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Volume N/A - CH 39

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Chapter 39: Tsundere and the Wizard

Lura: “Let’s make camp around here. We’ll need to let the horses rest.”

As evening approaches, Lura stopped the carriage.

Iris: “Are we not going into town, Miss Lura?”

Lura: “I understand what you’re saying, Iris. You’re wondering why we’re not stopping at an Inn, right?”

Iris: “Yes.” Lura: “Yeah, it’s definitely safer if you spend your nights at an inn rather than outside. You’ll be able to recover from your fatigue better too. But we have our reasons why we’re not doing that. Can you guess why, Edward?”

Edward: “Because we’re transporting a weapon.”

Lura: “Yes! That’s right! So that’s why an Inn wouldn’t necessarily be safer. What if someone steals the carriage? What if someone finds out what’s inside? With that in mind, that’s why it’ll be better if we can always be next to the carriage to ensure its safety.”

Iris: “I see….!”

With Lura’s clear explanation, Iris nods her head up and down.

Igni: “Then let’s go ahead and determine the guard rotation for tonight.”

Lilly: “I prefer to be with Captain Lura!!”

And immediately, Lilly, who hasn’t spoken a word up until now, raises her hand.

Igni: (………, she must REALLY not like humans.)

Lura: “No Lilly. Like I said before, we have to start getting along better for the sake of our mission. Oh! Then let’s pair you and Igni together!”

Lilly: “Waiー?! Captain Lura?!?!”

Lura: “Is that alright, Igni?”

Igni: “Yes, that’s fine with me.”

Igni smiles.

This man...he’ll smile as long as it’s a girl. He’s being Igni as usual.

Lura: “Then Edward and I will handle the first shift, and Iris, you can have a break from guard duty tonight. Alright, it’s settled!”

Lilly: “Noooooooooo!! I don’t want to!! Why do I have to be with a human?!?!”

Lura: “Igni is a [Ultimate Specialized Spellcaster • Spell One] though.”

Igni: “Yeah, I’m a [Ultimate Specialized Spellcaster • Spell One].”

Igni parrots Lura’s words and a wide smile spreads across his face.

Lilly: “So what if you’re a [Ultimate Specialized Spellcaster • Spell One]?!?! You’re just a good-for-nothing who can only use a single Spell!!”

Igni: “Oof…”

Igni took one straight to the heart and fell.

Lura: “Lilly, it also doesn’t really matter then if you can use a lot of different kinds of Spells then, right?”

Lilly: “.............but Captain………..”

Lura: “This is a direct command from your Captain. Alright! Let’s collect firewood! It’s almost nightfall! Pick up the ones that are dried out on the ground, okay? I won’t forgive you if you break branches off trees!!”

And with an unusually strict glare from Captain Lura, Igni and his group began collecting firewood.

The firewood crackles inside the campfire.

Edward: “Igni, it’s time for the shift-change.”

Igni: “Hm…..? Oh, it’s you, Edward.”

Edward wakes Igni from his sleep, and Igni sits up.

Igni: “Did anything happen, Edward?” Edward: “2 Goblins

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