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Volume N/A - CH 37

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Extreme Flame Wizard c37

Elenoir: “Hey, Igni~”

Igni: “Yes, Ms. Elenoir?’

This was during the lunch break. Igni was with his usual friends eating lunch together when Elina and Erumi barged in on the group, and Alicia and Iris were making a big fuss. That’s when Ms. Elenoir called him over, and they were speaking in a meeting room.

Elenoir: “It’s about this~”

With that Ms. Elenoir pulls out one piece of paper.

Igni: “What’s this?”

There was a piece of paper with his name, age, and other information written down.

Elenoir: “We got an Official Quest Request for you~”

Igni: “A Quest? You mean, the same thing the 3rd Years are doing?”

Elenoir: “Yu~p. But because you won the [Tournament], someone directly requested for you~”

Igni: “They requested for me? So…..they requested me directly by name?”

Elenoir: “You’re exactly right~ Gold star for you~”

Igni: “How long will this take?” Elenoir: “It will start about one week from now, and might take…...about a week?”

Igni: “1 full week. That’s a long time. What would I do about my classes?” Elenoir: “You’ll have official leave~ And depending on the contents of the Quest, you’ll receive additional credit for courses~”

Igni: “What kind of Quest is this?”

Elenoir: “It’s a request to transport a [Weapon]~ You’re being asked to protect an Elves’[Weapon] through the Kingdom all the way to the Principality.”

Igni: “Principality…..oh, you mean the Lilitalia Principality. It’s right below the Holy Nation of Santaruman.”

Elenoir: “That’s right~”

Igni thinks about this.

He doesn’t have any problems with taking on this Quest.

But will this Quest help him become more popular? That was his only concern.

Elenoir: “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to accept~ You see, the Elves dislike humans so~ Stuff like this rarely happens~”

Igni: “They dislike humans……..”

It’s true that Igni has heard several rumors that Elves in general disliked humans.

Igni: “But what about Ms. Mira then?”

Elenoir: “She’s special~”

Igni couldn’t argue with that.

Elenoir: “To be honest~ All the teachers are pretty surprised~ No one thought the Elves would request a Quest from us and on top of that, they requested a student~”

Igni: “.......hmmmm”

Igni thought some more.

Igni: “Would that mean that I would be the first ever to receive a Quest from the Elves?”

Elenoir: “Yup~”

Igni: “I’ll do it.”

The allure of being the first caught Igni’s attention.

Elenoir: “Really? Thank you~”

And with that Ms. Elenoir hugged Igni.

Elenoir: “You’re such a good kid~”

Igni: “MーMs. Elenoir?!”

Since Igni won the Tournament, Igni felt the distance between him and Ms. Elenoir was much closer than before.

Elenoir: “Okay then~ I’ll let them know that you accepted the Quest~ They also wanted two others to go with you, so I’ll take care of that part~”

Igni: “It’s okay if I don’t choose?”

Elenoir: “Well~ So you hav

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