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Volume N/A - CH 51

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Chapter 51: The Wizard who Takes the Offered Hand

Igni: “Kurara, I have something I want to discuss with you.”

Kurara: “.......what… it?”

It was the evening. Igni’s group walked into the room of the inn where Kurara’s group was staying, and Igni faced Kurara as he spoke to her.

Kurara: “Is it…..about our date…...earlier today? ….I’m sorry…..I played…...with your feelings….”

Lilly: “DーDate?!”

Surprised, Lilly suddenly shrieked the word awkwardly and looked between Kurara and Igni multiple times.

Igni: (Has Lilly never been on a date before?)

..…....says the man who just went on his first date today.

Igni: “No, I don’t care about what’s already past. But I have something to discuss that will affect both of us in the future.”

Kurara: “.......our future?”

Igni: “There’s a way to stop the [Demon King’s Realm]’s expansion without having to rely on the [Saint]’s power.”

As soon as Igni finished saying this, the entire room jumped up in surprise.

It’s likely that everyone in the room is an Elf or an Elf ally.

Kurara: “Let’s…...discuss this…...privately….Lura, Lilly…...please…...prepare a…”

Lura: “Yes, please wait a moment.”

With that Lura went out of a room and came right back.

Lura: “Looks like there was already a room ready. Lady Kurara, Igni, right this way.”

The two follow Lura out of the room.

Behind Igni is Alicia and Yoori with worried expressions.

Lura: “Right this way.”

And Lura opens the door, and they sit on the sofa that was inside. Kurara also carefully found and sat on the sofa.

Kurara: “Could you…….elaborate……?”

Igni: “First, I want to confirm our premise. The [Demon King’s Realm] continues to spread because the [Demon King]’s body is overflowing with Magic Power.”

Kurara: “.......yes… are correct….”

This is not something you have to confirm normally.

If you were born in this world, anyone would know this fact.

Igni: “If that is the case, then why doesn’t any country try to dispose of the [Demon King]’s body?”

At Igni’s question, not only did Kurara tilt her head, but Lura and Lilly as well.

They all have, “Why are you asking such basic questions?” written across their faces.

Kurara: “ cannot……..dispose of it…….the reason being…...the [Demon King’s Realm]’s monsters…..are strong…..and… can’t get near……..the [Demon King’s Castle]........where the……[Demon King]’s body…….is said…… reside.”

Igni: “Yeah, that’s right. But in other words, if you can reach the [Demon King’s Castle] where the [Demon King]’s body is laid to rest, then there is a possibility that we can do something about this situation.”

Kurara: “......that, is true…..”

Kurara could not understand where Igni was going with this, and just agreed to his logic for now.

This is just a rehash of a theory that has been discussed many times over.

And of course, it has been tested many times as well.

But all of

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