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Volume N/A - CH 4

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Chapter 4: The “Extreme” and the Wizard

Lucas: “Oye. Listen well, Igni. In this world, there is such a thing as compatibility.”

As they exited the sewers, Igni continued to follow whatever direction his grandfather chose to walk.

Normally, the supervisor would have thrown a fit to see Igni abandon his work, but seeing as how he was standing next to the [LIGHT]’s “Extreme,” they were so astonished that they let Igni and his grandfather pass without saying a word.

That’s the power of being Grandpa.

Lucas: “For instance, I am [LIGHT] : [SSS].”

Igni: “Yeah, I know. They say there’s only one SSS-Rank per millennium.”

Lucas: “But there are other compatibilities as well.”

Lucas gently grabbed Igni by the shoulder.

Igni: “What’s wrong, Grandpa?”

Lucas: “We’re going to fly.”

The next moment, Igni saw the ground far, FAR below him.

Igni: “Wh-----------!!”

Lucas: “A spell for relocation. I use it when I’m caught cheating.”

Igni: “..........”

This guy, seriously...

Lucas: “There’s a perfect location for training you. I didn’t want to use this spell since it wears me out so much but...”

Igni: “I-is that true?”

Lucas: “It was a joke. How could an ‘Extreme‘ get tired from using just one spell? Don’t be ridiculous.”

Igni: “You’re jokes aren’t funny.”

Lucas: “What?”

As soon as Lucas responded, their feet touched the ground.

Igni: “...Where is this?”

Igni looks around.

The place was surrounded by thick with trees. The sky was cloud-covered, and the air felt thick and heavy.

Igni: “G-Grandpa! No seriously, where are we right now?!”

Lucas: “Hm? We’re in the Demon King’s realm.”

Igni: “Whaaaaaa?!?! Grandpa! You’re gonna get us killed!”

The Demon King’s realm. Back in the day, the Demon King conquered 90% of the world, and we’re in HIS realm.

A lot of the land was reconquered by human hands, but there is still plenty of territory left untouched.

Any land the Demon King lays his hands on becomes so magically corrupted that unbelievably strong monsters emerge in that area and make nests there. Even the strongest species of dragons do not make their nests in the Demon King’s realm - that’s how dangerous it is.

Lucas: “What are you talking about? The Demon King has been dead for over a 100 years.”

Igni: “Even if he’s dead, aren’t there monsters being born from the Demon King’s body?!”

That’s why it’s so dangerous to walk into the Demon King’s territory.

Lucas: “Igni, this is the path you chose. You said you wanted to become popular, did you not?”

Igni: “B---but, you didn’t say anything about stepping into the Demon King’s realm! I’m going to die here!”

Lucas: “The Ultimate Secret Art of Becoming Popular: Rule Number 1”

Lucas stared intently into Igni’s eyes as he spoke these words.

Igni: “...Women love strong men. But they love even more men-who-are-trying-their-hardest”

Lucas: “That’s right, Igni. You are still youn

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