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Volume N/A - CH 31

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Chapter 31: Resolve and the Wizard

Igni: “[Flame Armor - Ignite]!”

The dormitory is surrounded by residential houses!

You can’t use large-scale spells here!!

Igni: “[LAUNCH - FIRE]!!”

So as a result, Igni had to hold back his spell power.

If he uses anything near what he used against a [Hell Spider] or [Skull Dragon], this entire area would turn into cinders and ashes.

Igni couldn’t do that.

Celia: “You look like you’re having some difficulty, Igni.” Igni: “Nope, not at all.”

But there’s no point complaining about that right now.

No matter when, no matter where, you have to dish out results on a regular basis.

If he can’t do so, there is no way that he’ll ever become the [STRONGEST].

Celia: “Your spells are getting more and more refined. I’m impressed that you can continue fighting in this pitch blackness.”

Igni: “I’ve been trained a lot!”

This was not just from Lucas.

He learned this technique while training with Erumi.

By thinking of how the other feels when receiving the spell, Igni was able to further refine his own spells.

Celia: “FU!!” (*sfx quick breath)

Celia the ground beneath her, as she positions herself to lunge forward.

(*sfx strong impact)

In a flash, the ground beneath Igni . Just by digging her feet into the earth, she moved the entire earth beneath them!


With the ground beneath him pushed up, Igni created a few thousand [FIREBALL]’s!!


He detonates the countless [FIREBALL]’s beneath him to explode in a specific direction!

He forces his body to move mid-air while dodging Celia’s sword cutting through the air!!

Celia: “You’ve refined a basic [FIREBALL] to this degree. It's astounding.”

Igni: “I have more than just this!”

Igni manipulates the [FIREBALL] beneath him, and transports himself beneath Celia who jumped into the air.

There is nothing in the sky.

Then Igni can use an here!

Igni: “[Flame Armor - Ignite : Ultimate Mini-size MINIMA]!!”

Is there anyone who could this [FIREBALL]?

A [FIREBALL] shrunken down to its molecular size.

And right now, it numbers in the trillions.

Igni forces it to rub against the other molecules around it, and the negative magnetization seeks for its positive counterpart.

This is the law of nature.



(*sfx explosion)

A lightning Celia.

This was a spell that Igni coincidently learned while being inside the [Demon King’s Realm]. Being trapped in the thunderstorm and rain where Igni would always be at a disadvantage, this was a spell and technique to help flip the tables.

Without taking any defensive measures, even an [EXTREME] would not come out of this in one piece.

Celia’s body greatly bounces up once………...and lands with her sword stuck in the ground.

Celia: “...........I see. You're not limited to jus

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