here, No One Can Hurt You!
Chapter 334: A Call for Help from Xiaoluo and Xiaobu!
Chapter 333: The Estrangement Between Grandfather and Child!
Chapter 332: Lei Min!
Chapter 331: I’ll help you!
Chapter 330: Brothers and Prince!
Chapter 329: Problem!
Chapter 328: The First Public Performance; Yun Jingshuang’s Idea!
Chapter 327: Public Performance Begins; Legendary Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 326: Literally Making a Fortune!
Chapter 325: Dissolve with Dignity!
Chapter 324: Angering You to Death!
Chapter 323: Impossible! Not Even a Copper!
Chapter 322: Uh-huh
Chapter 321: The Duel Takes a Rain Check!
Chapter 320: The Curtains Fall, Questions for Old Man Illusionary
Chapter 319: Resolving the Threat of the Catapults; Huskie Renders Meritorious Service!
Chapter 318: One-man Power Disrupts the Force of an Army!
Chapter 317: Lone Penetration, Kill the General, and Break the Formation!
Chapter 316: Problem after Problem, Racing against Time!
Chapter 315: The Overwhelming 5th Wave!
Chapter 314: Fighting All the Way!
Chapter 313: Fourth Level, Defending a Ruined City!
Chapter 312: I Only Hope To Retain a Clear Conscience!
Chapter 311: Assassination Proves Effective Every Time!
Chapter 310: Snowball Effect; Siege Battle!
Chapter 309: Forest Camp Ambush!
Chapter 308: Starting with Low-rank Soldiers!
Chapter 307: Sandboard Rules; Preparing to Enter the Illusion!
Chapter 306: Dialogue, Hearing about Bai Longfei Again!
Chapter 305: Old Man Illusionary!
Chapter 304: Sima Ye's Invitation to Fight!
Chapter 303: Uninvited Guest - the No.1 of the Command Ranking!
Chapter 302: Becoming an Instant Hit!
Chapter 301: What Time Can't Change
Chapter 300: Training Starts!
Chapter 299: Cherish Everyone!
Chapter 298: Strong Soul!
Chapter 297: A Rising Martial God!
Chapter 296: Wu Chi’s Choice!
Chapter 295: Blood Demon!
Chapter 294: Energy System Test, Feng Wuhen’s Astonishment
Chapter 293: Here Comes Wu Chi the Puppet Master!
Chapter 292: Taking the Pills!
Chapter 291: Domineering 1v3!
Chapter 290: Who F*cking Dares to Leave?!
Chapter 289: Who Gave You the Guts?
Chapter 288: The Tall Tree Attracts the Most Wind!
Chapter 287: Extrinsic Special Physique, Strong Soul!
Chapter 286: Meeting Qian Chonglou Again!
Chapter 285: Transient Student Rui Mengqi!
Chapter 284: Outright Revenge!
Chapter 283: Merchant Group, Illusion Demon!
Chapter 282: First Generation Core Members!
Chapter 281: Bai Xiaofei's Ambition!
Chapter 280: ‘Wall Digging’ Starts!
Chapter 279: Conclusion; Concentration Pill
Chapter 278: And the Winner is?
Chapter 277: Shangguan Fan Who Has Wealth Speaks Louder Than Others!
Chapter 276: Horrifying Bid Battle!
Chapter 275: Tackling the Big Bosses, Composed in All Situations!
Chapter 274: Harmless Bai Xiaofei!
Chapter 273: The Greatest Happiness in Life!
Chapter 272: Lu Lingyun’s request
Chapter 271: The Allure of Starnet!
Chapter 270: What He Fears is that the Beauties are all Charming Demons!
Chapter 269: Final Round!
Chapter 268: Chu Qingtian's Vision, External Funds!
Chapter 267: Confrontations Begin - Bai Xiaofei vs Chu Qingtian
Chapter 266: Vice Principal of Finance - Chu Qingtian!
Chapter 265: Didn't have the heart to extort
Chapter 264: The Pitiful ‘Waiting Statue’ Lu Lingyun!
Chapter 263: A Proposal that Shakes up Starnet!
Chapter 262: The Dominance of the Feature Locking Pill
Chapter 261: Sturdy Blossom Pavilion, Capable Bai Xiaofei
Chapter 260: Bai Xiaofei Just Can’t Stay Idle!
Chapter 259: Conclusion; Memorial
Chapter 258: The Dust Settles; Explaining the Setup!
