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Volume N/A - CH 26

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Chapter 26: The Little Brother and the Wizard Part 2

“IGNI?! Is that really Igni…..?!”

I’m the audience, the head of the Talcoyz family, Aurelio Talcoyz sat in the audience with his eyes wide open.

Aurelio: “Impossible….!! How did he……!!!”

Confusion overtakes him as he grabs one of the servant to demand answers.

“I—I don’t know, sir!!”

Aurelio: “Don’t play me as a fool!! Wasn’t that boy’s talent a [FIRE] : [F]?!?!”

The nobles are seated separately from the commoners. They are given a private room for viewing the tournament.

It was set up this way to prevent nobles from clashing with each other, but mostly, it’s to help prevent any crimes from occurring to ensure their utmost safety. The security is tight to not allow any unauthorized visitors.

“Not ‘talent.’ It’s ‘compatibility,’ you fool.”

That’s why the room fell silent.

One man somehow entered the room unnoticed.

He was wearing a hooded robe, and hid his face underneath his hood.

Even if he has aged, his eyes still searched for his pray and pierced everyone in the room.

Aurelio: “..........YOU!!”

“‘Compatibility’ simply defines how much trouble you’ll have learning certain spells. It has nothing to do with ‘talent.’ But, I guess you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Aurelio: “What are you doing here, Lucas?!”

Lucas: “Call me father, Aurelio.”

The “Extreme Light” was in the room.

Aurelio: “HA!! Are you joking?! How could I possibly call you my father!!”

Aurelio screams at Lucas.

Lucas: “I just came to watch my grandson fight.”

Aurelio: “ say? Wait, the reason why Igni’s here is because…!!”

Lucas: “I trained him.”

Lucas said this as if it was nothing.

Aurelio: “......ha…..HA HA HA HA!!! Have you gone senile, old man?! No matter how much you train a bottom dwelling [F] talent, you will only be left with an [F] trash! Fray will win this fight!”

Lucas: “....your short-sighted, simple-minded thinking hasn’t changed at all…”

Aurelio: “.....what?”

Lucas: “Igni will win this fight.”

And Lucas gave his son a wild smile.

Lucas: “Their is different from its very foundation.”



Igni twists his body and dodges Fray’s spell!

It’s obvious that Fray’s time lag decreased.

Igni: “He’s closer to my [FLAME ARMOR - IGNITE] speed….”

Igni mumbles as he talks to himself.

[Glorious Light - FLARE BURST].

By 90% of the magic power inside your body beforehand, it’s a technique that increases your magic power and spell casting speed.

But doing so also means…

Igni: “It’s like carrying around a bomb that can detonate at any moment, right Fray?!”

Fray: “SHUT UP!! BE QUIET!!”


With one spell incantation, Igni creates one [FIREBALL] with countless [FIREBALL]s stuffed inside.

Igni: [LAUNCH - FIRE]!!”


The countless [FIRE

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