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Volume N/A - CH 53

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Chapter 53: The [Magicians] Part 2

The headless Celia stumbles slightly, but light envelopes her wound immediately.

Celia: “Wonderful, Master! That was a wonderful sword technique!!”

But even if the Magic is guaranteed to deliver certain death, there is one who will not die.

Celia: “But for a person who has endured [100 Years], it’s now just a child’s play.”

Kurara: “[100 Years].......?”

Kurara tilts her head.

Celia: “Yes, I lost to an amazing [Magician].”

Kurara: “That’s…quite an…..amazing feat…..I look forward… that…...Magician’s…….future….”

Kurara kicks the ground hard.

She steps on top of Celia’s sword that was aiming for her legs, and as she jumps into the air, she strikes Celia’s heart!

Kurara: “I also…..have a……[Magician].......I’m betting…….on…..”

HIIIIIN!! (sfx)

The cold sound of steel. At the same time, Celia’s healed arms flies away.

Celia: “Amazing, Master Kurara! Your sword is simply awe-inspiring!”

Kurara: “Thank……..”

Kurara flips in the air and kicks the side of a building, and cuts off Celia’s leg at the ankle.

Celia: “I see…...It would be foolish of me to take you on, Master Kurara.”

Kurara: “Then…..please…..retreat……”

Celia: “Hm….”

Celia lets out an inaudible groan.

But all eyes turns towards the source of the that appears on the scene.

“Hello~ I see that everyone’s here.”

There appeared a man holding a cigarette in his mouth.

His expression was one of pure fatigue, but although he faced 3 [Extreme]’s, his continued nonchalance and uncaring attitude was eerie.

“Oh, I’m too old to have such young girls stare at me like that. You make me blush.”

The man put on a troubled smile…….the man known as the [Ruler], Marionette.

Kurara: “Celia……..stand up……..” Celia: “.........yes.”


At that moment, all of the [Extreme]s determine the Marionette to be the weakest of the group.

Hence, he is the first target to be eliminated.

“Wow~ so scary~ That’s why a small fry like me should not come to these gatherings.”

Floria: “{Water Bullet}!!”

Out of the 3, Floria who is the most adept with long-range attacks, fires the first Spell.

But the Marionette makes no moves and the Spell directly hits!!

His head crumbled away as…….dirt fell to the floor.

Floria: “A Golem?!”

“Of course. Why would I face monsters like you squarely head on?”

As the Marionette’s body turns into the original Golem, a voice is heard from somewhere else.

Kurara: “......where… he?”

Kurara stabs the grab with her sword to search, but she doesn’t feel him anywhere.

Celia also uses her Magic Power like a radar but…….nothing.

“You took such good care of me last time. The funny thing is though, once you win against an opponent, you tend to underestimate them. This old man prefers to lose his first fight for that reason.”

The Marionette blows out a purple smoke.

He suddenly appeared way out in the

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