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Volume N/A - CH 7

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Chapter 7: The Entrance Exam and the Wizard

Alicia: “Igni, it looks like we’re relocating. Igni? Hey, are you listening??”

Igni: “....huh? Oh, sorry. Thank you, Alicia.”

When Igni came to his senses, the explanation for the entrance exam was finished.

Seeing that half the entrance examinees were men was too much for Igni. And so he stood there hurting, confused, and mainly sulking like a child as the entrance examination instructions took place and ended.

If Alicia did not tell him, he would have forever stood in that spot sulking forever.

Igni: “...Sorry, Alicia. Where do we go now?”

Alicia: “Weren’t you listening? We’re going to break into 6 groups according to your number. Igni, what’s your number?”

Igni: “I’m 120.”

Alicia: “Then you’re in the same group as me. Come on. Follow me.”

Igni: (I’m really glad I got to know Alicia.)

[Oye, Igni]

Igni: (G--Grandpa?!)

Inside his mind, he clearly heard the voice of his grandfather who was not presently here.

[Secret to Popularity Rule Number 2 -- “A man always leads!” got it?]

Igni: (.......!)

Igni sucked in his breath with sudden realization.

Igni: (Th---that’s right! I almost forgot….!!)

Igni gritted his teeth as he walked behind Alicia.

Igni: (....I’m completely being led right now….!)

[Oye, Igni]

Igni almost went back to sulking mode when Lucas’ voice called and echoed to him again.

[At times, a man who lets a woman take care of him….. can be popular too.]

Igni: (Grandpa….!)

Igni may not have failed completely yet.

Regardless, Igni didn’t have a choice at this moment EXCEPT to follow Alicia, so he took his grandfather’s word to heart and kept walking behind her.

Alicia: “Okay, we’re here, Igni. This is where you will declare your compatibility.”

There were many examinees lined up to where Alicia took him.

Igni: “Our compatibility? What’s the point of doing that?”

Alicia: “Depending on your compatibility, they’re going to change the test contents. That’s what the principal was saying earlier.”

Igni: “Oh, yeah! I... uh... remember now….! Hahaha…”

Igni forced a smile and laugh, but Alicia stared coldly at him as she wondered if he was okay in the head.

Alicia: “Entrance Examinee Number 354. Alicia Esmeralda. My compatibility is [WIND] : [A].”

“Please please put on this green armband.”

As Alicia declared her compatibility, the faculty gave her a green armband.

Igni: “I see. So depending on your compatibility, the armband changes.”

Alicia: “That’s right. I’m going ahead. Good luck.”

Igni: “Thanks.”

After watching Alicia go ahead, Igni spoke to the faculty worker.

Igni: “Entrance Examinee Number 120, Igni. My compatibility is [FIRE] : [F].”


The faculty looked at him in astonishment and confusion.

Igni: “That’s right. [F].”

“.....Ummm, I don’t think we can allow a compatibility [F] to…”

“I thought in this scho

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