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Volume N/A - CH 24

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Chapter 24: The Upperclassman and the Wizard

Igni won the 2nd and 3rd round without any problems, and now came the semi-finals.

“Okay everyone~! The moment you’ve been waiting for~!! Block A Semi-Finals will be fought between these 2 contestants!”

Igni walks out through the gate.

“Using only the most basic spell [FIREBALL], he has climbed all the way up till now, contestant IGNI~!!!”

And from the otherwise, a familiar face appears.

“And going against him will be another contestant who has climbed up the ranks with no problems! Contestant Frenda~!!! No one could keep up with her tricky spells, and she has won every match unscathed!!!!”

It’s Miss Frenda from Rolmod Wizard Academy.

Igni: “Miss Frenda, congratulations on winning your matches.”

Frenda: “Of course’z. I’m not going to lose to you’z, Igni!!”

Igni: “I have no intention of losing either.”

I can’t be popular if I lose.

I can be popular if I win.

Was it always this simple?

No, and it probably won’t stay so simple in the future.

“The two attend the same renown, elite Wizard education institution!! Currently both students at the Rolmod Wizard Academy!! And it is no coincidence that in Block B, the “Dawn of Light” Fray and the “Warped” Erumi are also from Rolmod!! All these contestants from Rolmod are tearing up this Tournament!! The ‘Golden Age Generation’ holds up to its name~~!!!”

The super cute announcer girl lets Igni know the situation of Block B.

Igni: (......I see. So Fray is moving up the Tournament ladder as well.)

Frenda: “No hard feelings no matter who win’z! Here I come, Igni!!”

Igni: “Yes, I’ll also give it my all, Miss Frenda.”

Igni and Frenda both get into their battle stance.


The referee signals the beginning of the match!!

Frenda: “Igni! I haven’t told you my compatibility yet, have’z I?!”

Igni and Frenda both begin concentrating their magic into their palms.

Frenda: “My compatibility is [WATER] : [A]! You’re absolute worst enemy’z!”

Igni: “[WATER]....?!”

Frenda: “Here I come’z! [WATER BLAST]!!”

Frenda fires a mid-tier spell to see how Igni would react.

A spout of water gushes from Frenda and hurdles towards Igni!

Igni: “Too bad you can’t hit me, Miss Frenda!!”

But Igni easily dodges the attack.

Frenda: “I thought you would dodge it’z, Igni!!”

But Frenda smiled as Igni evaded her spell.

Frenda: “Got you!! [WATER is AQUA • Wrap Around COIL]!!”

The next moment, the water began circling around, and like a drill stabs Igni in the chest!!

Frenda: “I just have to push you out now! It’s over!!”

As soon as Frenda finishes her sentence…

BASHUUUUUUUU!! (*sfx water hissing from high temperature)

A high amount of steam and heat explodes.

Frenda: “Wh--what just happened’z?!”

Igni: “Miss Frenda, you didn’t have enough ’z!!!”

Igni picks up Frenda’s habit of speech as he yells.

And that’s when Frenda ca

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