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Volume N/A - CH 1

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Chapter 1: Lecture Concerning Compatibility

“Oye Igni, listen well.”

Igni did not take his eyes off the man sitting in front of him.

It’s no secret that the man before him is one of the strongest in the world.

He is none other than the “Extreme Wizard.”

He has aged, sure, but he has mastered the magical arts, and against any common foe, he would turn them to ash in less than a second.

Igni: “What’s up, grandpa?”

Igni suppressed his nervousness as he inquired his grandfather.

His white hair tied in a ponytail, his grandfather wore a robe that covered most his wrinkled skin. Even at his age, his eyes still looked like a hunter searching for his prey.

Lucas: “The Secret Art of Being Popular - Lesson #1. ‘WOMEN LOVE STRONG MEN!’”

Igni: “W...women love strong men!”

The one known as “Extreme”, one of the strongest wizards ever known, spoke solemnly and seriously with his grandchild.

Lucas: “Yes, I have been loved and adored by women because I became the strongest.”

Igni: “Because Grandpa is the strongest!”

No one doubted this fact.

If you ask 100 people passing by, all 100 would say that grandpa is the strongest.

Lucas: “That is why, Igni, the upcoming ‘Compatibility Ritual’ will determine everything!”

Igni: “O-Okay!”

The Compatibility Ritual. This was a custom carried out by every country in the world.

Magic - a source of power beyond human strength.

That magic was broken into several various types.


All children reaching 12 years of age attended the Compatibility Ritual to learn their Magical compatibilities and affinities to any of the major types of Magic.

Once they know what kind of magic they are compatible, that itself will determine their future.

There are those who research magic.

There are those who become adventurers.

There are those who abandon all hope in the magical arts and live a common life.

Lucas: “Igni! If you want to be popular with women, you will have to be compatible with the strongest of types!”

Igni: “The...strongest… type?!”

Lucas: “Yes, and that strongest type is…”


“Igni. Igni! Are you awake?”

Igni: “Y-Yes father!”

Igni woke up to his father’s voice..

It looks like he was having that dream again when he met his grandfather a week ago.

Even though he just fell asleep in the carriage, Igni’s father burned red with anger.

Father: “Oh please! You don’t listen to anyone when they’re speaking. You leave home without permission. Do you even understand your position as the first born son of this family?!”

Igni: “I’m… I’m sorry, father…”

Igni shrunk back in his seat.

Father: “Why is it that your younger brother Fray is so much more advanced than you are? How could you be so useless?”

Fray: “Father, please do not scold my brother. He was staying up late last night studying and must be tired.”

Igni was embarrassed that

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