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Volume N/A - CH 17

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Chapter 17: The O-Leh Girl and the Wizard

“So the Student Council Meeting room is over here, Igni.”

Igni: “Thank you so much.”

As soon as Class D was done with their classes, the Student Body President charged into the room, and Igni was practically abducted out of the classroom. Only Yoori chased after the two.

Alicia and Ellis were both highly interested in the Fortunate Telling club.

“You don’t look so excited, Igni.”

Igni: “Really? I’m acting no differently than usual.”

Igni makes the comment while following after the Student Body President’s chestnut hair.

“But you were so much more enthusiastic the first time you said you’d join us.”

Igni: “Oh, that. Yes… I’m very sorry. I got carried away at the time.”

If anyone who knew Igni’s true nature was around, they would have immediately made a terse comment, but there is no one at this school like that yet.

So, Igni can get away with saying comments like these.

“And...was it Yoori? Did you also have interest in the Student Council?”

Yoori: “No, I’m just with Igni.”

“Oh, were you two together?!”

Igni: “No, we’re friends. He’s a guy btw.”

“Wh-, a guy?!”

Yoori: “I’m a guy no matter how you look at it!”


The Student Body President was impacted hard by these words.

“.....OH! I completely forgot to introduce myself! I’m Miru. I’m a [DARK] : [SS]. I’m looking forward to this semester with you!”

Yoori: “Miru... wait. Miss Student Body President, are you perhaps Miru, ‘The Undoer’?“

Yoori recognized the name and had to ask.

Miru: “That’s right! That’s my *nickname!”

But Igni did not know about her.

Igni: (.....Hey Yoori, is she famous?)

Yoori: (Y-yes. She’s a genius who came to this school at the age of 13….!)

Igni: (Impressive)

Yoori: (Be careful, Igni. They say she’s REALLY strong!)

Miru: “Okay, we’re here~!”

Miru opens the door to the room that says “Student Council.”

Miru: “Ta~da~!! Here are some potential 1st Year recruits!”

3 sets of eyes stare at Igni and Yoori.

Miri: “Okay! Igni, go ahead and introduce yourself!”

Igni: “Hello, I’m Igni. My compatibility is [FIRE] : [F]. It’s nice to meet you.”

Igni bows politely.

“Da ****?! Compatibility [FIRE] : [F]?! Hey, Miru! Just because you can’t find anyone to join the council means you can just bring anyone!”

“Hey, Miko, don’t be so upset. If he’s really a [FIRE] : [ F], being able to come here really means something.”

“....the teacher was saying… there was one, this year, who broke ‘the target.’ Igni, was”


Out of the 3, one seemed to be pretty violent and rough on the edges. She was called, “Miko.”

Another person seemed very calm, but she seemed to have trouble talking.

….and the last one is a mystery.

He or she is wrapped up in bandages like a mummy.

Igni: “Yes.”

Yoori: “Wait, that was you?!”

Yoori is surprised to hear that it was

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