Chapter 257: The Final Match! (2)
Chapter 256: The Final Match! (1)
Chapter 255: Taboo Something Very Stimulating!
Chapter 254: Bai Xiaofei's Persistence
Chapter 253: A Satisfactory Justification!
Chapter 252: Facts Speak Louder than Words!
Chapter 251: Schemes within Schemes
Chapter 250: The Final Step
Chapter 249: An Idiot Has Arrived
Chapter 248: Pressure From Di Jiang
Chapter 247: Demon of Illusions Members Do Not Need to Bow!
Chapter 246: The Conversation With Lei Min
Chapter 245: The Different Side of Yun Sheng
Chapter 244: The Scummy Father and Son Pair
Chapter 243: Seeking Blossom Pavilion’s Help
Chapter 242: Unveiling the Truth and HU Xian’Er’s Body
Chapter 241: Aftermath and Hu Xian'er's Story
Chapter 240: Recruiting Four Beasts: A Royal Contract
Chapter 239: The Special Huskie
Chapter 238: Permanence!
Chapter 237: Instant Kill and Helplessness
Chapter 236: The Monarch Arrives. Crisis?
Chapter 235: Energy Collision, Arrival of the Monarch!
Chapter 234: Who Dares to Touch My Boss!
Chapter 233: Destroying the Steel Rhinoceros, Dissolving the Draconic Man
Chapter 232: At the Moment of Crisis, the All-Powerful Mouth Saves the Day!
Chapter 231: Third Phase, Another Shockwave!
Chapter 230: Group Beast Battle: Source of Calamity
Chapter 229: Recruiting Assistance, Buying Time
Chapter 228: Attack of the Magical Beast, Stone Monster!
Chapter 227: Magic Core Resonance!
Chapter 226: Magic Core!
Chapter 225: Not Here, There Are Too Many Pairs of Eyes!
Chapter 224: Additional Conditions
Chapter 223: How Do You Fancy a Partnership?
Chapter 222: Nearly Cleared
Chapter 221: The Fall of Gods
Chapter 220: The Power of Curse! Illusionary Saber and Mind Sunder!
Chapter 219: Cheap Price
Chapter 218: Zhuang Ming’s Proposal
Chapter 217: Four Trillion, Here I Come!
Chapter 216: None Is Worthier Than Me!
Chapter 215: Let Me Teach You a Lesson
Chapter 214: Get Your Ass Out Here!
Chapter 213: The Unique Way Classes Are Held
Chapter 212: The Demon of Illusions That Is on the Verge of Disbandment
Chapter 211: Is This Even a Faculty?
Chapter 210: New Student Registration
Chapter 209: Promise of a Lifetime! (2)
Chapter 208: Promise of a Lifetime! (1)
Chapter 207: Out of Danger? No Such Thing
Chapter 206: The lifesaving Crystal’s Longing!
Chapter 205: Generous Rewards!
Chapter 204: The Slogan Resounding Throughout Starnet Academy!
Chapter 203: Kind of Ruthless
Chapter 202: Crushing Defeat of Hu Xian’er
Chapter 201: Getting on the Ring
Chapter 200: Don’t Congratulate Me
Chapter 199: During the Fierce Battle
Chapter 198: Get on the Ring!
Chapter 197: Claws of Torment and Sacred Brilliant Physique
Chapter 196: Hu Xian’er Enters the Ring!
Chapter 195: Luo Han and Duan Tianya
Chapter 194: Lin LI’s Close Combat Mode!
Chapter 193: Lin Li to the Ring!
Chapter 192: The First Exciting Match
Chapter 191: Yan Suzi’s Pitiful Class
Chapter 190: Fight! Fight!
Chapter 189: Eternal Friend and the Third Round’s Rules
Chapter 188: I’m Taking Fang Ye Under My Wing!
Chapter 187: Fang Guozheng!
Chapter 186: The Top Five Emerge and Fang Ye’s Hesitation
Chapter 185: Clean Victory!
Chapter 184: The Mad Gorilla That Grew Stronger the More Serious His Injuries Were
Chapter 183: Luo Han vs. Xiang Tao
Chapter 182: Ka Nong vs. Yan Suzi (2)
Chapter 181: Ka Nong vs. Yan Suzi (1)
Chapter 180: I Alone Am Enough!
Chapter 179: The Draw and the Old Friend’s Visit
Chapter 178: The Story Without an Ending
Chapter 177: Say Everything You Have in Mind, I’m Listening
Chapter 176: Trap?
Chapter 175: Advance!
