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Volume N/A - CH 33

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Chapter 33: The Witch and the Wizard

Igni: “Alicia, don’t leave my side.”

Alicia: “What?”

As the Teleport Spell opened a path, at the same time, Igni took hold of Alicia and rose into the sky. As they rose up to the sky, Alicia looked at her surroundings and gasped.

There was only sand all around them. A desert as far as the eye can see.

Celia: “Where…..are we?”

A moment later, Celia realizes her situation.

Igni: “This is the Gargante Desert. It is a desert right next to the [Demon King’s Realm]. There is no one here for dozens of miles around. Whether you use Epic-Scale Spells or Disaster-Scale spells, or even , you won’t hurt anyone here.”

Celia: “’re speaking to me from quite a ways above.”

Igni held Alicia close as he looked down upon Celia.

Igni: “I’m…..not that smart, but I thought a lot about this. How I can save Alicia without leaving any messes or unfinished businesses with you…”

Celia: “And your solution?”

Igni: “I….I just need to defeat you. That’s all.”

Celia: “Hm?”

Igni: “I’m going to defeat the [Extreme] of [Life]. But you’re 【THE STRONGEST】 Wizard. Even if you here, you would never be able to admit that to the people of the Empire….isn’t that right?”

Celia: “Hmph.”

Igni: “Then I’ll just have to defeat you. I’ll use that as leverage to have you leave. If you , you will have to leave. You can’t have the [STRONGEST] [Extreme] lose to a student. And it’s not just you and I here. The 3rd Imperial Princess, Alicia, is also here. She will stand as our witness. And now, the stage is set.”

No matter how much Igni tells everyone that he defeated Celia, no one would likely believe him.

But if Alicia was to say that Igni defeated Celia, that would be a different story altogether.

She is an Imperial Princess after all.

Celia: “Amusing. But Igni, you have made one fatal miscalculation.”

Igni: “Miscalculation?”

Celia: “I will not lose. That is a fact.”

Igni: “No, you will. You will lose to me.”

As soon as Igni finished saying that, an unbelievable amount of magic power flows out of him.


A {FIREBALL} that completely covered the skies is born.

The world became as bright as the noonday, and heat and light lick the surface of the earth.

Igni: “I…. can’t use Disaster-Scale Spells. I have no talent for it.”

Celia: “.........................”

Igni: “But I can use a Disaster-Scale-Class Spell.”

With that Igni smiles.

Igni: “{METEOR - FIRE}”

A star fell from the heavens.

Celia: “It’s huge.”

Celia gazed at the {FIREBALL} and smiled.

Celia: “I told you, Igni. I. will. not. lose.”

Celia draws her sword.


BAN!! (*sfx heavy impact)

In a flash, Celia’s muscles bulge and grow.

Celia: “FU!!”

With on breath, she swings her sword.

The next moment, Igni’s {FIREBALL} as large as the sky is cut i

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