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Chapter 48: The Rescue Wizard

Lilly looks at the remaining members and lets out a deep sigh.

She had a bad feeling for a while now.

Her chest has been hurting since Igni and Kurara left together.

Lilly: “Captain Lula…..” Lura: “What’s wrong, Lilly?” Lilly: “, it’s nothing.”

“I’m not feeling well,” is what she wanted to say but couldn’t.

So although she was the one who started the conversation, she fell silent.

Iris: “Miss Lilly, is something the matter? Are you not feeling well?” Lilly: “No, I’m fine. It’s really nothing.”

Lilly shakes her head in denial to Iris’ question.

Lilly: (Yes, it’s nothing. Nothing at all.)

Lilly was trying to convince herself that she was just feeling off.

Edward: “Iris, why not you and Lilly go out into town together? You have plenty of time before Igni comes back this evening.”

Just hearing the word, “Igni” made her heart flutter.

Iris: “Huh? I’m fine with that but what will you do?”

Edward: “Me? I don’t have any business with the town. But Lilly looked like she wanted to go.”

Lilly: “NーNo I didn’t!”

She outright denies Edwards’ words.

Lura: “Why not go, Lilly? We don’t have anything to do until Lady Kurara returns. Besides, this place is different from Alelimenia, so it will be a good learning experience to walk around a city different from ours.”

Lilly: “But Captain…..” Lura: “Go on and have fun.”

Lilly nodded.

She didn’t understand why, but the hope of going into town made the pain vanish.

Lilly: (Did I really want to go to town?)

Recently, she has been understanding herself less and less, and it left her feeling confused and frustrated.

Iris: “Then Miss Lilly, you ready to go?”

Lilly: “YーYes.”

And with Iris tugging at her sleeves, they leave for town.

And after coming to town, her heart wouldn’t stop beating quickly.

Iris: “Wow~ look at all these people!”

Lilly: “Does the Kingdom’s Capital have more or less people than here?”

Iris: “Um~ well, I’m sure the Kingdom’s Capital has more people, but there’s not a whole lot of places where this many people gather!”

In the Principality’s Market Place, many people are coming and going. It would be easy to pass by someone you know in this sea of people.

Iris: “You think we can find Sir Igni?”

Lilly: “Hey, why are you looking for him?!”

Iris looked around curiously, and Lilly felt a pang of annoyance. She tugs at Iris’ clothes. Iris is very capable overall but just on the subject of Igni alone, she becomes practically blinded by his presence.

Iris: “Hehehe, I’m kidding! Sir Igni wouldn’t be close by in a place like……..”

The next moment.

(sfx impact)

Something crashed into the City Walls, and the impact echoed across the area.

Lilly: “..........what was that?”

A bad feeling crept over Lilly as she glanced at Iris. Iris was also looking back at Lilly.

Iris: “We need to go.” With those words, they sprang into

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