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Volume N/A - CH 11

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 Suggestion: I Use Semen in Another World and Live by Relying on Other\'s Power、 Hunters moon、 Unholy War、 Rasputin\'s Daughter、 Magical Explorer、 Villain Heal: The Villainess\'s Plan To Heal A Broken Heart、 History’s Number 1 Sect Leader、 A Race to Melt Hearts、 Are you thirsty for love , am here!、
Chapter 11: The First Day and the Wizard

Principal: “...The next 3 years will pass by quickly, but we look forward to see the results of your efforts.”

The principal finished his long-winded speech.

All the newcomers were gathered into one large lecture room and held an entrance ceremony. 80% of the students there were female, so Igni’s motivation exponentially grew. He thanked his grandfather inside his heart many times.

Yoori: “The principal’s speech was long, right?”

Alicia: “It’s the same no matter where you go.”

Yoori and Alicia share their impressions of the ceremony.

Igni: (Long? Really? There wasn't enough time to memorize all of their faces….)

Of course, Igni was talking about memorizing all the girl’s faces. Men were shut out from his line of vision.

And as a side note, Yoori is hovering on the outside of Igni’s *safe zone, and then tricks Igni and creeps over the safe line at times.

{{Chonky Notes - *Safe to like romantically}}

Alicia: “Let’s go to the classroom.”

Alicia gets up abruptly.

Yoori gets up as well as the other students.

It looks like as soon as the entrance ceremony is complete, everyone is moving to their own classroom.

Igni: “Alright, let’s go. It was Class D, right?”

Yoori: “Yeah, that’s right, but… where is the classroom? I haven’t quite gotten used to the layout here.”

Alicia: “Oh, me too. I hope we run into someone who knows where it is.”

Igni: “I know. Just follow me.”

Yoori: “What?! Really?!”

Alicia: “You just memorized where the classroom is?”

Igni: “Yeah, of course.”

It’s a lie.

Igni will undertake any and all extreme methods to become popular.

Secret of Popularity No. 2 ----”Men should always take the lead.”

Following this rule, in order to become good friends with girls at the Entrance Ceremony, Igni went around exploring the campus prior to the Entrance Ceremony and memorized all the important buildings and classroom locations…..!


The obsession to want to be popular with the girls!

Alicia: “Oh yeah, Igni, do you remember the 1st Year Rep?”

Igni: “Yeah, there’s no way I would forget.”

As we walk in the hallway, Alicia whispers to Igni.

During the Entrance Ceremony, there was a speech from the 1st Year Rep. And this was someone Alicia and Igni knew.

Yoori: “....uh… huh…? What kind of person was she again?”

Yoori tilts his head to the side as he tries to remember.

Alicia: “Yoori may have been in a different Entrance Exam location than us. The 1st Year Rep was actually the same location as ours. That’s why we remember her.”

The Entrance Ceremony.

At the podium, she stood their proudly with a sword to her waist.

Alicia: “She’s a Magic...Swordsman, was it? She must be a really amazing person.”

Igni: “I’m curious if she’s the type that put in the effort or just has a lot of talent.”

Yoori: “What?! That girl, she’s a Magic Swordsman?!?!”


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