Chapter 174: Question and Answer
Chapter 173: Everyone’s Interrogation
Chapter 172: Clearing Everyone Out, the End Has Arrived!
Chapter 171: Second Stage, Relying on Fate!
Chapter 170: Tai Shan’s Trump Card
Chapter 169: Counterattack!
Chapter 168: Regroup at the Wood Realm
Chapter 167: Lin Li’s Crisis!
Chapter 166: The Gathering of the Four Fishermen
Chapter 165: Gather
Chapter 164: Savage Class’s Situation
Chapter 163: The Surprising Start
Chapter 162: The Mysterious Formation: Illusionary Land of the Myriad Kingdoms
Chapter 161: Taking All of Them With Him!
Chapter 160: 32.5 billion
Chapter 159: The Silly Rui Mengqi
Chapter 158: Get the F*ck out of Here!
Chapter 157: Bet Options
Chapter 156: Babel Merchant House’s Bet
Chapter 155: Intercourse Under Broad Daylight
Chapter 154: A Certain Deed Could Only Be Done When Nobody Was Around
Chapter 153: Divine Beast Transformation
Chapter 152: Do You Have the Guts to Be a Man?
Chapter 151: Have You Paid Up?
Chapter 150: Things Are Getting out of Hand!
Chapter 149: Information About the New Student Kings!
Chapter 148: The Legendary “Making Things Difficult for Someone”
Chapter 147: I Will Make Your Wish Come True!
Chapter 146: During the Auction! (2)
Chapter 145: During the Auction! (1)
Chapter 144: The Last Stage of Business Negotiations!
Chapter 143: As Scheduled
Chapter 142: The Favor of a Beauty Is Hard to Accept
Chapter 141: Public Enemy
Chapter 140: The Unexpected Selection!
Chapter 139: The Banquet Begins, Welcoming the Hundred Blossoms!
Chapter 138: Blossom Banquet
Chapter 137: Verbally Battling the Various Heroes!
Chapter 136: The Big shots of the Wealth Rankings
Chapter 135: Meeting the Sponsors Again
Chapter 134: Start Raking in the Money!
Chapter 133: Shocking Words in Blossom Pavilion!
Chapter 132: Admiring Blossoms in Blossom Pavilion
Chapter 131: New Requirements!
Chapter 130: Keep Him Waiting!
Chapter 129: The Plan Couldn’t Keep up With the Change in Circumstances
Chapter 128: The Freakish Nature of Yun Jingshuang
Chapter 127: Qualified, Blossom Ranking Renewed!
Chapter 126: Quick and Continuous Battles!
Chapter 125: Coincidence, It’s Just a Coincidence
Chapter 124: How Have You Become Even More Powerful?
Chapter 123: Changes Abound and the Elimination Match Has Begun!
Chapter 122: Nirvana Pearl and Awakening!
Chapter 121: Sea of Consciousness!
Chapter 120: Bai Xiaofei’s Crisis
Chapter 119: It’s over?
Chapter 118: Tricking the Heart Devourer!
Chapter 117: The Mutated Heart Devourer
Chapter 116: As a Master Actor, What Am I Afraid Of?
Chapter 115: Ruindemon Flood Dragon and Lunapython
Chapter 114: The True Bitter Battle
Chapter 113: Strengthening Session and the Goldsilver Twin-headed Python
Chapter 112: The Early Qualifier
Chapter 111: Newcomer Kings Ranking
Chapter 110: The dangerous Xue Ying
Chapter 109: Goodbye, Vice Principal Luo
Chapter 108 What More Could A Man Ask For With A Girl Like This?
Chapter 107 I’ll Let You Know What You Did!
Chapter 106 Finally Meeting Hu Xian’er!
Chapter 105 Bai Xiaofei’s Second Puppet!
Chapter 104 The Struggle With The Black Cat!
Chapter 103 Sudden Enlightenment!
Chapter 102 Meeting Old Man Revelation Once Again!
Chapter 101 Old Friends.
Chapter 100 Lin Nishang’s Past
Chapter 99 The Second Puppets! (Part 3)
Chapter 98 The Second Puppets! (Part 2)
Chapter 97 The Second Puppets! (Part 1)
Chapter 96 Who Exactly Was It?
Chapter 95 Is There A Bug?!
Chapter 94 Test!
Chapter 93 Influence!
Chapter 92 Ethereal Pavilion!
Chapter 91 Rapid Progress!
Chapter 90 Yun Jingshuang Paying A Visit!
