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Volume N/A - CH 34

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Chapter 34: The Magician

Celia: “? Did you just say ?”

Celia begins laughing at Igni’s last comment.

Celia: “HA HA HA HA HA!! Are you telling me that a kid like you was able to master a spell?!?!”

Igni: “Yeah, I mastered my spell.”

Igni grits his teeth as his own {FIREBALL} continues to singe his thighs.

Celia: “Then show me! Show me your so called !!”

Celia steps forward and charges in. At the same time, Igni blasts [FLAME ARMOR TRANSPORT] : [AXLE BOOT] behind him.

Igni: “Alicia, I have a favor to ask.”

Alicia: “Whーwhat is it?!”

Igni: “When I use my , I can no longer use {FIREBALL}. …..can you be my legs?”

Alicia: “Got it.”

Alicia nods without hesitation.

Alicia: “{Come, My Wind - VENTOS}!!”

Wind envelops Igni and Alicia gently, and as if to guide them to the skies, their bodies lift up.

Celia: “Do you think I’ll let you escape?!”


Igni’s {FIREBALLS}’s circle around behind him and then….


He forces the {FIREBALLS} to accelerate to the speed of light!!

Igni: “{LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

Celia: “.......................!!”

KYUUUDOOOOHHH…………!!!! (*sfx fast impact)

Without giving her any time to react, the {FIREBALL} collides with Celia! It completely wipes out her left side and continues past her!

But Celia’s body is enveloped immediately in light.

But she’s vulnerable for this one critical moment.

This is what some people would call an opportunity.


With Igni’s incantation, his enormous magic power begins to quickly collect and consolidate in front of him.

Celia: “........oh?”

Celia was swatted back down to the ground, and as she looked up…….she held her breath at the sight.

Celia: “Light is… the ENTIRE WORLD is twisting around you, Igni! How much magic power do you have?!”

Igni: “.................this is everything I got….”

Igni exerted every last bit of magic power from his body. He feels terribly dizzy from the magic exhaustion, but even so, his hand pointed at Celia did not waver.

A that he can perform only because he is so close the [Demon King’s Realm].

Igni: “ you know how this universe began?”

Celia: “It’s beginning? Of course. God created it.”

Igni: “Yeah, exactly…’re absolutely right……………..”

In Igni’s hand, a light was born.

Igni: “What God made in the very beginning…………..was a tiny…..very tiny {FIREBALL}.”

The very beginning of the universe, of space and time, was a tiny {FIREBALL}. In a single moment, it expanded rapidly, cooled, and in the void of chaos, the laws of the universe were born and the world was created.

Then if Igni can only use {FIREBALL}, this is the most appropriate pinnacle of his spell for him to arrive.

His : 【The Miracle of Beginnings - THE BIG BANG】.

In short, the creat

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