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Volume N/A - CH 47

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Chapter 47: The War for the Saint Ignites

Rose: “WhーWhat are you saying, Igni?! I could never fire my spell at you!!”

Kurara: “......yes…..and…..aren’t you…..supposed to be… bodyguard….?”

Igni: “I don’t care! Just shoot those spells at me!”

Kurara, Rose, and Floria didn’t know how to interpret Igni’s action and terminated their spell initiation.

Floria: “Lady Rose, is Sir Igni ‘that’ kind of person?”

Rose: “What do you mean ‘that’ kind?! Igni’s just trying to stop us from fighting and placed himself in the middle! Your interpretation is very insulting! Apologize to him now!!”

Floria: “.......I’m sorry.”

It’s just the four of them in the main street, but it’s still lively as ever.

Kurara: “......we'll….yes...that’s one way… resolve this…...but…..isn’t that too dangerous?”

Igni: “I can’t bear to see girls get hurt instead.”

Popularity Etiquette No. 4ーー”A man should always be a gentleman.”

Rose: “Awwww!! He’s so cool!!! That’s my Igni!!”

The comment struck the heart of one girl in particular.

And of course, that would be Rose.

Rose: “......but we can’t do that, Igni.”

And she immediately cooled down and changed her composure.

Rose: “You can’t be with anyone else.”

Magic surges and swirls around Rose.

Rose: “But I guess that’s only natural that other women catch your eyes. So I’ll help you forget them. [Saintly Restraints] {Holy Bind}.”

Igni: “...?!”

Igni immediately evades Rose’s spell.

Rose: “Why did you avoid that, Igni?!”

Igni: “Rather than be caught by girls, I’d rather do the catching.”

Igni couldn’t help but show a wide grin when making the remark.

Rose: “HーHe’s so amazing……”

Rose’s eyes transform into hearts ♡ as she admires Igni with glee.

But Kurara and Floria are observing with cool, calculating eyes.

Kurara: “Miss [Saint].....what will you do….? Will you come to….Alelimenia? Or…...will you not…?”

Hyu! (sfx sound of something cutting through the wind)

And Kurara’s sword was now pointed at Igni.

Floria: “That’s below the line, Kurara! You can’t take the students as hostages!!”

Floria yells her protest.

Igni: (I’m a hostage?)

Igni: (What’s going on…..??)

Igni, who is not quite following the situation tilts his head to the side.

Igni: “Hey, Kurara, what’s happening here?”

Kurara: “.....oh, that’s right…..we haven’t discussed…..any of this…..yet…,”

Even with a sword pointed at him, Igni is carrying on a conversation with Kurara as if nothing’s happened.

In fact, he is not bothered one bit by the sword.

His gut instinct is telling him that Kurara would never kill him.

And he is right.

Kurara herself realizes that the [Saint] would never come to Alelimenia if she kills Igni. So this is just her bluff.

Kurara: “Igni…...what is…..the [Saint]’s magic trait…..?”

Igni: “She’s a [Holy] type and…….?”

Kurara: “Yes…...that is….the only type…..that can cleanse…...and

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