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Volume N/A - CH 14

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Chapter 14: The Practice Battle and the Wizard

“Welcome 1st Year D-Cla~~~ss”

The class for “Practice Battle Simulation” was in a different location, so Igni’s class all went to the Practice Field and heard a familiar voice.

Igni: “Ms. Mila...!”

Yoori: “Igni, you know her?”

Yoori inquires Igni.

Igni: “Yeah, during the Entrance Exam, she’s the teacher that tested me.”

Yoori: “Oh wow. But she’s a small teacher.”

Igni: “Well, she is an Elf.”

Yoori: “Wait, really?! I’ve never met an Elf~”

Igni: “True. Elves don’t usually mingle with people.”

Elves do not typically leave their own territories. Their territories reside deep in forests or the mountains. They prefer locations that are abundant with nature. That is just part of their lifestyle.

But Mila is different.

Mila: “It’s been a while, Igni~~~. You’ve been well?”

Igni: “Yes. Ms. Mila, you look...well.”

Mila: “Thanks~~~. They don’t call me the closest to the ‘Extreme’ for nothing.”

Igni: “Are you striving to be an Extreme?”

Mila: “Oh no. No interest at all~~~. If I really was interested, I wouldn’t be wasting my time as a teacher here.”

Well, that’s true.

As they were talking, another class entered the Practice Field.

Igni: “’s Class C.”

This class is performed by combining two classes together.

And the person leading Class C is…

Yoori: “Oh, isn’t that…”

Igni: “It’s the 1st Year Rep.”

{{Chonky Notes - Shuseki (首席) Literally head seat implying that she’s No. 1 or leader of the 1st years}}

It was the Magic Swordsman.

The organization and order imposed behind her was incredible.

They walked in two rows of perfectly straight lines as they entered the field.

“We apologize for our tardiness. Our last class lasted longer than expected.”

Mila: “Don’t worry about it~~~. Well, let’s begin. Go ahead and start pairing up.”

As soon as she finished saying this, the students began to look at their classmates next to them. It’s only been one week, but all the kids who were now friends group up together.

Iris: “I’d like to pair up with Sir Igni!”

Alicia: “Then I’ll pair up Yoori then?”

Yoori: “Looks like it.”

There’s only 4 in Igni’s group so the pairing was going to be fairly simple...

Mila: “Oh, Igni and Elina will be separate, okay?”

Igni: “.....what?”

Elina: “Understood.”

Or it was SUPPOSED to be simple...

Igni tilts his head as he tries to figure out why he was called out.

The other person called out with Igni was the 1st Year Rep. Her name was Elina and was a Magic Swordsman.

Igni: (So her name is Elina, huh.)

Igni memorized her face and name.

He will NEVER forget it.

It’s because she’s beautiful.

Mila: “Alright you two, please come to the front.”

Igni: “Understood.” Elina: “Yes.”

Both come forward.

Mila: “Alright, let’s begin by having these two do a practice battle~. The win condition is if one side admits d

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