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Volume N/A - CH 54

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Chapter 54: The Targeted Wizard

Edward: “Sorry, Igni! We’re late!”

Igni: “No, it’s okay.”

Igni reunites with Yoori and Edward.

Yoori is guided by Floria and is taken to the room that Rose was staying in.

Floria: “It’s here.” Yoori: “[Those who crawl and swarm - come out now]”

Yoori finishes his incantation, and the Dark Soul Cloud-like being appears for the second time.

It floats and jiggles in the air and awaits for Yoori’s command.

Yoori: “[Follow the traces of magic]”

The Dark Soul Cloud jiggles and shakes, and then immediately heads towards Floria.

Yoori: “NーNo! Not that one! [Follow the other trace of magic]!”

The Dark Soul Cloud sags a little as it shrinks, and then exits outside through the window.

Igni and his group follows close behind and dives out of the window!!

Igni initiates his [Equip Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and lands in the air once and BURSTS!!

Igni chases down the Yoori’s Dark Soul Cloud!

Behind him, Floria follows close behind.

Edward casts a [Physical Enhancement] Spell on Yoori, and runs after Igni and Floria.

It might take them longer, but they should be able to catch up.

Igni turns his attention back to the [Dark Soul Cloud] and flies behind it when a Spell from the ground pierces the [Dark Soul Cloud] from underneath!

Igni: “What?!”

Floria: “Sir Igni! Below us!!”

With Floria’s words, Igni looked below, and there were 3 Wizards huddled together in a back alley.

In their hands, another Spell was already about to be released.

Igni: “[Intercept] {Fire}!”

The 3 fired a {Fire Lance} together, and Igni stops it with his {Fireball} and drops down and lands on the ground near them.

He looks again at the shadows where the 3 Wizards were hiding.

Igni: “Who are you?”

“Hehe. You….you’re Igni, huh.”

Igni: “Yeah, so what?” “Give us the [Saint] NOW!”

One of the three spoke.

The biggest of the three steps forward and reveals the blade of a knife.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Igni carefully hits only the knife with his Spell.

“Was that a [Quick Draw] {Fire} Spell?!”

One of the men shrieks in surprise.

Igni: “It’s nothing that fancy.”

Igni quietly retorts.

A [Quick Draw] {Fire} Spell is a technique used to shrink the time it takes to initiate a Spell from its incantation.

But for Igni, he does not need such a technique to initialize his {Fireball} Spell.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}”

This was how Igni was chained down by God.

But in exchange for his limitation to be able to use just one Spell, the effect and power of that Spell and the speed in which the Spell can be initiated was extraordinarily increased - one of the few merits of being a [Specialized Unique Spell Caster・Spell One].

Igni: “[Explosion] {Fire}”

Igni places a {Fireball} in his palm, and places it against the body of the man before him andーーthe {Fireball} explodes only in a single direction!!

The tall m

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