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Volume N/A - CH 59

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Chapter 59: Those who Destroy

Yoori: “I found the [Saint]!”

Yoori quickly informs everyone running ahead of him.

Yoori: “Over there!”

The [Dark Soul Cloud] lets out a long and flies straight ahead. And it stops…….in front of a [Demon Race] girl.

Kuro: “What the heck is this?”

She tilts her head as she examines the [Dark Soul Cloud].

Floria: “Lady Rose!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}!”

Without hesitation, Igni begins to charge up his {Fireball}.

Kuro: “Hey, mister. Do you want to talk with me first?”

But with that, the [Demon Race] girl stops Igni from going further.

Igni: “”

Kuro: “Yup.”

Rose is tied up with rope, has a gag in her mouth and is unable to talk.

Kuro: “You’re Igni, right?”

Igni: “That’s right.” Kuro: “And the ladies over there are Floria and Yoori.” Yoori: “HーHey! I’m a maーー”

Igni: “So what do you want.” Igni: (Oh shoot. I cut Yoori off just now.)

Igni feels a tinge of remorse towards Yoori.

Kuro: “My name is Kuro. I want to discuss if your group will please abandon retrieving the [Saint].”

Igni: “Of course not.”

Kuro: “Really? But Igni, wasn’t it a bother having to deal with the [Saint]’s confession?”


Though she can’t speak, Rose is still objecting strongly at Kuro’s words.

Igni: “A bother? Why??”

Kuro: “Because you’ll be tied up for 40 years. How tiresome is that?”

Igni: “Oh, that.”

Igni lets out a sigh.

Igni: “I already resolved that.”

Kuro: “Resolved? What are you saying?”

Igni: “I’ll take away the [Demon King]’s corpse. We’ll use the [Empire]’s technology to seal it completely. With that, everything should resolve itself.”

Kuro: “’re kidding, right?”

Igni: “I’m serious.” Kuro: “ThーThat’s impossible! Even WE can’t get near the [Demon King’s Castle]!”

Igni: “Really?” Kuro: “YーYeah!”

Igni is a little surprised at his misunderstanding of the [Demon Race].

Igni: “Kuro, what is your goal?” Kuro: “The resurrection of the [Demon King].”

Igni: “I see.”

Igni readies himself into a fighting stance.

Igni: “I’m sorry, but....that won’t happen. I’ll stop you.”

Kuro: “Stop me? How??”

Kuro tilts her head.

Kuro: “Even if you stop me here, even if you kill me, we will never stop working towards the [Demon King]’s resurrection.”

Igni: “Even if you don’t have the [Demon King]’s body?” Kuro: “.......that’s…..!”

Igni: “I’m going to free Rose from her 40 years of enslavement. Whoever decided the [Saint]’s role, it will end there. In order to do that, I just need to destroy the [source] of the problem! Isn’t that right?!”

Kuro: “..........! I guess we're at an impasse….”

Kuro regrettably grits her teeth and waves her silvery hair.

Kuro: “With my current cards in hand, I can’t convince you otherwise.”

Igni: “Yeah, probably not.”

The negotiation card Kuro presented was Igni’s enigma to having to stick to Rose for

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