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Chapter 32: Declaration of War

Celia: “Alicia, why did you attend the [Tournament]? You should have known that we were coming to watch.”

As the carriage headed towards the ocean, Alicia gripped her hands tightly together as she sat before Celia.

Next to Alicia, Yoori sits next her with a frightened expression on his face.

Alicia: “.......if I chose not to go watch the tournament, my chances of discovery was 87%. On the other hand, if I went, my chances of discovery was 60%.”

Celia: “Oh, interesting… You’re fortune-telling?”

Alicia nods.

Celia: “That is peculiar for the [The Hurricane] Alicia to rely upon such unreliable methods.”

Yoori: “.............[The Hurricane] Alicia…”

In astonishment, Yoori let’s out the words quietly to himself.

He’s heard the rumors.

The Witch riding on a broomstick and flying across the battlefield.

A rumor of a Witch whose power alone would pulverize all air forces in the sky.

Alicia: “It’s unfair...sis.”

Celia: “Hm?”

Alicia: “Unlike me, you’re free to do as you like! No matter what you do, they forgive you! Even when you threw away your claim to the throne! Even if you go stand on the front lines! You can do anything and be forgiven!!”

Celia: “You’re wrong, Alicia.”

Celia stops Alicia right there.

Celia: “When I first began learning martial arts, I was surrounded and pushed down by mockery and ridicule. ‘Why is a woman learning to fight?’ Like that. When I started learning spells, I was equally criticized. ‘An Imperial Princess has no business learning spells.’ That's what they said."

Alicia: “Thーthen…”

Celia: “I silenced those voices with results. Do you understand now, Alicia? You were brought back because you are too .”

Alicia: “............!!”

Celia: “People will shut up if you show results. It has been like that from the beginning. Crush their voices with your power. If you can't even do that, then shut up and sit there quietly.”

Alicia has no retort to what Celia said.

Celia: “Hmph. You used to have such an unreadable expression even when you were raining down blood and death on the battlefield. Now I can read you like a book with all those emotions on your face. I guess the fortune-telling wasn’t all the reasons why you went to the [Tournament].”

Alicia thought over her words carefully before responding to Celia.

Alicia: “He...was a friend…”

Celia: “Hm?”

Alicia: “Because it was the match of my very first .”

Celia: “You’re speaking of Igni…”

Celia shifted in her armor as she nodded.

Celia: “Certainly, that man is strong. He’ll eventually be in arm’s reach of the [Extreme].”

Yoori and Alicia nod at her words.

The carriage begins to slow down.

They must be close to their destination.

Celia: “But it’s not enough. He doesn’t have enough resolve to make it there.”

Alicia: “.........resolve?”

Alicia tilts her head at Celia’s answer.

Celia: “The resolve to completely

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