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Volume N/A - CH 13

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Chapter 13: The Gentleman and the Wizard

Igni thought spring had finally come when women would flock to him like ducks to bread, but the class went on with some general explanations and ended. Nothing else happened.

Elenoir: “Hehe. Okay everyone~~~, Let’s make sure to study hard starting tomorrow~~~”

Elenoir left the classroom with these words.

The remaining students all took different actions.

Some left immediately for home. Others gathered together with old acquaintances.

Yoori: “Hey, Igni. I found a really good cake shop recently. Do you want to go together?”

Yoori takes Igni by the hand and tugs gently.

Alicia: “Yoori, you’re really a guy...right?”

Besides Yoori, Alicia cannot help but be concerned.

Yoori: “What are you talking about, Alicia! I’m a guy no matter which way you look at me!”

Alicia: “Um…. yeah…. I guess? ….. well…. actually…..”

Alicia does not seem convinced.

Igni: “Let’s do cake afterwards. There is something more important to do first.”

Yoori: “Like what?”

Igni: “We need to help that girl.”

As Igni said this, he pointed out Iris who challenged Elenoir with full confidence and got whipped in mere seconds.

Yoori: “Really? But the teacher said she’ll turn back to normal eventually.”

Igni: “, I don’t think so.” Yoori: “What do you mean?”

Yoori tilts his head in confusion.

Igni: “I’m sure the teacher went easy on her but…. Iris is much than the teacher thought, so if we leave her as she is, she may not return back to normal.”

Identifying the difference in strength.

Without this absolutely necessary skill, it would have been impossible to survive in the Demon King’s realm.

If you cannot identify the combat strength difference between yourself and your opponent, you would easily forfeit your life.

Of course, you absolutely need this skill to be popular as well.

But Igni only got to use it one time in this aspect.

Yoori: “Wait, REALLY?! What should we do?!?!”

Igni: “We need to make her drink water. LOTS of water. Make her drink until she throws it all up."

Yoori: “W-water?”

Igni: “That’s right. Water has the property to wash out any toxins in your body.”

Iris continued to sit upright in her seat, and Igni helped her by the shoulder and forced her to stand.

Edward: “C-can I help?”

Igni: “No, it’s okay.”

Edward: “O-okay.”

Behind Igni, Edward sags his shoulders.

Completely ignoring the down and depressed Edward, Igni takes Iris to the drinking fountain. Behind him, Alicia and Yoori follow after him.

The Secret Art of Popularity No. 5.

— ”Lend a hand to any damsels in distress.”

SO, Igni took Iris to the drinking fountain and put her mouth near the faucet, and she began to instinctively start drinking.

Yoori: “Wait?! What did you do, Igni?!”

Igni: “I didn’t do anything. Her body must have been thirsty for water.”

Yoori: “W-WOW, IGNI! You’re not only good at magic, but

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