Chapter 89 I’ll Give You One More Chance!
Chapter 88 The Dust Settles, But You Stay Right Where You Are!
Chapter 87 F*ck Off Or Die!
Chapter 86 Confrontation!
Chapter 85 The Arrival Of Support!
Chapter 84 It’s Time To Reveal His True Skill!
Chapter 83 Qin Lingyan Coming Aboard!
Chapter 82 New Student Mutual Aid Community!
Chapter 81 Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 80 Waiting For Someone!
Chapter 79 Convincing Yun Jingshuang
Chapter 78 I’m F*cking Straight!
Chapter 77 Blossom Pavilion
Chapter 76 That’s Exactly What I’m Thinking!
Chapter 75 A Business Opportunity That Came Knocking At His Door!
Chapter 74 The Second Puppet!
Chapter 73 Don’t Leave After Class!
Chapter 72 Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievances!
Chapter 71 That Smile Was So Brilliant
Chapter 70 Collective Class
Chapter 69 The Final Trump Card, a Group of Demon Apes!
Chapter 68 Crushing The Master Rank?
Chapter 67 Lin Li Gone Berserk!
Chapter 66 You’re The One That Allowed Me To Choose!
Chapter 65 - Qin Lingyan Came As Agreed!
Chapter 64 - Since You Offended Me, I'll Destroy Your Everything!
Chapter 63 Do You Know How The Word Death Is Written?
Chapter 62 Lin Li’s Origins!
Chapter 61 Fierce Battle Against The Earth Dire Bears!
Chapter 60 One Month, Earth Dire Bear
Chapter 59 Conquer, Not Conquered!
Chapter 58 Group Battle!
Chapter 57 Beauty Under The Moonlit Night Sky
Chapter 56 What Is Family?
Chapter 55 Recognizing Their Leader!
Chapter 54 Target, Roar Boars!
Chapter 53 The Ability Of The Boys!
Chapter 52 Medicinal Bath and A Traitor
Chapter 51 Mo Ka’s Perseverance!
Chapter 50 Advancing into the Infinite Mountain Range
Chapter 49 New Plan!
Chapter 48 Xue Ying’s Preparations!
Chapter 47 Throwing Down The Gauntlet!
Chapter 46 Escaping Disaster With Money!
Chapter 45 Finally Becoming The Class Monitor!
Chapter 44 Devourer Worm!
Chapter 43 Who Did You Call A Dog?
Chapter 42 Balance Or Extreme?
Chapter 41 The ‘Eras’ Of Puppet Masters
Chapter 40 Principal Lei Shan!
Chapter 39 Attention From The Academy!
Chapter 38 All Of You Are Too Weak!
Chapter 37 - Let Me See Who Dares Lay A Hand On Him!
Chapter 36 A Question That Kills
Chapter 35 Exposed!
Chapter 34 The Eight Rankings of Starnet Academy (Part 2)
Chapter 33 The Eight Rankings of Starnet Academy (Part 1)
Chapter 32 Fat Dog and Bamboo
Chapter 31 Lin Li’s Cheat
Chapter 30 The Second Class!
Chapter 29 Teamwork!
Chapter 28 Training Subject Number One!
Chapter 27 The Unique Xue Ying!
Chapter 26 The Pitiable Zhang Qingshan
Chapter 25 We Can Be Considered Enemies
Chapter 24 I’ll Castrate You If You Forget!
Chapter 23 ‘A Natural Treasure of the Heavens and the Earth’
Chapter 22 It Might Not Be The Case For You!
Chapter 21 A Lawless Place!
Chapter 20 Dormitory Bullying!
Chapter 19 Starnet Stone
Chapter 18 I’ll Eat Until It Hurts!
Chapter 17 Clinging To The Rich!
Chapter 16 I Want To Be Roommates With You.
Chapter 15 Self Introductions!
Chapter 14 Savage Class Assembled! (Part 2)
Chapter 13 Savage Class Assembled! (Part 1)
Chapter 12 Illusion Stream Puppet Master
Chapter 11 Head Teacher
Chapter 10 Putting On A Show!!!
Chapter 9 You’re So Soft.
Chapter 8 Passing Two Tests Successively
Chapter 7 The Test Begins!
Chapter 6 Entrance Test!
Chapter 5 Starnet Academy
Chapter 4 Overbearing Young Woman!
Chapter 3 Master’s Gift Package!
Chapter 2 Taking A Master? Getting Screwed!
Chapter 1 You Seem To Be Talented