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Volume N/A - CH 28

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Chapter 28: The Celebration and the Wizard!

“ “ “ CHEERS! “ “ “

Igni and his friends all lift their glass mugs and clink it in the air.

Alicia: “When Edward said he knows a good place, I thought it would be a pretty fancy restaurant, but it’s just a normal bar, huh?”

Edwards: “In times like these, it’s better to be in a place where you can make a ruckus and not get in trouble, right?!”

Igni: “Good thinking, Edward. That’s really considerate.”

Igni gave a rare compliment to Edward.

Edward: “Hmph! Whatever, Igni!”

“That’s right! Sir Edward looked all over town to find a place where you can be noisy and have fun!”

“This was the only store that accepted his request!”

Igni: “Thanks again, Edward.” Edward: “HMPH!”

Edward looks away.

That’s just like him.

Iris: “Sir Igni! That last spell you used was so amazing!!”

Igni: “Thanks.”

Iris: “How did you cast a spell like that?”

Igni: “How? You make a really small [FIREBALL] and then you accelerate it to the speed of light. That’s it.”

Iris: “...............???????????”

Iris is trying to understand and tilts her head to the side.

Igni: “Well, it’s not like you’ll need to use a spell like that. You can already use more powerful spells than me.”

Igni can only use the spell [FIREBALL].

So he had to train with that spell alone.

But Iris would not need a spell like that.

With a [EARTH] : [S] compatibility, she should be able to easily exceed Igni without as much training.

Iris: “What?! No! Sir Igni, you’re the No. 1 Wizard!!”

Igni: “........No. 1, huh….” Just hearing that word reminds Igni of one person.

Yoori: “But it’s really true that you can only use [FIREBALL]...”

Igni: “My compatibility is [F], so yeah.”

Yoori is astonished and in disbelief.

Alicia: “Oh, that reminds me. What were you and Fray talking about?” Igni: “Um…..nothing important, really. I already forgot”

The memory was almost completely forgotten and erased without a trace from Igni’s brain.

Igni wasn’t trying to avoid the question. He genuinely forgot.

Elenoir: “I’ve never seen Fray with such a desperate expression on his face~~~”

Igni: “Is that so?”

Every time Igni see’s Fray, Fray’s expression twists up into knots, so to Igni, that was Fray’s regular face.

Igni: (Hm? Does that mean that he dislikes me?)

And Igni arrives at the truth but....

Igni: (Meh, who cares if a dude doesn’t like me.)

He quickly moves on.

Alicia: “So Igni, how did you become so strong?” Alicia was waiting for the food to arrive, and looked at Igni’s face while asking him.

Igni sipped his fruit liquor as he thought about his answer.

Igni: “.....maybe determination?”

He cooly and mysteriously left it at that.

“ “ “ OOOOHHHHH……. “ “ “

And the people around him are taken back by his reply.

Igni: (YES! That was so cool to say that!)

His overjoyed smile spills over into his face.

And it’s no

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