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Volume N/A - CH 42

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Chapter 42: Youth, Passion, and the Wizard!

“Your grace, we will be arriving at the Capital of the Principality shortly.”

Rose: “We are going too slow. Can we not make this go any faster?”

“My apologies, your grace.”

Rose: “That’s fine. I’ve waited for 2 years already so a few more days is nothing.”

The female Wizard who sat next to Rose lowers her head.

The two are currently inside a carriage.

After they got news of Igni’s whereabouts, Rose and her group left the Holy Nation as soon as possible, but she is still a “Saint.” She is not in a position to be able to move around freely or do as she pleases, so with a lot of painstaking politics and maneuvering, she finally got the preparations to leave after some time had passed.

“We will be arriving in the Capital of the Principality ‘Lyheria’ in about 3 days’ time. Afterwards, we will immediately set out for the Kingdom’s Capital.”

Rose: “I know already. This is the 5th time you told me, Floria.”

Floria: “I only mention it due to its importance, your grace.”


For those who know her will tremble at the mention of her name.

“The Ocean” Floria is one of humanity’s [Strongest].

Her compatibility is [Water] : [SS].

She has mastered the control of all fluid spells.

She is the pride of the Holy Nation, the guardian of the “Saint.”

Her God-given talent was proven true by mastering her spell at such a young age.

In other words, she is the [Water]’s [Extreme].

Rose: “Ohhhhh...I can’t wait. I’m sure he’s waiting for me to arrive. Don’t you think so too, Floria?”

Rose admires 15 of her drawings of Igni’s portraits laid out side by side.

Floria: “...........yes, of course.”

Even the [Strongest] of humanity had to just let that question pass.


Lura: “Oh! You can see it now!”

Lura points further down the road.

Lura: “It’s the city walls.”

As they approached, they could see the walls encircled the Principality Capital of “Lyheria.”

Lura: “Okay! Just a little bit farther!”

Iris: “So we just need to get there, right?!”

Iris responds energetically to Lura’s comments.

Igni was about to reply as well when…

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!”

He began his spell incantation.

Igni: “Iris! Place a defensive wall on the opposite side!!”

Iris: “Yーyes! [Stone Wall] {Tetsura • Wall}!!”

Igni: “[Anti-Air] {Fire}!!”

(*sfx impact)

With the sounds of spells colliding, the men who had their presence hidden up to that point came crawling out of their hiding places.

There were 20 in total.

Lura: “More bandits?”

Lura mumbles nonchalantly.

“Don’t be comparing us to trash like that!”

One of the men raises his voice.

“That’s right! We’re doing this out of our good will!!”

“Ha ha ha!!”

The equipment the men have on are of solid quality.

Unlike bandits, they have proper, full-plated armor.

Edward: “Knight Robbers….?!”

Edward lets out

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