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Volume N/A - CH 36

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[BOOK 2]

Chapter 36: The Seeker of Popularity

Yoori: “Igni, what’s wrong? You look dazed.”

Igni: “”

It was the next day after the intense fight.

Igni and his friends were attending school just as usual.

It didn’t matter if the day before, Igni just survived an intense life or death battle or whether he fought an [Extreme] - regardless, the next day started and continued without pause or change.

Yoori: “Are you okay? Are you still experiencing Magic Exhaustion?”

Igni: “No, I’m okay. It’s really nothing.” This man…is a liar.

Although he said, “It’s nothing,” in his mind, he is replaying “that” moment with Alicia. He replays it over and over and reminisces on how “soft” it was……… Igni is drowning in his own thoughts.

But as he drowns, he also had a parallel thought running simultaneously.

In short, “Does Alicia like me?”........that was his hypothesis.

But….is this something he could talk about with Yoori?


There’s no way he could do that….!

Iris: “Sir Igni! Good morning!”

Igni: “Good morning, Iris. How are you doing?”

Iris: “Yes! Sir Igni, did you sleep well last night?”

Igni: “Yeah, I was able to .”

There was no way he could tell her, “I just fought an [Extreme]".......there’s no reason to tell her, and she wouldn’t believe him anyways.

No, if it’s Iris, maybe she would believe him?

Yeah, she would believe him.

Iris: “Oh, so there’s big news today!”

Igni: “Big news?”

Igni tilted his head at Iris’ comment.

Iris: “Yes! 'That' Alicia moved into the dorms!”

Alicia: “What? Are you saying that I shouldn’t live there?”

Alicia sat on her broom and smiled.

Even though she went through so much yesterday, she’s her usual self today.

Igni: “Isn’t that a good thing? Now all four of us can walk to school together.”

Yoori: “Igni! You’re sharp as ever today!!”

Igni received a compliment from Yoori.

And as they all talk about this and that, they head to the school.

Iris: “Can you believe it, Sir Igni? My parents sent a letter over to me immediately after the Tournament and was asking if they could meet you!!”

Igni: “What did you tell them?”

Iris: “I told them that they were the WORST for only contacting me after seeing those results! I told them about how you saved me before, and they said nothing! Isn’t that crazy?!”

Igni: “Hmmmm…..yeah….”

Iris: “That’s why I hate my dad!”

Iris pouts and puffs her cheeks. She’s cute.

She’s cute, but right now, Igni is being distracted by something completely different………..!!

Inside Igni’s mind, he can’t help but set his attention on the witch riding on her broom……!

Yoori: “Are you okay after yesterday, Miss Alicia?”

Alicia: “Thanks for your concern. I got a letter this morning saying that my sister apologizes and wants to see Igni, and please relay that message to him.”

Yoori: “Are you going to tell him?” Alicia: “Of course not.”

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