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Volume N/A - CH 2

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Chapter 2: The Awake Wizard

I can’t remember how I got home after the ceremony.

I vaguely remember sitting in the carriage in silence among father and brother, Fray.

F-Rank. The lowest of all ranks.

The priest will only proclaim the magical trait you are MOST compatible with.

Igni stared at the “Status” he received for the hundredth time.


Igni Talcoyz

Age: 12

[EARTH] : none

[WATER] : none

[FIRE] : [F]

[WIND] : none

[LIGHT] : none

[DARK] : none


The “Status” with the “none” engraved literally meant that using that line of magic is impossible. In short, Igni could ONLY use [FIRE], and worst of all, his compatibility to it was F-Rank.

Two months passed since the nightmare of the Compatibility Ritual. This is about the time when those with C-Rank would start learning the first steps of using their new found powers.

And Igni began using [FIREBALL], the very first, elementary [FIRE] spell, and even then, he had difficulty casting it.

Igni: “I wonder how Rose is doing…”

I haven’t seen her since the Compatibility Ritual ended. That’s because her knights who guard her refused him entry.

Well, even if I did see her, what could I possibly say to her?

She became a “Saint” that the entire country celebrated at her arrival.

And then there’s me, who’s magical talent is scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel.

Igni’s father has been working furiously to make sure no one knew about his son’s F-Rank, but it was only a matter of time until the news got around.

These past 2 months, Igni has been held captive in his own room.

The servants would bring him 3 meals a day and 1 Wizard textbook per week. Besides that, he was forbidden from leaving his room.

Even his secret escape pathways he used up until now were now all blocked by his father.

Igni: “I guess Father always knew and just let it pass…”

Igni's father was strict, but there was a grain of love in his words that only his father could muster, but now, Igni would never hear those words ever again, and his heart broke. For the first time, Igni wept.

Servant: “Sir Igni, the master is calling for you.”

Igni: “.....okay.”

Igni, with a deathly, hollowed out expression, weakly stood up.

It’s been 2 months since he spoke to his father.

What is Igni supposed to say when he sees him?

His body did not feel like his as he walked to his father’s chambers. Every step, against his will, just kept happening, and he did not know how or why.

And before he knew it, he stood before the chamber doors.

The knob of the door clicked loudly as the servant opened the door.

Father: “...You’re here, Igni.”

Igni: “...yes.”

His father looked pale, fatigued, and worn out compared to 2 months ago.

Father: “I’ll give you two options.”

Igni: “...two?”

Igni: (Is he not going to say anything?)

Why he would not see Igni for 2 months.

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