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Volume N/A - CH 23

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Chapter 23: The First Match and the Wizard

Elenoir: “igni~~~ it’s time~~~”

Ms. Elenoir takes Igni’s hand as they stand up.

Igni: (It’s so soft….!!)

An overwhelming sense of joy overcomes him as his face crumples into a smile.

Elenoir: “Alrighty~~~ I’m taking Igni to the participants’ waiting area, so everyone please wait for me here~~~”

Alicia: “Igni, do your best, got it?!”

Iris: “Sir Igni! I’ll be rooting for you right here!”

Alicia and Iris give Igni their encouragement.

Yoori: “Igni! I’ll be right here rooting for you too!”

Edward: “Igni, you represent all of Class D so don’t you dare lose!”

Igni: “I know.”

And he welcomes the encouragement from his male classmates.

Elenoir: “Alright, then let’s go.”

Allowing Ms. Elenoir to guide him, Igni proceeds forward.

Elenoir: “I’ll be honest. When I first saw your Compatibility Report, I was quite shocked~~~”

Igni: “It is a [FIRE] : [F]”

Now, Igni was able to admit it without any reservation, worry, or concern.

Elenoir: “But more than that, I thought, ‘Wow, he must have worked really hard~~~’. I was the same way.”

Igni: “[LIFE] : [B]..... The first Wizard below A-Rank to have ever won the ‘Tournament.’”

Elenoir: “Oh~~~ Igni, were you curious about my background? I’m so happy~~~”

Battle Strength Analysis - the ability to decipher each other’s difference in strengths was a skill necessary to survive.

The higher level the Wizard was, the more they performed this as naturally as they breathe.

Igni: “After that incident with Ellis, I wanted to….know more about you.”

Elenoir: “Oh my, that’s so embarrassing~~~”

Igni: “Elenoir ‘The Puppeteer.’ You are the record holder for the shortest Finals fight ever, am I correct?”

Elenoir: “Hehe. Yes, you’re right~~~ but that’s because no one took me seriously~~~”

Igni: “.....then I’ll have to beat that record.”

Secret to Popularity No. 3 --- “Women love men who stand out.”

If Igni doesn’t stand out in this Tournament, then when will he ever be able to…..!!

Elenoir: “I’m looking forward to it~~~”

They arrive at the waiting room. Since the beginning of the Tournament, every participant has their own private room to prevent any fights from breaking out.

Igni enters the room that was made just for him, and sits down.

Elenoir: “For me~~~ I only have compatibility with [LIFE] magic but~~~ I only have one spell that I can use for combat~~~”

Igni: “You mean those spores?”

Elenoir: “Yup~~~ Igni, aren’t you the same?”

Igni: “Yes, mine is [FIREBALL].” The most basic of all basic spells.

It is so basic that a Wizard without any compatibility to [FIRE] can cast this spell.

Elenoir: “So that‘s why~~~ I think you and I are very similar~~~”

Igni: “You’re right. We are similar...”

Responding to Ms. Elenoir without much thought, Igni realized something.

Igni: (.........Secret to Popularity No. 11!!)

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