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Volume N/A - CH 16

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Chapter 16: The Breasts, the Club, and the Student Council

“That’s all for today. Make sure to turn in your homework next week.”

The school bell rings as if they meant to end right on queue.

Iris: “Sir Igni! Let’s go to the school cafeteria!”

And as always, Iris will come over to Igni as soon as class is over.

Igni: “The school cafeteria… Now that I think about it, I haven’t gone there yet.”

Iris: “Yes! So let’s go together!”

Alicia: “That sounds good. I’ll go too.” Yoori: “Oh, then me too.”

And the four of us head to the cafeteria.

The Rolmod Wizard Academy’s food stands and cafeteria are nothing less than the most exquisite, 5 star menu items. As a Wizard school, you may assume that there is not a huge overhead cost to maintain, but this is more related to the school’s reputation and culture.

In other words, “Only the first-rate are born from first-rate.”

Of course, many students come from poorer backgrounds, and because of that, the food is offered at a practically free price.

And the reason why they haven’t gone to the cafeteria up until now is because of Igni.

Igni brings his own lunch.

And of course, this is lunch that Yoori made.

But they are students, and they wanted to do student-like activities.

So, all things considered, they all decided to go to the cafeteria.

Yoori: “Wow! Look, look Igni! Today is ‘Mandrake Soup’ and ‘Wyvern’s Breast Meat!’ Check it out! This is amazing! I never thought they would use something so expensive for a school meal!”

Yoori is super excited.

The other 3 do not know too much about the ingredients just look at each other.

Alicia: “....Sorry, is a Wyvern’s breast meat an expensive delicacy?”

It was Alicia who had broke the silence to ask the excited Yoori.

For Igni, when he didn’t have anything to eat in the Demon King’s realm, out of desperation, he chomped into a monster’s flesh and remembering the taste, he began to lose his appetite.

Yoori: “Wh-what are you talking about! Of course it’s an expensive delicacy! Do you know how hard it is to take a Wyvern down?!”

Wyverns are among its dragon kind, the most adept at flying. They are called the fastest species for that reason.

In order to fly in the air, they use magic so they are able to fly freely in the sky.

Igni: (Yeah, they were difficult to defeat.)

Igni vaguely recalls the trouble he had with them.

Alicia: “Oh, uh… I didn’t know. At home, we ate it regularly so…”

Yoori: “...Alicia, is your family well off?”

Alicia: “Um, yeah, we’re pretty...well off?”

Yoori: “But...but… Alicia, how could you! I thought we had more in common...!!”

Iris: “Didn’t you know that she didn’t live in the dorms? You should have guessed as much.”

Yoori seems pretty shocked, and Iris is comforting him.

So the four order the lunch of the day and sit down. There were a lot of people there, but it wasn’t crowded per say.

Alicia: “Hey, have you gu

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