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Volume N/A - CH 35.5

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Chapter 35.5: Book 1 Character Introductions


【 Igni 】

Name: Igni Talcoyz / Igni

Wizard’s Title: None

Ability: [FIRE] : [F] ; “Ultimate Spell Specialization • Spell One” ; 【The Miracle of Creation】; 【The Miracle of Dimensions】


A teenager coming of age whose most basic and core character is driven by the desire to be popular with the ladies on a primal instinct level. He was not blessed with any Magic Compatibility, but he was blessed with a good grandfather. His original Magic Power Reserves and his talents were abysmal to non-existent, but even from that situation, through his grandfather’s training and his desire to want to be [POPULAR], those two things pushed him towards being【THE STRONGEST】. He is satisfied with his current strength and ability, but on the contrary has NO satisfaction with his current popularity level. He lost his mother very early in life, and doesn’t even remember her face or voice. Additionally, he’s an idiot.


【 Lucas 】

Name: Lucas Talcoyz / Lucas

Wizard’s Title: “Ultimate Light”

Ability: [LIGHT] : [SSS]


The very culprit to blame for the way Igni is today. He is the oldest [Extreme], but he has equally diminished his reputation by fooling around with too many women and was excommunicated from the Talcoyz Family and noble society. If the question, “Who is the world’s strongest” comes up, he will always be either the 1st or 2nd contender. He has a habit of wandering and will never be in one place for long. He perpetually continues to travel around the world. He is one of [The Kingdom of Anthem]’s [Extreme] Wizards.


【 Aurelio 】

Name: Aurelio Talcoyz

Wizard’s Title:



Igni’s father. His life’s mission is to revive his noble family’s lost reputation. Lucas taught him that “there will be nothing good coming from regaining your noble reputation,” but not believing those words, he is currently wandering blindly through life.


【 Fray 】

Name: Fray Talcoyz

Wizard’s Title: “The Light of Dawn”

Ability: [Extreme Light] : [SS] ; [THE LIGHT OF DAWN] {SUNRISE • ZERO}


Igni’s younger half-brother. So he doesn’t look like Igni at all. He is blessed with a Higher-Tier Magic Compatibility and also has many times more the Magic Reserves compared to the average person. He legitimately believes himself that this gift was given to him by God and holds something similar to a “chosen or higher race” like ideal and has a bias against any who cannot use spells. His dream is to have his father approve of him as part of the Talcoyz family. He has not considered at all what he would do after that point, but his brother has equally not thought of what he would do after he is popular, so seeing how they are both mistaking the means to an end shows how they are truly brothers. The meaning to his Wizard Title “Shokou” (曙光) (Dawn’s Light)

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